Detective grilled

Justice for Jake asks why Limberios death wasn't properly investigated
Nov 3, 2013


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Sandusky County sheriff's detective captain Sean O'Connell might be called as a witness as early as Tuesday when a grand jury convenes in Sandusky County, but the Justice for Jake and Ella group already put him on a hot seat of its own with a "Question of the Day" at its Facebook page.

"When asked why you replaced detective Jim Consolo as the coroner's choice to head up the Jake Limberios investigation in November 2012, you said: 'There's some controversy there between Jim Consolo, the sheriff's office — not to mention other agencies outside the sheriff's Office — that need to be addressed, that have been addressed, that are being addressed, and what not,' as being a reason," a recent post states.

"What were the 'controversies' between detective Consolo, the Sandusky County Sheriff's Office and other agencies you were referring to?"

Consolo was the detective Sandusky County coroner John Wukie wanted for a coroner's investigation after questions persisted concerning the competency of sheriff Kyle Overmyer's investigation into the killing of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012.

Overmyer previously said Consolo did not want the assignment, but notes Consolo exchanged with Wukie suggest the detective felt pressured to step aside.

The now-retired detective was de-railed by the sheriff's office in a 2010 investigation of the killing by sheriff's deputies of Bryan Jones, who was shot dead from near point-blank range at his parents' home.

Jones had returned home drunk, and he scared his family from the house. He was alone in the home, asleep or passed out on a couch with a rifle resting on his lap when deputies went in. The deputies  used a flash bang grenade to awaken him. They killed him instantly when the explosion jerked him awake and the rifle moved.

Consolo's brief investigation was shut down after his initial finding detailed operational missteps in the way the sheriff's deputies handled the incident. The investigation conducted after Consolo was removed found no operational mistakes and deputies were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Jones was killed less than 90 minutes after sheriff's deputies arrived at the home July 11, 2010. One of the deputies who killed Jones was on a “last chance” employment agreement and was prohibited from carrying a weapon as a result of a previous domestic violence incident in which he was allegedly involved.

The concerns raised by Consolo were never addressed in the subsequent investigation of the Jones killing.

O'Connell recalled the Jones killing in a slightly different way in April when he talked with Brady Gasser, one of the founders of the Justice for Jake & Ella Facebook page.

“That was another unfortunate incident that the sheriff's department responded to,” O'Connell said. “(Jones) had gotten off the couch and pointed a shotgun and the officers fired back for their own safety.”

O'Connell did not mention Jones was asleep, or that deputies stood just feet away from him and didn't attempt to awaken him, or couldn't, or also could not somehow remove the rifle from his lap.

Instead they detonated the flash-bang grenade. Jones' right arm was blown off when the gunfire exploded; he took nine hits.

O'Connell said Consolo could not be trusted to conduct the right kind of investigation needed in the Limberios killing.

“Jim Consolo was never a team player,” O'Connell told Gasser. “Jim Consolo was not one of those guys you could always work with comfortably.”

O'Connell and all other Sandusky County officials were removed from the investigation in late-May when a judge determined there were conflicts of interest in the way it was being conducted.

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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took over in June, promising a “thorough investigation.” He is set to impanel a grand jury beginning Tuesday and there's been speculation that up to 100 witnesses could be subpoenaed to testify.

Testimony at grand jury proceedings is generally not considered public record and is not required by law to be disclosed. Court documents related to grand jury proceedings, including subpoenas, generally are public record, but visiting Judge Dale Crawford, presiding over the court action, ordered the documents be sealed.

Read the grand Jury suppression ORDER

Sandusky County Clerk of Courts Tracy Overmyer, the sheriff's sister and wife of sheriff's detective Michael Meggitt, the original lead investigator, is issuing the subpoenas.

Recent posts at Justice for Jake & Ella

“Sean, was the reason detective. James Consolo was not called to Jake’s death scene the night he was killed to head up the investigation (a violation of the Sheriff’s Department’s own Standard Operating Procedures) because he would have conducted a real investigation?”

"Sean, today’s question is a three-parter: 1)What did you believe happened to Jake when you told Mike Limberios in February this year and Brady Gasser in April that you knew what happened (the night Jake was killed), and there was just one more thing you needed to do to conclude your investigation; 2)What was that one more thing you needed to do to conclude your investigation — dig Jake up again for an autopsy; 3)How could you know what the autopsy results would be before the autopsy was done?

"You have made accusation now twice (in this audio and with Brady) that Jim Consolo was taken off Jake's case because he said 'this was a homicide.' Please tell us who heard Jim Consolo say this?"


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Can we get over this sh.. already!! It's over. There was an accident. Stupid kids make even stupider mistakes. Really sick of it all!!


Join the club.

Clark W. Griswald


Matt Westerhold

A grand jury is convening on Tuesday, so it doesn't seem accurate to say "it's over." Strange. 


How else do you expect them to sell papers?

indolent indiff...

So, is the goal to use the publicity to get an indictment?


