Video: Between the Lines with the Limberios Family — Day 2

The family reacts to the second day of the Dr. Phil program.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 15, 2013

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Stop it I'm not from castalia but I sure am glad you are here to check everyone's spelling.oh and they are facts apparently you don't read or watch any of the video I don't know any of these people yet how much more prof do u want to get it investigated.

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I apologize, I know I'm not your English teacher. When you call people dumb and ridicule them for simple opinions, you open yourself up to criticism concerning elementary spelling and grammar skills.


Let me first say that I know very little about the case other than Jake died from a gunshot wound, the Sandusky County Sherriff Office botched the investigation, and Jake's family, PERHAPS justifiably so, wants the death of their son to NOT be ruled a suicide.

Secondly, I know this isn't going to be a popular comment, but "if you play with fire, you're going to get burned."

As an outsider who has no connection to anyone in this matter, here is my point of view:

Jake, God rest his soul, is the one with whom MOST (if not all) of the blame should lie. He was the one who brought the gun with him to a place where he and his friend(s) planned on drinking and partying.

As a gun enthusiast and collector, HE should have been smart enough and responsible enough to realize that this wasn't a situation where a gun should have been taken, let alone fired, and he should have removed any bullets that remained in the clip once they came inside.

Quoting Dr. Phil, "his family says not only would Jake never commit suicide, but there is no way Jake would have been so careless. After all, it was his gun and he was well aware of gun safety."

If he truly was so aware of gun safety, why did he bring a loaded gun to an underage drinking party and leave a bullet in the chamber?

My sympathy goes out to the Limberiors family (and all of the others involved). However, not once during that 2 day TV "event" did either of Jake's parents put any blame on their son for being irresponsible in the first place.

This tragedy is such a juxtaposition of society today...putting the blame on someone else.

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Once again not opionion its facts READ the facts I said it before I guess ill say it again I dont know anyone in this case or have I ever meet them.The facts are what they are sad commenters like you are on here just to create an argument

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What facts? The sad thing is because of incompetent police work, there are very few facts whatsoever. The biggest shame is, as stated by princedenny, bringing a loaded gun to an underage drinking session. The parents need to assess at least the majority of the blame to their son, hard as that may be. If the witnesses are withholding information, then they deserve this scrutiny. If not, the Limberios family is ruining their lives as well. And don't give me, "Well, the lie detector says they were being deceitful." That was the product of the way the questions were asked.

For the record, I do hope for justice to be brought upon the Sandusky County officials. It is my OPINION that it was merely an accident or misfire of the gun, with the terrible situation being compounded by shoddy work by Sandusky County.


I agree, the fact is that had Jake left the gun at home, like any other responsible gun owner would have, he would be alive today.

I am a gun owner and have a CHL. I don't drink often but I can tell you that if I am going out to dinner with my wife and I'm going to even have one drink with dinner, I leave the gun at home. If I have my gun, I stick with a drink no stronger than iced tea.


Just a guess like everything else....they were playing with a kids do...tossing it add 1 unmentioned theory.....Jake was handed the gun and like a cowboy was twilling it around on his finger and it went off in an awkward angle to his head. nobody really saw that... enter a second theory but "covered up by the participants....somebody threw the gun to him an in catching it ... it went off in an awkward angle to his head....he had yelled to be careful it still had one bullet left in the chamber and they were not careful with it.....just like kids.....

The second lie detector test was for "t.v. just like Brittany said and the "clip" of her speaking to heaven and speaking to Jake were for T.v. and did not need to be put into the program was for show....and nothing like pseudo Phil not me, never have, probably never will and if he heard me say that I would ask him..."does that bother you."


IMO, you have to seperate the issues. Perhaps Jake made a poor decision in having the gun at the time and the place where he was. To my knowledge, there was nothing illegal about that. When it became a possible crime is the moment Jake was shot. At the time the 911 call was placed, it became the responsibility of the State (SCSO, Coroner, Prosecutor) to secure and collect the evidence, do a thorough investigation including an autopsy, and consult about charges being filed if warranted. It's clearly evident that the investigation was botched terribly at the very beginning, which caused a snowball effect of people trying to cover their butts. As for Mike and Shannon, what parent would not fight to pursue the truth after all the inconsistancies that we know about? I know I would do exactly what they are doing. Fighting for the truth for their son who can't speak and for that little girl who will one day want answers. I sincerely hope that the truth comes out, whatever direction it goes, so they can begin to heal. But right now, things just don't add up.


