UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Dr. Phil weighs in

Witnesses in Limberios killing interviewed by talk program psychologist; take lie detector tests
Sep 28, 2013

The "Dr. Phil" television program wrapped up five days of production and will air a program about the killing of Jacob Limberios.

Producers from "Dr. Phil" came to the village of Castalia on Saturday and interviewed Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jacob's parents, and others, for more than 17 hours at their home and later visited the York Township home where Jacob was killed March 2, 2012. They also went to the cemetery and the Ransom Funeral Home, located just five parcels away from the Limberios home. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios were flown to California on Tuesday for a taping of the program in front of a live audience.

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"There were two different audiences," Mike Limberios told the Register on Wednesday evening, moments after getting off the program stage at the "Dr. Phil" studio in Los Angeles and stepping outside. "A lot's been happening. I'm pretty well spent." 

Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis, two of three witnesses inside the home when Jake was killed, also were flown to California and interviewed extensively by the show's host, Dr. Phil McGraw, a forensic psychologist, about what they remembered about the moments during which the 19-year-old was killed.

Bowers and Lewis have maintained that Jake shot himself with a .357 Magnum revolver Jake brought with him that night, which was planned as a social gathering with Brittany, his girlfriend's sister, to meet and get to know her boyfriend, Will. A third man, Evan Neidler, also attended the gathering. All four fired the gun in the backyard of the home before coming inside and flipping on the TV to watch "Jersey Shore." 

They watched the program just briefly — drinking beers and some alcohol — before Jacob was suddenly dead on the living room floor, in a pool of blood with a bullet into his head, and out, lodged in the ceiling after it ripped through his brain and was left there by deputies.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a renowned pathologist with a pack of past celebrity casework, also was a guest on "Dr. Phil." Wecht conducted an autopsy in September 2012 — six months after Jake was killed — and told the Register that — without any logical doubt — Jacob was the victim of homicide.   

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took over the investigation in June after a judge ruled Sandusky County officials had "conflicts of interest." DeWine has asked Dr. Michael Baden, another renowned forensic pathologist, to review the autopsy findings. 

Mike Limberios and family attorney Dan McGookey said Dr. Phil asked Brittany and Will if they'd take another another lie detector test, and both agreed. McGookey said Dr. Phil introduced the show's polygraphist — a lie detector expert — as having a stellar reputation. 

"The questions Brittany and Will agreed to answer were 'Did Jacob shoot himself' and "Did you see Jacob shoot himself,'" McGookey said. 

The state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, BCI, which works for the Ohio AG's office, conducted lie detectors in early 2012 and found both Brittany and Will to be truthful in the statements they made about how Jake died. 

But those test results, and the testing methodology used, have been intensely questioned by experts, McGookey said, and found to be wrong.

He predicted Dr. Phil's expert would also reach that conclusion, he said. 

Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and deputies determined almost immediately on March 2, 2012, that Jake shot himself. They called Sandusky County coroner John Wukie and told him that. Wukie ruled Jake's death a suicide, noting on the death certificate it might have been accidental. He never visited the home where Jake was killed and didn't order an autopsy until 14 months later, only after the family asked Wecht for help. 

Wecht conducted an autopsy and returned the body to Castalia Cemetery the same day it was exhumed. 

Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser conducted the autopsy for Wukie, holding the body for about a week, and returning it on Mother's Day earlier this year. 

Beisser, in an email to Sandusky County officials, agreed with Wukie's determination, the one he was provided by the sheriff and deputies. She said her findings "were not inconsistent" with the narrative the sheriff and deputies provided. 



why didnt they ask the sandusky county clowns to be there?


Air date?

local man

Please let us know prior to the air date when this show will be televised


Those of us who work will not be able to watch this program as it is on before 5pm.


Unless of course we actually use the DVR or VCR that are in 95% of our households.


Yet they can't afford food for their kids or gasoline to drive to a job. Yes, thats it, pay for all the extras and not the actual needs.


And your comments have what to do with this story????????


would definitely like to see the show.


oh,I want to see that show. Would be very interesting to see the outcome. Did they interview the last person involved? If not, why not? How about the rest of the people (the sheriff, etc)? Why didn't they get their side of this? Did they refuse to comment? Interesting as to what Phil will say about all this? When will this air? After the investigation of the AG, I suppose. WOW.


The other people did not want to be involved?! What's that say? Air date will be announced on Justice for Jake and Ella facebook page.


Can this situation become any more of a circus? Has everyone received their 15 minutes of fame? Has the National Enquirer completed a in depth story? Can we include an alien element to heighten the excitement?

