UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Dr. Phil weighs in

Witnesses in Limberios killing interviewed by talk program psychologist; take lie detector tests
Sep 28, 2013

The "Dr. Phil" television program wrapped up five days of production and will air a program about the killing of Jacob Limberios.

Producers from "Dr. Phil" came to the village of Castalia on Saturday and interviewed Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jacob's parents, and others, for more than 17 hours at their home and later visited the York Township home where Jacob was killed March 2, 2012. They also went to the cemetery and the Ransom Funeral Home, located just five parcels away from the Limberios home. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios were flown to California on Tuesday for a taping of the program in front of a live audience.

Watch Between the Lines with Mike Limberios talking about the experience in the player below

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"There were two different audiences," Mike Limberios told the Register on Wednesday evening, moments after getting off the program stage at the "Dr. Phil" studio in Los Angeles and stepping outside. "A lot's been happening. I'm pretty well spent." 

Brittany Bowers and Will Lewis, two of three witnesses inside the home when Jake was killed, also were flown to California and interviewed extensively by the show's host, Dr. Phil McGraw, a forensic psychologist, about what they remembered about the moments during which the 19-year-old was killed.

Bowers and Lewis have maintained that Jake shot himself with a .357 Magnum revolver Jake brought with him that night, which was planned as a social gathering with Brittany, his girlfriend's sister, to meet and get to know her boyfriend, Will. A third man, Evan Neidler, also attended the gathering. All four fired the gun in the backyard of the home before coming inside and flipping on the TV to watch "Jersey Shore." 

They watched the program just briefly — drinking beers and some alcohol — before Jacob was suddenly dead on the living room floor, in a pool of blood with a bullet into his head, and out, lodged in the ceiling after it ripped through his brain and was left there by deputies.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a renowned pathologist with a pack of past celebrity casework, also was a guest on "Dr. Phil." Wecht conducted an autopsy in September 2012 — six months after Jake was killed — and told the Register that — without any logical doubt — Jacob was the victim of homicide.   

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took over the investigation in June after a judge ruled Sandusky County officials had "conflicts of interest." DeWine has asked Dr. Michael Baden, another renowned forensic pathologist, to review the autopsy findings. 

Mike Limberios and family attorney Dan McGookey said Dr. Phil asked Brittany and Will if they'd take another another lie detector test, and both agreed. McGookey said Dr. Phil introduced the show's polygraphist — a lie detector expert — as having a stellar reputation. 

"The questions Brittany and Will agreed to answer were 'Did Jacob shoot himself' and "Did you see Jacob shoot himself,'" McGookey said. 

The state's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, BCI, which works for the Ohio AG's office, conducted lie detectors in early 2012 and found both Brittany and Will to be truthful in the statements they made about how Jake died. 

But those test results, and the testing methodology used, have been intensely questioned by experts, McGookey said, and found to be wrong.

He predicted Dr. Phil's expert would also reach that conclusion, he said. 

Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer and deputies determined almost immediately on March 2, 2012, that Jake shot himself. They called Sandusky County coroner John Wukie and told him that. Wukie ruled Jake's death a suicide, noting on the death certificate it might have been accidental. He never visited the home where Jake was killed and didn't order an autopsy until 14 months later, only after the family asked Wecht for help. 

Wecht conducted an autopsy and returned the body to Castalia Cemetery the same day it was exhumed. 

Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser conducted the autopsy for Wukie, holding the body for about a week, and returning it on Mother's Day earlier this year. 

Beisser, in an email to Sandusky County officials, agreed with Wukie's determination, the one he was provided by the sheriff and deputies. She said her findings "were not inconsistent" with the narrative the sheriff and deputies provided. 



Whether or not Dr. Phil has "genuine credentials" he's still helped people more than hurt, which is a lot more than anyone can say that they have done, as far as on Dr. Phil's level. He's still around, so he MUST be doing something right. And, if this family felt the need to go on his show for some type of solace for their tragedy, more power to them, especially if he in some way was/is able to help them find answers, AND since they're not questioning his credentials, what's the relevance to whether or not you believe or don't believe that his credentials are "genuine"? just saying


About the same relevance to you; when you pulled the race card on the other thread.

Just sayin'



Yea, that was pretty relevant seeing as it ALWAYS occurs. But, as I can see you (once again) have no valid point, otherwise you could/would have given a valid answer to the actual question, rather than bring up anything concerning any other post(s) that I have made that have absolutely NOTHING to do with this particular topic. You like most people on here really have no valid points, you just start typing just to be saying something, rather than being able to have a REAL, intelligent discussion. I simply asked a question, therefore IF you had nothing valid or relevant to say, why even respond?


Using my term in your quotation marks proved your remarks invalid. Isn't that what you wanted ? A response. You do like to stir it, right?

Frankly, someone who goes out of their way to defend a rapist, as you did, doesn't have much intelligence.

Did you ever defend his victim - by the way? Oh, pardon me, that would take climbing down off of your high horse.


The polygraph method is valid. The opposing polygraph organization was asked and of course they said the Arther method is invalid. Real cops in Ohio and Michigan and New York use the method, so Matt maybe they didn't get the memo either. Will Jerry Springer be next ? Why not comment about McKookey's investigation and his crack team of private eyes (sarcasm). If McKookey or his investigators ever used the polygraph in Ohio they used the Arther method, apparently it wasn't invalid until it became convenient to be invalid. I would put the BCI polygraphist up against the made for tv polygraphist anyday. The family will never have closure if they keep looking for something that isn't there. I hope them the best.


