Witness tells 'Dr. Phil' she can't remember

TV talk show plans to air Limberios program next month.
Oct 20, 2013


Dr. Phil: Did you actually see him shoot himself? 

Brittany Bowers: Yes, but I don't remember anything.

That's a snippet from a promo for the "Dr. Phil" program that's started airing on television. The promo also shows Mike and Shannon Limberios and a second witness to their son's killing, Will Lewis, on the stage with Dr. Phil. 

Here's another snippet from the promo:

Lewis: "I'm just upset that I have to be here."

Dr. Phil: "Well, is that inconvenient, for you?"

A specific air date for the program has not been announced but could coincide with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's plan to impanel a grand jury in Sandusky County next month. DeWine said multiple witnesses would be called to testify before the grand jury and reports from Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York medical examiner who reviewed autopsy reports and previous witness statements related to the investigation, would be presented. 

Check back here at sanduskyregister.com for updates on the air date and information about the grand jury proceedings as it becomes available. The Register intends to show the program when it airs at sanduskyregister.com.

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Bowers claims she was there at the time of the shooting but she doesn't remember? Oh, come now. Why doesn't she just take the fifth and be done with it. I would think when someone gets shot in your presence you surely would know about what went on. This has been a huge cover up right from the beginning.


The old "I don't recall" defense...Hilary Clinton used it with great success.

Stop It

Many have since Pres. Raygun's days in office, EdO's.

Pterocarya frax...

Kind of like when Bush's attorney Alberto Gonzales said it 71 times (under oath) in one hearing in 2007 on the politically motivated firings of U.S. attorneys?

Don Lee

Does anyone "have" to be on Dr. Phool's show? I wasn't aware he had subpoena powers.


Bowers = Bull!


The whole thing is bull! Leave them alone, the law didn't find enough to press charges and everyone is putting them through hell and back because no one wants to believe that Jake could have done this on accident to himself. Always out to blame someone else!


Let's say you are right! Still doesn't make it suicide!


"the law didn't find enough"

Maybe the law was blind and brain dead?

There was a LOT of evidence at the scene of the shooting. The law ignored it and the evidence was destroyed. The county coroner refused to come to the scene and also to do a timely autopsy, LE refused to gather and preserve evidence and nobody was tested for drug/alcohol use.

Stop It

May as well use this here as in another post:

To anyone who frequents the comment sections of any of tandemmedianetworks.com, knows that many come in pretending to be family just to make the pee pot boil and stink and get many hits. It happens everywhere. Kids with keyboards and smartphones to throw out ad hominems and epithets.

Whatcha gonna do? You'd have to have as many monkeys on the receiving end as you do on the sending end. :)

Edit: It helps if one uses words those monkeys have to look up. Use your education and thesaurus.


How will Dr. Phil solve any of this? His show might keep it in the media but in the circus kind of way.

Stop It

And like getting the story on Nancy Grace will make it better?


Isn't any wonder that the family doesn't believe, they can't get straight answers. You have a girl that says she witnessed the shooting but "can't remember". You have the other boy who is "upset" to have to be there. Who twisted his arm and made him go on national TV?


From what I've read, all the family wants to know is was it a accident or suicide. Can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone, can see why they are so upset,I would be to if it was my son.

The Bizness

Sounds like it was accidental suicide from what I've read....


Accidental shooting??? That I can understand. An accidental suicide makes NO sense. COMPLETE oxymoron. Suicide means you WANT to kill yourself. ACCIDENT suicide means you accidently want to? Makes my head hurt just trying to explain. it. That is the whole point of the case. You can have an accidental shooting, you can have a suicide you can't really have BOTH. It just doesn't make logical sense.

The Bizness

I get the definition, I guess it should have said I accidentally killing oneself. When I think of suicide though I don't necessarily think it means intentionally, but the definition disagrees with my thought process.


babycakes why do you think the AG's office is going to the grand jury cause they must have something. bizness how does it sound like accidental suicide to you? you guys come in here and cut down the family and supporters. what if it was your kid? you guys can take suicide out of it. why would someone who has a girl he loves and was ready to go visit some real friends of his commit suicide after he just got off the phone with them? I may not be family but I am real good friends of the family and it just makes me sick to see people stick up for Sandusky county and not doing there job right that night plus stick up for kids with inconsistent statements. but then go on dr phil and say I do not remember anything and say something about being there. no one twisted there arms to be there. but can post videos of having a good time in California. when are we gonna stop this cycle of wrong doings by police and cover ups. look at justice for molly on facebook. look at justice for sheena on facebook. wake up people enough is enough. the good police officers are getting bad names cause of the few that do wrong.

Stop It

their, there or they're? headache or hedake?

The Bizness

It sounds like Jake accidentally pulled the trigger on himself...that is how it sounds like an accidental suicide. (I understand the definition of Suicide, as I had explain previously.)

I am just going off what I have read. I am not cutting down the family at all, however people that are turning this into some sort of witch hunt.


Dr. Phil: Did you actually see him shoot himself?
Brittany Bowers: Yes, but I don't remember anything.

Shoddy police work, lazy coroner and believing several teen witnesses who have lot to lose is an issue! Let the investigation continue and see what comes out of it.

The answer Bowers gave to this question has a lot of question marks!?????????!

The biz, what have you read? The same thing all of us have read and there should be a lot of questions!


So she claims the shooting caused her to have amnesia? She remembers who she is right? I witnessed a fatal car accident and I pretty much remembered everything that happened. Of course I hadn't been drinking though.


stop it sometimes people get to typing and sometimes do not double check what they wrote but most everybody gets what they are saying

Stop It

No, they don't. Not if they want to make a point known and act like they have an education.

One gets nowhere in this world txtn n aktn lik dey gt no cents.


If you are on your phone typing it messes up.we have an education. just because someone makes a mistake typing it does not mean they have no education.I get my point across even with mistakes in typing some don't like it but oh well.

Stop It

You let something smaller than a nice big slice of pizza do your spelling for you and you want to say that you are educated?

Also, who is this "we" stuff? Do you have a mouse in your pocket and that is who types for you?

If you want your message taken in the way that you expect it to be taken, you have to present it in the proper manner.

Minor typos can be expected, but blatant unrelenting paragraphs of jibberish create *headaches*.


Drinking. Gun. Whats the game where they spin the chamber. These kids need to speak up so these parents can come to peace.


This was either an accident or a suicide. We all know the "accidental suicide" was ruled to protect someone. If it was an accident, own up to it. These kids will not be able to live with this forever. It will come out in the end. The selective memory loss is just prolonging this. This is so much more than just an accident now. That's if it was an accident. All this lying and selective memory loss is over the top for an accident. Maybe it was deliberate and that is why nobody is talking.


Unrelenting paragraphs of jibberish whatever. Us refers to most people on here. Yes I am educated. But not gonna waist my time with this. Justice for Jake & Ella


Wow, and I thought my husband was the only perfect person in the world. Huh, well just because some spelling is incorrect does not make that person unintelligent, so knock off the perfect spelling bit. Who really cares, it's the point they are making that counts.

red white and blue

^^ agreed