I believe you are right on this. If any one of these people would be indicted the first thing I would do is have it moved as far from here as possible.

The reporting on this from the SR has been far from unbiased. I always thought reporting from media outlets should be unbiased but when you own it you can say what you want.

Stop It

Pig meat whether roasted in BBQ sauce or not, is still pig meat.


I'm confused- why would O'Connell take the time to explain to Gasser the following-
"O'Connell said Consolo could not be trusted to conduct the right kind of investigation needed in the Limberios killing.
“Jim Consolo was never a team player,” O'Connell told Gasser. “Jim Consolo was not one of those guys you could always work with comfortably.”

Matt Westerhold

That's a good question. You can listen to the audiotape of that conversation here.


If you do not want any more of this then quit reading it and commenting on it. If it was your son you would want news media to help get story out. Bystander how do you know jim consolo was never a team player. What do mean he was one of those guys you could not work with comfortably? O'Connell said he was not a team player why? What he was not one of the good ole boys club that does not do its job right and by the book. I think you guys were afraid he do the job right uncover your guyses wrong doings and help break up the good ole boys club you guys have been so comfortable of doing so long.


Same can be said for you. If you don't like their comments don't read and don't respond, keep on moving till you find one you like. The " good ol boys club " has and will continue to be part of every small community in this country. So if you think it's just a Sandusky county problem, maybe you should take your head out of the sand and look around. The good ol boy club are made up of men and women who are comfortable with each other and trust their lives to each other every day they go to work. If you have the same relationship with your coworkers as they do, guess what you'll also be in a good ol boy club.


Oh Thanks matt for posting this great job covering the story.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Detrain. 


@detrain- "I" don't know it personally... Was only repeating what I read in the article- my first thought when reading it was why in the world would O'Connell admit to gasser that conoslo was anything but an upstanding Law enforcer? I have been following this closely- and am just trying to see the big picture..haven't commented on anything until now.


Np bystander.just do not trust O'Connell he says one thing and does a 360 says something else. I think Jim consolo would have done a better job and had this done by now. just my opinion.


@chefcap69 Oh my, how heartless! Imagine walking in the Limberios' shoes for just one day. Experience the crushing hurt, pain and questions that need answered. Yes, kids do make stupid mistakes but this accident took Jake's life!! If the witnesses had told the truth and the county hadn't been so negligent, this would be over. Have some compassion! Justice 4 Jake and his hurting family!


your sick of hearing it... I think EVERYBODY is sick of hearing about it....the supporters/non-supporters/Limberios family and friends. If they would have performed the investigation correctly the first time it would be DONE! Sandusky county screwed it up from the begining. All everyone should want is a REAL investigation...and the truth!

Julie R.

I feel sorry for the Limberios family but why is there so much emphasis being put on INJUSTICE in Sandusky County when we all know INJUSTICE has been running rampant in corrupt Erie County for YEARS?


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

Sal Dali

Looks like somebody did their homework and investigated the integrity of the officers arriving on the scenes of these questionable deaths. Hopefully, all the dirt is being swept out from under the rug thanks to the AG's style of housekeeping.

One would have to believe there are better ways to wake up a sleeping or passed out person than blowing off their arm with a flash-bang grenade and shooting them after they're already basically dead. Not to be insensitive but how could he have even handled a rifle with one arm blown off? These officers were eyewitnesses to this mans death and lied about what happened, is that what I am understanding? O'Connell lied to protect the hides of the responding officers...similar to those who were eyewitnesses at Jake's death? No one investigated this death any further either...what the heck...?

The Register seems to be covering this no more than they covered the issues between the Baxter family when all that happened years ago. I remember reading an abundance of unsavory tidbits in the SR about Mr. Baxter over the years. They do cover local legal scandals.

I am not familiar with the Matthes case and cannot comment any further than saying did she follow the proper protocol for requesting a coroners inquest and could she have embellished the truth in order to get one? The family could have had an autopsy done by anyone of their choosing at their expense if they so desired. It's probably not cheap but what is justice worth to seek the truth? What was the outcome of MS Matthes' case?

I doubt the Limberios attorney has stock in the Register and that you think somehow he and the Register are profiting from thoroughly covering a story that resulted in the death of this young father and beloved son. That is insensitive at the very least. Would you feel the same way if Jake were your son?

If we are going to use Bible quotes like 2Timothy1-7 as our handles on here should we not also follow that quote and the previous? " Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying of hands. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind" (2 Timothy 1:6-7). Try showing a little love to this family who has lost much. Good day.


I think you need to do a little more homework one the Jones case before trying to defend him, or criticize the SCSO.

Sal Dali

I have not defended anyone. Read again. The guy was sleeping or passed out, instead of trying another approach to wake him, they tossed a flash-bang grenade that blew off Jones' arm. And then he was shot? Holy crap, what a wake up call. If he actually would have awakened he would have likely been more concerned about his missing limb than trying to grab a rifle and fire it one handed while bleeding profusely. I do not have to paint the grizzly picture, it paints itself. O'Connell works for Sandusky County, correct? He said the guy sat up and grabbed the rifle and they shot him. All concerned citizens should be questioning something like this, don't ya think?