Dr. Phil? Hahahaha Why not just go on Springer?


Both Springer and Dr. Phil used to be more serious. The degeneration of their shows is a direct response to what gets ratings. Their choice is to give the idiot viewers the idiocy they crave, or face cancellation. Gotta compete with "Judge Judy," "Housewives," "Kardashians," and "Honey Boo-boo."


Bacause he is already booked with your family.


The ongoing story of Jacob Limberios is, obviously, incredibly emotional and could be politically important. This piece in particular by the Register was poorly written and edited (if it was edited at all), and does no service to readers or the case itself. If the Register wants to be taken seriously and give this story the quality it requires, I recommend hiring an experienced copy editor -- or another one, if the paper already has one who is maxed out attempting to edit for multiple publications.

Readers deserve at least that.

Tool Box

Are you kidding me? This thing has made it to Dr. Phil and you are cutting on the Register? I think there are more disturbing factors here than the Register editing!

Common Sense

You must not get the paper edition of the SR.

Tool Box

Yes I do, but I don't read it! I shread it up for my pet hampster to do his duty in!


Limberios Shooting Saga....... Is there a mini series in the works? Why hasn't President Obama brought the parties together for a beer summit? Inquiring minds want to know........... Can this situation get more out of hand?


" Can this situation get more out of hand?" Ask Sandusky County officials.


Why? They are no longer involved.


And just to be clear Registerer, why isn't Sandusky County involved anymore????


I am glad that they made it to Dr Phil show. Finally gonna get the attention it needs. Help bring light to a growing problem in the usa. Nice coverage sr weather on here on in the paper. Justice for Jake & Ella will prevail

red white and blue

Register you and donutshopguy are as dum as your comments nothing surprise me with your comments anymore.here is an idea they told u to change your screen name because there ashamed of your views I got one for you DRAMA QUEEN

red white and blue

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The Bizness

I might as well chime in now....

It appears to me that people are starting to make some money off this crime.

Dr. Phil wants an intriguing story to help get viewers, he could care less about outcomes.

The Register wants to write more stories because it gets people fired up and sells papers.

It also seems to me that this kid accidentally killed himself after reading all this stuff but I am no coroner or cop so who knows. This really is turning into a circus and I am sick of seeing the signs all around town. What justice do people want exactly? If he did accidentally kill himself, what justice is there to be dealt?


I'm inclined to agree with you. For example, if he didn't shoot himself accidentally and a witness present shot him, then a crime occurred because there was illegal activity occurring at the time and the actions were reckless.

But his family keeps stating they don't believe he accidentally killed himself, that someone else accidentally shot him but they don't want anyone charged. That doesn't make any sense unless it's really about insurance money, lawsuits and avoiding full disclosure of the activity the people present engaged.

Obviously it can't be an accidental suicide, that's a contradiction in terms. But either he shot himself accidentally while drinking or someone else shot him and under the law it can't be an accident because the conditions (underage drinking and probable drug use) create at least recklessness which make it a crime.

In any event Dr. Phil is looking for a sensational story. The truth won't be found through TV. I hope the AG's office asks the really hard questions about what happened and examines the pattern of drug and law enforcement related questionable autopsies coming out of Lucas County.

SmithMan1's picture

Amen!!!!! thank god someone finally agrees with me!


Bizness your comment is a joke. You could be so wrong from the thruth. Jake did not shoit himself evidence proves it. What are yoy one of them

The Bizness

Who is "one of them"? I am just saying it as I see it. I have no feelings to either side. Hopefully the family finds peace somehow, but I'm sure Dr. Phil is not the way to do it. He will get advertisers money though.


What Justice you are wondering people want? Let's start with the definition of it.
noun \ˈjəs-təs\

: the process or result of using laws to fairly judge and punish crimes and criminals

: a judge in a court of law

Justice —used as a title for a judge (such as a judge of the U.S. Supreme Court)


Full Definition of JUSTICE


a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments

b : judge

c : the administration of law; especially : the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity


a : the quality of being just, impartial, or fair

b (1) : the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action (2) : conformity to this principle or ideal : righteousness

c : the quality of conforming to law


: conformity to truth, fact, or reason : correctness

We want to make sure No other family ever has to go through what the Limberios family has for almost 19 months.


Bizz......how do you know Dr. Phill cares nothing about the outcome? What do you know.....do tell us! Who is making money? Tell us that too!


The "circus", as you have described it, can be completely over with if the death certificate is accurately edited to the real cause of death. Accidental suicide is impossible!!! The family just wants the death certificate to be accurate! It is hard for me to believe that anyone could begrudge them for that. To expect the family to just roll over and move on is incredibly disrespectful to life. Bottom line, if this was your kid, you would want to know what happened the night that he died. The Limberios family is no different and I applaud them for their bravery, determination, and their perseverance.


There is much more work involved getting to the truth than just sitting back and letting the inferior investigations dictate questionable facts! Kudos to all that have facebooked, put signs in their yards, commented with support to this family and their support group, & taken part in fundraisers.
In Dr Phil's words, "No matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has two sides." Step into the other person's shoes and try to see their side of the story.♛

Carlos Danger

I hope Dr. Phil is not the only show to take an interest in this case. I would love to see Matt W. and Dean Henry go at it on Springer. ding ding


Maybe we could get a medium to ask questions and get answers.