Dr. Phil : 'Is that inconvenient for you?'

Click here to see commercial for talk program segment about Limberios killing
Oct 18, 2013


Link to video posted at the Justice for Jake & Ella Facebook page. 

A commercial promoting a segment of the "Dr. Phil" program with two witnesses to the Limberios killing has begun airing on television. 

"I'm just upset that I have to be here," Will Lewis tells Dr. Phil, in a snip from the commercial.

"Well, is that inconvenient, for you?" Dr. Phil responds.

In another part of the commercial, Dr. Phil asks witness Brittany Bowers "did you actually see him shoot himself?"

"Yeah, but I don't remember anything," Brittany replies.


Truth or Dare

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I watch Dr. Phil on a regular basis and I have noticed that the commercials are often cut and pasted so I wouldn't take this article too seriously.

Julie R.

Ms. Bowers says she actually saw Jake shoot himself yet then contradicts herself and says she doesn't remember anything?

Sounds like Ms. Bowers was coached ahead of time.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She's been through enough and that would make sense. Why don't they just leave the poor girl alone?