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'Jacob, why are you doing this to me? Why?' Witnesses go public for the first time — first — here at
Nov 14, 2013


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Dr. Phil's not waiting for a grand jury to weigh in. He's calling it like he sees it in a promo for the first of two shows detailing the Jacob Limberios story. 

"The science says it couldn't have happened that way," the nationally syndicated talk show host tells Will Lewis, appearing to refute Lewis' contention that Jacob Limberios shot himself on March 2, 2012. "If there's something you know..."

"There's not," Lewis responds. 

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Brittany Bowers, the second of three people inside the York Township home when Jake was killed, protested to Dr. Phil.

"I just feel I got set up to do this ... this is for TV right."

Later she looks away from Dr. Phil, tilts her head up and back and seems to be talking to Jacob after Dr. Phil appears to read her the results of a lie detector test. 

"Jacob, why are you doing this to me? Why?" Brittany asks in the promo for the programs.

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Dr. Phil also asks Lewis if he's "covering" for Bowers, who the talk show host refers to as Lewis' girlfriend.

"No," Lewis responds.

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red white and blue


The Rudy

One of these 3 will crack and tell the truth.
The SCSO needs to be held accountable for what appears to be a shoddy investigation of the scene.

Good 2 B Me

Often times they are very creative with their editing. It entices people to watch thinking that they are going to be seeing something explosive. We'll see if this is creative editing or not tomorrow!


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Colonel Angus

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The Bizness

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J. Hartman

Mr or Mrs phroggy, not sure which one, but because of the lack of manhood to use your real name I will guess Mrs? I don't know any of the parties involved. I do believe one of two things happened and neither is because of a purposely self inflicted wound. I weigh very heavily to the side of one of those two. Either way, a young man is gone! A father is gone! A son is gone! A friend is gone! I don't think I need to continue, but if you want to really know who cares? Ask Jake's Mother, Father, daughter, or any of his friends! I'm going to bet you get your answer and most likely more!


'...because of the lack of manhood to use your real name I will guess Mrs?'
is anyone else offended by this statement? I am. I know plenty of women that have more balls than some men and are much stronger and much more honorable. to infer that being a woman is somehow less is not only ignorant, but it's not true. using one's 'real' name does not lessen or uplift a comment and whether or not it was written by a male or female is irrelevant as well. and it was removed so please move into the 21st century. thank you.


I feel bad for the parents and the child left behind.


The odds that 3 people can keep a lie this long seems unlikely. Only one of them could of shot him so why would the other 2 take a chance of getting blamed.I have no horse in the race just know people cannot keeps secrets like this inside to long


they all lied and face serious criminal charges including perjury.... Would be good enough reason for anyone to lie.... saving their own skin


Sure they can, especially if it means staying out of jail. Why not ask the adults who came in and cleaned up the crime scene right after Sandusky County law enforcement left? Not only are these three people present at the time of the shooting not telling everything they know, but adults who are also covering up for them. They will all continue to lie and I hope their guilty conscience keeps them up at night.

Big Poppy

If I was a betting man, I would have to place my money on Brittany and Will are lying. Charge both of them with murder and I guarantee somebody will talk.


Whats the deal with the other kid (Neidler) that was there the night all of this went down? Havent heard too much regarding him or his side of what happened.


If you tell the truth then you don't have to worry about covering a lie. Apparently these three have told the truth.


Please zoom in on the show!!!!
We dont need to see backs of heads!


Who lets a bunch of teenagers drink alcohol and play around with a .357 magnum? Why does a teenage boy even own a .357 magnum handgun? Seriously, where were the parents? Just a really sad story. Somebody's not being honest though, too many inconsistencies. Talk about a bungled police investigation. Also, where's the third person that was there? They keep saying Jacob yelled ''there's a bullet in there'' right before the gun was fired. I'd like to know if someone picked up the gun and pointed it at him and it went off. Why didn't the police ask any of these questions?


Wasn't he 19? That is an adult. Why would he need his parents? It is a sad story. But at 19 I was married and living with my husband on a base in North Carolina. No parents around. Sometimes you need to grow up.

Señor Clown

I think the implication was that it is technically illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase a handgun by State law.

HS Sports Fan

I can't understand why the gun was even brought to the home? Why would he even get it out and then carry it loosely after they shot it? When a gun is in possession there is always a chance of someone getting shot. A gun is not a toy. I would have told him to take the gun home or at least put it away. Maybe I just don't understand. This is not the type of thing I would ever do for entertainment amongst my friends.


Brittany is pretty cocky isn't she? She said that she heard a bang and turned and looked and saw Jacob lying on the floor. Then she said he was standing in front of her and she witnessed him shooting himself. Which is it?


Brittany is not being completely honest. I caught what she said also.


Then Brittany says she "can't remember." She seemed more worried about what was being said about HER on Facebook.

Mike and Shannon were classy and respectful the entire show. They and Dr Phil reitierated over and over they aren't looking to roll heads. They JUST WANT THE TRUTH!


Big Poppy

Well tomorrow you will see they both fail the lie detector! So the fake tears are as fake as her and Will's story

red white and blue

Voteno^^^ u wrote balls and it stayed again u also tattle taled lol oh and I almost forgot J4J!!! It's going to come out too many people on the hot seat now


Wait, so the girl who is lying is the sister of the girlfriend ?

I bet that makes interesting family conversations.

Press serious charges against all of them; the canary will start singing very loudly.

For sure.

Señor Clown

Indeed. If I remember correctly, there was a fair amount of Facebook drama shortly after it'd happened, and I believe a bit of a back-and-forth here in the comments between the sisters.

Keep in mind, though, that prosecutors don't usually press serious charges against anyone without a reasonable certainty that they'll get a conviction or a plea. That prosecution relies upon investigation by deputies, detectives, and medical professionals - or lack thereof - which is the underlying issue with this whole ordeal, and the reason why the State Attorney General's office has become involved.