UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Dr. Phil weighs in

Witnesses in Limberios killing interviewed by talk program psychologist; take lie detector tests
Sep 28, 2013

The "Dr. Phil" television program wrapped up five days of production and will air a program about the killing of Jacob Limberios.

Producers from "Dr. Phil" came to the village of Castalia on Saturday and interviewed Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jacob's parents, and others, for more than 17 hours at their home and later visited the York Township home where Jacob was killed March 2, 2012. They also went to the cemetery and the Ransom Funeral Home, located just five parcels away from the Limberios home. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios were flown to California on Tuesday for a taping of the program in front of a live audience.

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"There were two different audiences," Mike Limberios told the Register on Wednesday evening, moments after getting off the program stage at the "Dr. Phil" studio in Los Angeles and stepping outside. "A lot's been happening. I'm pretty well spent." 

Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis, two of three witnesses inside the home when Jake was killed, also were flown to California and interviewed extensively by the show's host, Dr. Phil McGraw, a forensic psychologist, about what they remembered about the moments during which the 19-year-old was killed.

Bowers and Lewis have maintained that Jake shot himself with a .357 Magnum revolver Jake brought with him that night, which was planned as a social gathering with Brittany, his girlfriend's sister, to meet and get to know her boyfriend, Will. A third man, Evan Neidler, also attended the gathering. All four fired the gun in the backyard of the home before coming inside and flipping on the TV to watch "Jersey Shore." 

They watched the program just briefly — drinking beers and some alcohol — before Jacob was suddenly dead on the living room floor, in a pool of blood with a bullet into his head, and out, lodged in the ceiling after it ripped through his brain and was left there by deputies.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a renowned pathologist with a pack of past celebrity casework, also was a guest on "Dr. Phil." Wecht conducted an autopsy in September 2012 — six months after Jake was killed — and told the Register that — without any logical doubt — Jacob was the victim of homicide.   

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took over the investigation in June after a judge ruled Sandusky County officials had "conflicts of interest." DeWine has asked Dr. Michael Baden, another renowned forensic pathologist, to review the autopsy findings. 

Mike Limberios and family attorney Dan McGookey said Dr. Phil asked Brittany and Will if they'd take another another lie detector test, and both agreed. McGookey said Dr. Phil introduced the show's polygraphist — a lie detector expert — as having a stellar reputation. 

"The questions Brittany and Will agreed to answer were 'Did Jacob shoot himself' and "Did you see Jacob shoot himself,'" McGookey said. 

The state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, BCI, which works for the Ohio AG's office, conducted lie detectors in early 2012 and found both Brittany and Will to be truthful in the statements they made about how Jake died. 

But those test results, and the testing methodology used, have been intensely questioned by experts, McGookey said, and found to be wrong.

He predicted Dr. Phil's expert would also reach that conclusion, he said. 

Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and deputies determined almost immediately on March 2, 2012, that Jake shot himself. They called Sandusky County coroner John Wukie and told him that. Wukie ruled Jake's death a suicide, noting on the death certificate it might have been accidental. He never visited the home where Jake was killed and didn't order an autopsy until 14 months later, only after the family asked Wecht for help. 

Wecht conducted an autopsy and returned the body to Castalia Cemetery the same day it was exhumed. 

Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser conducted the autopsy for Wukie, holding the body for about a week, and returning it on Mother's Day earlier this year. 

Beisser, in an email to Sandusky County officials, agreed with Wukie's determination, the one he was provided by the sheriff and deputies. She said her findings "were not inconsistent" with the narrative the sheriff and deputies provided. 



I challenge you who defend sandusky county officials and who ever shot Jake to show us evidence to support you saying what you are saying. We can show lots of evidence supporting our side and you can not show one. Yoy guys are all talk. Put yourself in there shoes. Lost of experts agree he did not shoot himself. Look at justice for Jake & ella for the evidence on facebook. Justice for jake will prevail


Please review my comments above. I agree that it could not have been "accidental suicide". I also agree that the evidence presented tends to indicate he did not shoot himself accidentally.

However, the only other option is that one of the witnesses shot him. And under the circumstances that could not have been an accident because there was illegal activity occurring i.e underage drinking and probable drug abuse.

The problem for me is the family wants it both ways. They claim he didn't shoot himself but they don't want the real shooter to get in trouble. They want it to be an accidental shooting by another person. But legally if another person shot him it can't be an accident because the amount of recklessness makes it a crime.