Actually it was illegal. First of all you have to be 21 in ohio to purchase or own a handgun. I believe he was 19 which makes his possession illegal. Second, even if it was legal for him to own a handgun, it is illegal to be in possession of handgun when you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. So, what Jake did was illegal BEFORE he was shot.

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I do believe 18 is the age where you can possess a gun but 21 to buy that gun or ammo don't make sense but a lot of laws don't you are correct that having a gun while intoxicated is illegal, from what I read jake wasn't drinking.


I stand corrected. It was illegal for him to have the gun, but from what witnesses said, he was not drinking. Irregardless, he's not here to be charged and if someone else is responsible for pulling the trigger, then it needs to come out. From what I've seen, that is what everyone is asking for. A thorough investigation so the pieces fit. Thanks for clarifying. I didn't realize it was 21.


I'm sorry... My life is to important and to short to keep hearing all of the what if's and buts about this. Yawwnn is correct. Don't do the crime if you can't do time. Lets move on people. Sorry about the family's loss, but it could have easily been prevented in the first place if the kids would've been paying attention to the law to begin with!!! Get over it, ALREADY!!!!!!


Apparently you have time to sign into this webpage and leave a comment here, so don't give us the pity party about YOUR life being more important than what is going on!!...Secondly, I hope that nothing of this degree ever happens to someone who you love and care deeply for!!..Its funny how in life, the people who are born with apparent empathy issues never stop to put themselves in other people's shoes!!..If Jake had been YOUR son, regardless if he was not of the legal age to own a gun or not, would YOU just say, "OK, they say my son accidentally committed suicide, and that's OK with me!!", even though nothing points to him being suicidal, and there was not a worthy individual that investigated the incident?? If you are so tired of hearing about this, then by all means, remove yourself from the commenting section of this webpage and go on about your merry little life!...I will say again, I HOPE that you NEVER have to endure the pain that the Limberios family is going through, especially since there are sure to be other commentators on this page that will belittle your fight for justice!!...Good day!


I looked up the Ohio laws. You can not legally have a hand gun if under 21 even if some one over 21 purchased it and gifted it to you.
So it looks like Jake was not legally able to have this gun.
It is under Ohio revised code 2923.21. So who did purchase/provide Jake with this weapon?

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Whoever did should be prosecuted.


after watching the program, i am pretty sure brittnay is definately hiding something guess the boyfriend is covering for her and she may have shot jacob definately needs to be investigated better.just the way she looked at will a couple of times....shes guilty as hell !!! come on girl fess up and ease the parents pain !!


You better recheck handgun law he can have a gun at 18 but can not buy it till 21. It can be given by parents. If you really look at the law there a few pages i saw on it that say different things. But besides that do not blame Jake or his parents for this. The science and evidence show someone else had to shoot Jake. So you explain to me how he shot himself with a 357 and his non dominant hand and no powder burns or stippling? oh and don't say the gun fell to the ground that doesn't make sense

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They got the initial point of entry wrong! It only makes sense, if the bullet ended up in the ceiling, that the bullet entered from the right side of his head (which everyone agrees is lower than the other wound) and exit from the left. Ctwhalers, no one is saying he did this on purpose, but if he were just messing around with the gun and it misfired, it's very possible that he could have accidentally shot himself.


explain to me how come there is no stippling or powder burns if he shot himself with a 357 that would have been shot close up as you say.. Who says it was right to left? that night when they pick the body up they said left to right. Dr wecht even said left to right. Cynthia besser said right to left. I am pretty sure Michael Baden will say left to right. oh I forgot the one in Virginia set left to right to. So who all said right to left? how do you know that the way the witnesses say he was standing is true it could have been the other way that would explain the bullet going left to right in the ceiling.who said the right wound is lower than the left wound?