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Justice for Jake & Ella Facebook posts question detective about calls to witnesses
Oct 27, 2013


Recent information posted at the Justice for Jake & Ella Facebook site is being directed at a Sandusky County sheriff's deputy, detective Captain Sean O'Connell.

"Did you call Brittany & Will from BW3's after a witness came forward who contradicted their (Will & Brittany) testimony,” states one post at the page. 

Supporters of the family contend O'Connell called Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis, who witnessed Jacob Limberios get killed March 2, 2012, “to let them know about the witness who came forward and to tell them to keep their mouths shut?" 

"Please explain," says another post, asking the detective to respond to questions about conflicting theories he provided the family, initially stating Lewis shot Jacob, but later telling them Jake shot himself.

O'Connell, in an email reply to questions from the Register, said information and forensics developed after his initial theory led him to the same conclusion others made before him, that Jacob shot himself. He did not state, specifically, what the information or forensics was that changed his mind.

O'Connell and Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer also declined to provide information as to exactly what evidence was destroyed during the initial investigation by sheriff's deputes. The Justice for Jake page has posted information that indicates the blood-spattered shoes and clothing worn by Lewis and Bowers was destroyed. Deputies also left the bullet that killed Jake lodged in the ceiling of the York Township home.

Overmyer acknowledged previously that blood-spattered shoes were discarded in a trash can at the sheriff's office hours after Jake was killed. 

The home, owned by members of Bowers' family, was cleaned and scrubbed overnight by relatives after deputies left that night, according to information posted at the J4J page. 

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took the criminal case in June after a visiting judge removed Sandusky County officials, citing conflicts of interest in how the investigation was being conducted.

Up to 100 subpoenas could be filed for witnesses to testify when DeWine impanels a grand jury in Sandusky County next month. Lewis, Bowers and Evan Neidler, the third person inside the home the night Jake was killed, are likely on that witness list.

Others on the list could include: Dr. Cyril Wecht and Dr. Michael Baden, and even Phil McGraw, from the “Dr. Phil” program. 

The grand jury proceeding could last several weeks and is likely to coincide with a segment of the "Dr. Phil" program about the Limberios killing. Lewis and Bowers, along with Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jake's parents, and Wecht all were guests in September for a taping of the program. 

Lewis and Bowers, who are a couple according to their personal Facebook pages, agreed to take lie detector tests while talking with McGraw, who has training as a forensic psychologist. The tests were conducted by Jack Trimarco, a retired FBI agent and polygraphist who Dr. Phil called “world renowned” for his expertise in the field. 

McGookey said he is sure Trimarco's findings on the program will show that Lewis and Bowers are not being forthcoming about what occurred the night Jacob Limberios was killed. 

“The family all along has just wanted the truth,” McGookey said. "That's all they ever wanted from this.” 

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Keep the pressure on Matt!!! Good job!!!


Frankly I think Jake was accidentally shot by his friends and they tried to cover it up, possibly with the help of a detective. In any event, I doubt the kid killed himself.


None of the three witnesses were Jake's friends.

Really are you ...

What if the gun was pointed downward and the bullet ricocheted back? We're there any small unexplained dents in any metal objects low to the ground? Just saying, that would answer a few questions. But that would mean that Will would have had the stipling on him, and he should have been extremely upset and confused as to what just happened. One of the 3 other people in that house on that day know exactly what happened.

Not a tough guy. We were drinking', and we were all shooting'. At least where is the underage consumption, and or, handling a firearm while under a disability?


I agree with the charges you mention. I would also like to see whoever furnished alcohol to these people charged in connection with his death. A carry out owner was sued recently for selling alcohol to a minor who later died in an auto accident as a result of driving under the influence. Same responsibility should be upheld here as well.