I believe there is more to this story and it's related to law enforcement cover ups of drug related crimes. That's why I want the AG to pursue the whole story and consider the pattern of law enforcement/drug related irregular coroner findings coming out of Lucas County.

The family can't have it both ways. It's simply not regular behavior to take a 357 magnum to a "party" and wave it around. Unless of course one is involved in the kind of activity where it is "part of doing business"


Who said the family doesn't want the person that shot their son NOT to get in trouble???? That is ridiculously incorrect. If it is deemed a homicide, the family will expect Justice for Jack and Ella.


I believe, and have stated before, it's been about the insurance money from the beginning. There were too many holes in the stories and if something doesn't make sense; it's usually fabricated , at least, some of it.

It certainly has turned into a media circus.


Starryeyes you have no clue what you are saying.like I have said before you who stick up for them but be part of them. Nothing has been fabricated. Show me evidence for your side. You can't. The only one fabicating storys is the other side


I have no side in this, merely agreeing to what others have pointed out. What "justice" ?

Have these polygraphs been administered before now? And why or why not?

Instead of going on tv , why not contact the FBI or the CIA ?

Philly boy doesn't give a damn about you people. He merely wants the higher ratings which is a bigger pay out for him!


Come on starryeyes83, do you really think a 19 year old has a tremendous amount of life insurance? Further, if you had a young grandaughter and your son died, would you fight to make sure that the grandaughter got everything that you could get for her.....including her fathers true explanation of death? Just asking




Slacker, I had a policy , and quite a bit of it, and after I turned 21 it was turned over to me for a monthly premium of ten dollars. As did my siblings. Is that so unheard of , nowadays? I guess it was better planning then, because we sure weren't rich. Of course, I was working full time and not sitting around partying and playing video games.

Frankly, I haven't been the only one to bring up the insurance question. And I do believe it was mentioned in one of the earlier articles after this happened.

Julie R.

I don't believe it's been about the insurance money but even it was, isn't that what life insurance is for? For them to rule it suicide by accident ~ when we all know insurance won't pay out for suicide ~ was asinine beyond belief.


Not entirely true Julie. Most life insurance policies exclude suicide if it occurs in the first year of the policy period.


What is the family and all the supporters going to say if it does come back that he shot his self? I find it hard to believe that the other three could keep quiet for this long if one of them did it.


What if it comes back someone else shot him what would you guys say now? The facts and evidence is there for you to see on justice for Jake & ella on facebook.

red white and blue

The three of them did take lie detector test before dr.phil they came back inconclusive


That's interesting, why do I have the feeling that the results will be the same this time? Burden of proof still lies with the family, though.

If the family wishes the terminology changed on the death certificate, I would think, the best way to go is to the state capital, first. Get some other type of Law advocate. The State of Ohio is not the only state which uses that exact same term.


First, accidental suicide is not a legal means of death. The ruling on a death certificate must be proven and ruled upon by a coroner. Dr. Wukie of Sandusky County didn't go to the scene the night of the death and has been completely absent during the four investigations. The only way the death certificate can be changed now is in ruling in a court of law.


I already said that.



They used an old lie detector test that was no longer allowed to be used. But as I recall a few big experts disputed the lie detector test from bci if I remember correctly. they used the Arthur one. Name me other states that use that term. Cause I have talked to friends from other states and they never heard that term being used by there state. Plus this was the first time I heard anyone in ohio use this term. Either you commit suicide or not. How can it be accidental suicide. you guys have your opinion and I respect that but I think if you really sat down and read and looked at all the evidence listen to the audio very closely plus 911 call you might catch something you might be missing in all of this. To many things do not add up with sandusky county. Not the fist time they being accused of not doing there job right.


Im sorry to the family, but come on! This is turning into a side show. He brought beer and a loaded gun. Not a good combo. Everyone wants to blame and trash these other kids. Did his parents know he had a gun? I listened to all the audio, im pretty sure i heard he was drinking the day before too. Hmmmmm maybe less partying and more time with his daughter and this wouldnt have went down. Yes the cops did stupid things. Stupid stupid things. But this isnt csi or bones country. Just saying.


He brought the gun cause one of them wanted to buy the gun. He spent lots of time with his daughter from what I have heard. Hiw is this a side show


As hard as it is, someone needs to tell the emperor that he has no clothes. The people around the family are packaging this as some noble cause, while the opposite is actually true.


How is that dontcare? Just trying to figure your guys views out


WOW! The family isn't asking for posthumous sainthood here. They SIMPLY asked for a change in WORDING . Period. Because it blew up from there is no fault of the family's. You are directing your negativity toward the wrong group of people. And for any of you who are PARENTS, I dare you to sit back if your child's death was treated in the same manner. God people, relax. If you don't like this topic, don't engage in it.