Common Sense

If this were your son, would you not stop at anything to determine the truth in light of all the errors committed by the Sandusky County officials?
I am not saying that "Dr. Phil" and his team will resolve it, but justice in this neck of the woods seems to be moving very slowly in light of the fact that three others were present, yet the investigators did little to nothing. It seemed lie it was a rush deal to get the case closed.


Yes, I would want to know the truth. At the same time, there comes a point where you have to ACCEPT the truth, whether you like it or not. I don't know if that point has been reached here yet simply because there have been so many inconsistencies reported. I'm just making the note since the Limberios family don't seem inclined to consider any other resolution but what they believe — what they WANT to believe — happened.


The family simply asked that the death certificate be changed so that the oxymoron did not stay. It was either suicide (doubtful), or an accident. Can't be both. A simple answer was all they sought, yet had doors slammed in their face. That is when things began to not add up. I would not accept an oxymoron as the cause of death for my dog, let alone my child!!!


Agreed! These people would not either yet they are TIRED of it because it is not their kid. Very hypocritical!


I agree donutshopguy!


Does Phil have genuine credentials? Last time I read he did not.

Just saying.


Agreed! Dr Phil is just another mouth piece.



B.A., psychology
M.A., experimental psychology
Ph.D. clinical psychology
+ post-doctoral work in psychology


A mouthpiece with over 1 million viewers. Hopefully this attention will make the wheels of Justice spin a bit faster. The family has suffered long enough.


Yes, he does. He has a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Don Lee

Let an actual psychologist put it in easy-to-understand terms: http://everydaypsychology.com/20...


This is what Dr. Phil says about himself:

"Dr. McGraw earned a B.A. from Midwestern State University and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of North Texas, which was followed by a year of postdoctoral training in Forensic Psychology at The Wilmington Institute. Dr. McGraw was a licensed psychologist in the State of Texas and practiced clinical psychology, where he developed a multimodal treatment protocol for chronic pain patients. With his training and interest in forensic psychology, Dr. McGraw founded CSI (Courtroom Sciences, Inc.), a consulting firm specializing in litigation strategies performing a wide variety of forensic activities. After 25 years, he retired from practice as a licensed psychologist to devote full time to his educational media platform."


Perhaps he technically can't hold himself out as a psychologist in CA because he isn't currently practicing, but given his credentials, to claim he's not qualified is absurd. Oh, wait, it was on the Interweb; it must be true.

Don is confusing his charlatans. Perhaps he would think "Dr. Laura" is the fraud. Her doctorate is in physiology, and she appears to have no degree in psychology.


He is not currently licensed anywhere. I do recall as he was close to getting into legal hot water over the Brittany Spears thing. That was on the news shows. Matters naught to me, as I don't watch his show or hold to much merit what on a pop psychologist says, and I've never heard of Dr. Laura.

Although, Dr. Ruth was pretty entertaining years ago, but, she was a real doctor.


Probably not, depending on what you mean by "real" doctor.

She did some some pretty credible post-doctoral work in human sexuality, but her masters was in sociology, not psychology, and her doctorate was a "Doctor of Education" from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her career as a "sexologist" does not appear to be one of a practicing therapist, but rather, one of an entertainer, that launched on a radio talk show.

To review -- You said, "Does Phil have genuine credentials? Last time I read he did not."

I replied [that Dr. Phil has]:

B.A., psychology
M.A., experimental psychology
Ph.D. clinical psychology
+ post-doctoral work in psychology

FYI, it appears he earned that clinical psychology doctorate in 1979. I have no doubt that that's the "last time you read."


I was too young in '79 ... to even care. So there shoots your "theory". He's a TV personality out for ratings and that's all.

Feel free to copy and paste, till your little heart's content


All of that "professional" learning he had but the dumbazz asks:

"Dr. Phil Asks If It's OK To Have Sex With Drunk Girls!"

What kind of medical professional asks that?

What kind of person in general asks that???


Dr. Phil has several degrees, its easy to look up.


Whether or not Dr. Phil has "genuine credentials" he's still helped people more than hurt, which is a lot more than anyone can say that they have done, as far as on Dr. Phil's level. He's still around, so he MUST be doing something right. And, if this family felt the need to go on his show for some type of solace for their tragedy, more power to them, especially if he in some way was/is able to help them find answers, AND since they're not questioning his credentials, what's the relevance to whether or not you believe or don't believe that his credentials are "genuine"? just saying