No I don't think they should. He threatened his own family, they were in enough fear that they felt the need to notify the SCSO. The flash grenade DID NOT tear his limb off. It was tossed, he woke up and the shots fired by the SCSO is what ALMOST severed his limb. This is my point, everything that happened was because if the decisions he made. Had he not been drinking, and if I'm not mistaken, on drugs NONE of this would've happened. He probably would've made better decisions and most likely wouldn't have threatened to harm his own family. If he had the nerve to threaten his own family, do you honestly think he would've hesitated to harm an officer or someone else?

Sal Dali

I agree, if alcohol and/or maybe drugs would not have been involved everything would have probably gone a lot smoother. And realistically, the law probably would not have been called in the first place. Regardless, his parents probably wished they had never made that call. Their son is dead and more than likely, he like everyone else, would have slept it off. It is only my opinion, and we all have one, but it doesn't seem like prudent judgement was exercised that night. I had a brother that had flashbacks when he returned from serving in Vietnam; when we tried to wake him, we never knew what to expect and he wasn't on drugs. We usually just let him wake up on his own. Maybe Bryan Jones should have been permitted to sleep it off too? I Googled this and the family was definitely not happy with the outcome of that night. Do you know if he parents insisted he be woke up or were they consulted at all before this occurred? I know they made the initial call but after the SCS arrived and found him passed out, did they communicate with the parents? I did not find the answer to that question in my search.
By the way, I have heard the "rantings of an intoxicated person" more than once, I take it that. Once he passed out, he was no longer a threat, he was asleep. They should have let the guy sleep it off or brought in some type of negotiator. He may have thought he was being shot at when that flash went off. No one will ever know for sure now.


"I am not familiar with the Matthes case" So why make any comment let alone your wildly speculative comments?

Your comments suggest without any foundation in fact that the female attorney must not have followed protocol and if she did she stretched the truth. However, there never was a hearing on the affidavits and Motion filed with the court so there was no determination of "truth". In any event, there is never a basis in law to charge someone with a crime for requesting an investigation.

Also, the Limberios attorney produces a weekly article for the Newspaper. They have a mutually beneficial financial relationship.

Finally, I am not insensitive to the pain of this family. In fact, I've personally suffered similar loss and repeatedly suggested other avenues to pursue such as a federal official misconduct investigation because there are many more suspect death cases involving the Lucas County Coroner's office and area Law Enforcement.

In conclusion, my comments were directed at providing Julie R with a possible explanation of why this particular case generates so much involvement from the SR when there are many other miscarriages of justice. My personal belief is the Limberios case matters more than others due to his gender (male) and family influence. Your sexist comments concerning the Matthes attorney appear to confirm my belief.

My hope is the Limberios family and the SR do not rest until justice is done not only for their family but for the many other families who endured miscarriages of justice.

Julie R.

Erie County is so corrupt some of those jokes at the courthouse not only get a sick kick out of meting out INJUSTICE, they actually flaunt right in your face that there's nothing you can do about it.

Sal Dali

"So why make any comment let alone your wildly speculative comments?" Speculative is a mighty big word to use isn't it? You brought up the Matthes case and if you can't answer a few questions about it when someone asks, stick to the topic on hand like everyone else.

It is called ASKING questions. Obviously you either don't have the answers or I hit a nerve. Whichever, it makes no difference. I am sure she wasn't charged for requesting an investigation. However, she was charged with falsification according to you. Meaning, she stated or represented something untruthfully. What did she falsify?

Falsification indicates some form of dishonesty 2tim. People criticize public officials and members of law enforcement all the time, if everyone were charged and arrested for that, we would have to build A LOT more jails. Talking about wild speculation...geeze. "there is never a basis in law to charge someone with a crime for requesting an investigation." That is your statement and my point, she wasn't charged with that.

The Darlene Matthes you mentioned does not show up in the SR search (or anywhere else) to research this any further so I will remain in the dark about this story of yours for now.

I'm not flushing my intelligence down the tt for you though. I'm a chick and I didn't make any sexist comments. Would have said the same if you wouldn't have brought the attorneys gender into the mix. I'm pretty sure the boy and the girl attorneys all have to follow the same rules 2tim.

The answers to my questions can probably be found in public records and when I get the time, I'll check. Maybe you are the female attorney you were speaking about? Who knows...

In regard to Mr. McGookey, he is not breaking the law to help the Limberios Family; he is guiding them through the legal system so everything conforms to the law; the attorney you mentioned broke the law. I also doubt he relies on the pittance he receives from the Register; he is and has been a successful and respected local attorney for many years. Do you know how wild that sounds? Logic dictates he has much information about this case because he is involved in it and thus this story can be covered more in-depth. It is probably a rarity when a newspaper has so much inside information to offer on a case like this one via lawyer/writer.

Thanks for the chuckles.


You're welcome.