Truth or Dare

Again, take the time to watch Frontlines' Documentary: "Post Mortum". A few words that are the complete opposite to "noble", and describing this situation would be VILE, LOW, BASE, MEAN, DISHONEST! A fairly "noble" or JUST cause, would be to see that a law gets passed so something like this would never happen again. Hence, Jake's Law. Yet there are those within government that think it would cost too much money to get to a victims' real cause of death. It's a chilling thought when those who are the experts comment that the fastest way to close a case such as this, is to call it Suicide. No investigation needed! Saves tax $$$$'s!

We know it was a gunshot he died from, and it's fairly safe to say it was accidental, no matter who pulled the trigger! You know what I find odd and would like to know, the only witness not willing to go to Cali., is that the same one that when the deposition was given, you could hear and even feel the fear in his voice?

What's made perfectly clear, is major reform is needed in Ohio and throughout the U.S. regarding the political election of Coroners, especially when there is zero training in Forensic Pathology, let alone that of the criminal nature. That to me, and how this case was handled from the git-go, is criminal in and of itself!


Please stop with the legal nonsense that it was an accident no matter who pulled the trigger. If Jake shot himself then it was an accident and not a suicide. I agree that "accidental suicide" is a legal impossibility.

On the other hand if a witness shot Jake it most certainly was not an accident. In fact it was a crime because the conditions under which it occurred (gun, underage drinking) could allow for charges from Involuntary Manslaughter 2903.04 Felony of the First Degree; Reckless Homicide 2903.041 a felony of the third degree or Negligent Homicide 2903.05 a misdemeanor.

So who would be your lead suspect? Obviously it is the individual who won't go to California and was nervous in his deposition.

If you truly believe someone else shot him, quit calling it an accident and start demanding an investigation that focuses on why witnesses are protecting the real shooter.

My thought is more than underage drinking was occurring and that the group (including Jake) was engaged in unlawful drug activity, either using or trafficking. There's a well established pattern of the Lucas County Coroner providing irregular autopsies and or law enforcement seeking to avoid them altogether whenever a drug related/law enforcement protected homicide occurs rural counties.

So I agree there needs to be a change in the Coroner system (and the Prosecuting attorney and Sheriff system) to a state based Medical Examiner, District Attorney, and State Police Force system. Our home rule/county system is out of date and a remnant of the rural history of the state.

But as I've stated before Jake's family and supporters can't have it both ways. If Jake didn't accidentally shoot himself, one of his associates did and committed a crime in the process and the persons responsible for shooting him and lying to the police to cover it up need to be prosecuted.


There are many homicides, whether accidental or intentional, that are falsely stated as suicides.

"As a former criminal prosecutor, after a year a half, I'm still waiting for evidence of suicide," said Fleck. "Rebecca was found bound, gagged, and naked. Her hands were tied behind her back. Her ankles and wrists were bound with very complex knots. A noose was over her neck and hair."

"Man found decapitated, police suspect suicide"
"His hands and feet were tied and the body had been decapitated."

"A cleaner has discovered a dead man with his hands tied behind his back and a bag over his head in a toilet at Los Angeles International Airport.

Police believe the 35-year-old, whose body was found in a cubicle in a men's bathroom in Terminal 3 at the airport on Wednesday morning, committed suicide."


Let's clear some confusion up. The family is not seeking any life insurance money from this as they have spent their own money to fight this cause. To find out the truth. Plain and simple. If this was any of your family member's or your child you would NOT let it go or using Any resources you could to get answers! What sad is that a county has botched this from day one! Everyone should be concern with that rather then be on here damning a family! Jake Limberios took that gun there to sell it that night to one of those boys there. As far as the family not wanting the kids to be in trouble it really is not the family's choice if they are or aren't. The family is seeking the truth and an honest investigation. They are continuing to fight not only for their son but for every other family out there that has had any dealings or situations like theirs. There are more! We have heard some. Questionable death, rushed rulings, lack of investigations and poor dealings with county officials in that county. Justice4jakeandella.com or Find us on facebook Justice for Jake & Ella

red white and blue

I've been following this since the beginning at first I was convinced it was an accident but after seeing everything laid out its clear he didn't do it.you wouldhave to be I denial to think other wise.the one kid posted the song mama just killed a man on his facebook come on really?


And he's the one who didn't go to California. Hhmmmm