UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Justice for Jake marks time

Facebook group creates time clock tracking days, hours, seconds since Limberios killing; activists are guests at noon today on 'Between the Lines Live' at sanduskyregister.com
Sandusky Register Staff
Sep 13, 2013

Family and friends of Jacob Limberios have created a time clock at the "Justice for Jake & Ella" Facebook page marking the time since the 19-year-old was killed.

Click here to see the clock.  

Brady Gasser, Christine Wiedle and Lonnie Seisel — friends of the family who have spearheaded a social media campaign that includes signs posted across the region — are the guests at noon today on "Between the Lines Live" at sanduskyregister.com. Viewers are encouraged to ask question in the interactive chatroom while the program happens.  

The Limberios family and supporters created the Facebook page and signs campaign last year after waiting months for Sandusky County officials to complete multiple investigations. Jacob Limberios was killed inside a York Township home March 2, 2012. The last local lead investigator, Sandusky County sheriff's captain detective Sean O'Connell, and other local officials, made conflicting statements about the investigation and never issued a final report.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist who has been involved in numerous high-profile cases, conducted an autopsy in September 2012, and determined Jacob was the victim of a homicide. Sandusky County officials ignored Wecht's findings and ordered a second exhumation of Jacob's body and a second autopsy in May of this year. 

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine took over the case in June after a judge removed local officials, citing conflicts of interest they had ignored.

DeWine promised a thorough investigation and the family has said they are hopeful he is pushing forward and will get them answers. DeWine recently engaged the services of Dr. Michael Baden, a former medical examiner for the city of New York who also has been involved in numerous high-profile celebrity death cases, to review the case. 


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Yes please tune into in between the lines for justice for jake crew. They are working very hard. Thanks to brady for trying to get jakes law. Justice for Jake & Ella


The county was under no obligation to the families hired gun Dr Wecht.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks registerer. This comment and past comments from you seem to suggest you were very close to the investigation when it was being handled by the Sandusky County sheriff's office. Were you one of the deputies involved in the investigation? Also, the name you are using is creating some confusion. At times, other commenters have mistakenly assumed your comments were being posted by a member of the Register news team. Please change the name you are using. Thanks.   

dorothy gale

And why is registerer responsible for the stupidity of others? Why should he/she change screen name because a few people can't tell the difference between "Register" and "registerer?"

Matt Westerhold

Because it creates confusion. 


It does not create confusion. People associated with the "Register" use their names, just like you did. If anyone thinks registerer is the same as register, then they can't comprehend what they are reading in the first place.


No but they are under obligation to uphold the law and one has to think that
this whole thing stinks worse then fresh horse crap.And if the County is right , then why not answer the questions the families have so they can have a clear understanding of why they ruled the way they did.I know if it was anyone of them , this would not have happened , They would have gotten the answer they wanted , so why not let the Family have answers ?


I only hope that whatever the out come I just hope the family can cope with the results of this .I know they deserve answers but I hope they are strong enough to handle them ,.And I hope Jake as well as the Family can finally put this behind them and get on with their lives , This I can only think has been a rough road and they deserve to know what happened if they want to know

Simple Enough II

Has the official cause of death been changed? If the official cause is still "accidental suicide " then using term "killing" would be incorrect especially with no concrete proof he was killed by another. I'm I right or am I off base?


One can kill oneself.

But I get your point. The Register has vested themselves in a particular outcome to this story. That much is obvious. They are probably right. Maybe it is justified to get justice for this family. Or maybe they should maintain objectivity. I can't decide.


Weather it was homicide or accidental suicide He is no longer living and did not die of natural causes , one would have to say that Yes the word Killing is justified . Common sense would tell yea that if someone dies of means other then natural causes or like in this case A Gun Shot , It would be a killing .
I never knew the Victim or the family , but I can only hope that they can find peace through all this and that they will find out {whatever it is}and be able to live with it and come to grip with it .
And I can only hope that if this is a murder that the parties involved are braght to Justice


"Accidental suicide" is an oxymoron. Obviously there was a "killing". If that killing occurred at the hands of another it is a "homicide" of which there are several legal types e.g. manslaughter murder depending on the level of intent. If the killing occurred by one's own hand with the intent to kill oneself it is a suicide. Finally if one accidentally kills oneself as in a car accident it is an accident not a suicide.

The issue is how is it acceptable to enter an oxymoronic cause of death for over a year and then have that nonsensical cause of death validated by the Lucas County Coroner's Office? Why should citizens tolerate such at best incompetence?

The Lucas County Coroner's office has a long history of for lack of a better phrase "covering up" law enforcement and or drug or sex related homicides. The Register reported on several but there are others. In fact, there were cases from Erie County/Perkins Township, (Matthes) Sandusky County/Fremont (Naus)and Defiance County Sheriff (Rocha) reported to federal authorities and the Attorney General's office years ago. These reports are also filed with federal and state courts and some were published on the internet. Special Prosecutor Dean Henry was tangentially involved in obstructing inquiry into at least one of these cases.

My prayers are with the family.


Agreed 100%!!!!!!!


If you die in a one car accident is this suicide also?


Only if it was intentional...like purposefully crashing your car into a tree or off a bridge.
There is no such thing as accidental suicide, and any person in authority should know this. The fact that those words were used as a cause of death demonstrates incompetence at the very least.


JUSTICE for Jake and Ella, the Limberios Family and the citizens of Sandusky County. Many, many are watching.

Simple Enough II

Look if someone has been drinking and or partaking of "recreational drugs" and is handeling a firearm or is plating or demonstrating/playing Russia roulette and the firearm goes off killing them what is it? What do you call it? The weapon is loaded, you know it is loaded and it happensand now you are dead by your own hand......what would you call it?


That would be called an accidental shooting or accidental death. There is no such thing as accidental suicide.

Simple Enough II

But do we know his true intentions? Putting a loaded weapon to your head isn't accidental either, it takes thought, putting a loaded weapon to your head and pulling the trigger takes an act. who knows if he had suicidal intentions, I don't, but then I don't put a loaded weapon to my head and squeeze the trigger.


Regardless there is no such thing as accidental suicide.


Chat room comments posted for Justice for Jake and Ella:

funcoast: We will be starting the Justice for Jake interview about 5 minutes following this interview. thank you for being patient.
funcoast: And thank your for joining us for this interview, any questions? Post them here.
funcoast: We are starting now, click on the player to watc.
funcoast: watch
jw: how much time passed between the end of Jake's last phone call and the call to 911?
hay: 4 minutes
jw: have any of the witnesses been charged with anything at all? underage drinking or contributing since Jake was only 19?
hay: no
jw: why??
kdamron: because they (the county) didn't do anything
hay: ^agreed
jw: amazing!!
KMBOWERS: Good job group!!! Ella & I are so very lucky to have you ALL.

"jw: how much time passed between the end of Jake's last phone call and the call to 911?
hay: 4 minutes"

Was it 4 minutes?

More internet information:



Again, was it 4 minutes as shown? (hay: 4 minutes)

.357 magnum has much more muzzle flash than 6 inches.


The Bizness

I dont really care about any of this but I have a few questions.

1. Who do people think killed this person?

2. What if the original ruling is accurate?

3. Why is a organization with the word 'Fun' in it handling this?

4. Why is a new organization taking such a weighted stance on this when it should be impartial?


1. That's what they have been trying to find out for the last year and a half.
2. The ruling can't possibly be accurate since there is no such thing as accidental suicide.
3. Because that is who handles the video at the Register.
4. The Register has tried to find out the truth of what happened.
Your first sentence that you don't really care about any of this speaks volumes.

The Bizness

2. I think one could accidently commit suicide by joking around and pointing a gun at themselves thinking its empty when it really isn't.


In that case it would be an accident if there was no intention to die. It would be a stupid thing to do but still wouldn't be suicide.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Bizness. And thanks TK. Your response is amazingly similar to mine. 

1. Don't know the answer. 

2. The original ruling was suicide that might have been accidental. It can't be accurate. An intentional act cannot also be an unintentional act. 

3. 'Funcoast' is a name assigned to the service used for the livestreaming of the program, which is also being used for SR programming at this time. 

4. Sandusky County officials were asked repeatedly over the course of 15 months to provide information about their investigation, other information and response to inquiries, but they refused to answer nearly every question raised or offer any substantial response of any nature. The Register cannot report information that is not provided. The Register has reported the information that has been provided, which, granted, is from the Limberios family and supporters. The news coverage has been unbiased but might appear one-sided since the only information that's been made available has come from the family, their attorney, and supporters. 

Hope that helps. 

Carlos Danger

Has the Attorney General's Office provided any details of their investigation to date? And if not, why isn't the Register crying foul, citing public records laws, alleging secrecy, calling the AG's office un-American, like has been done so often in stories about local law enforcement?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks Carlos Danger. I think I've answered this question for you before but it's worth repeating. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine told the Register at the start of the AG investigation it would be a thorough probe and he would do his best to answer every question once the investigation was complete. He also stated it would take time and he would not provide updates while it was ongoing. The Limberios family "cried foul" concerning the behavior and actions of Sandusky County officials, which they thoroughly documented and the Register reported. The Register also reported the responses — or non-responses — local officials provided to our inquiries about their concerns. DeWine has been an accessible AG and remains accessible. The family has not expressed similar concern about how the AG's team is working the investigation. DeWine also has a track record of following through; saying what he will do and then doing it. The decisions made by the AG's office with regard to the Steubenville rape case and the Cleveland police shooting were difficult and in my opinion showed powerful commitment to serve Ohioans, unlike the actions of past attorney generals. Our references to past "un-American" behavior were primarily used to describe the way in which federal police agencies in Ohio operate; without accountability and without adhering to Ohio law. The actions of Sandusky County officials during the 15 months they investigated the Limberios death, in my opinion, were unprofessional and below any standard of competence taxpayers should expect from public servants. It was fortunate a judge finally removed them from further participation in the investigation, citing conflicts of interest they appeared to know existed but chose to ignore.  

Carlos Danger

Thank you Matt. The point of my comment, however, was that the Register has never questioned or criticized the Attorney General's Office when the AG has refused to provide any details of an ongoing investigation, Yet the Register is quick to question the Sandusky PD and other local law enforcement when they give the same response to the Register, thus showing an apparent bias against local law enforcement. As for Sandusky County and this particular case, I hope you realize that once Detective O'Connell started the investigation, he shared EVERYTHING with the family even though he, like the AG, wasn't required to under Ohio law. (Where do you think most of those reports, recordings, photos, etc. that have been posted on the Justice website and shared with you by the family's attorney came from). It was only when that information, shared in confidence with the family, started appearing in Register articles criticizing the investigation (and, in many people's opinion, misquoting and even attacking O'Connell and others peoples' credibility) did that flow of information cease. On a side note, I recommend that you research the U.S. Constitution's Supremacy Clause when it comes to federal agencies and Ohio law.

Matt Westerhold

An interesting point of view Carlos. I don't know what chair you were sitting in, but you don't seem to have been at the same table.