ABC News posts Limberios article

Examines coroner system in Ohio picking up details first reported in the Register
Aug 9, 2013


Decisions by Sandusky County officials were put in a national spotlight Friday when ABC News posted a news story at the network's digital news site,

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Jacob Limberios was killed March 2, 2012. County officials declared it a suicide, but two forensic pathologist who reviewed the evidence contend he was the victim of a homicide. County officials refused to re-consider the ruling but have since been removed from further involvement with the criminal investigation by a judge.

The judge cited obvious conflicts county officials had in continuing a criminal investigation, turning it over to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's office.  

The ABC story examines the coroner system in Ohio, versus the medical examiner system in other states.




Don’t stop with the coroner. Expose all of them that chose to play the political card instead of doing their jobs. Start with the incompetent Sheriff that should be removed from office, his investigator, the prosecutor, judges ect….. This is not the first time this has happened to a family. Maybe now the house of cards will finally fall.


well said


On the news today they indicted a man for selling or furnishing alcohol to a minor who later was involved in an accident that resulted in death of his brother. So with that being said, whoever furnished alcohol to this teen and the others should be indicted for the same reason. They furnished alcohol to a minor or minors that subsequently COULD have led to this terrible tragedy.


Good work SR!

Kottage Kat


Good things come to he who waits

sandtown born a...

Nobody is above the law not even the law itself and its about time someone points this out to the powers to be in Sandusky county. Start holding these people accountable according to the laws they swore to uphold and hopefully Sandusky county will see a turn for the better minus the one sided views and corruption.

Julie R.

That goes for Erie County, too.


This will be a lifetime movie someday...

4-wheeler al

watching perry mason other day someone put a gun in a dead mans hand too look like he shot himself.police investigation call it a homicide,because no powder burns around bullet wound had too be 12 inches or less too leave powder burns.cases like this should be investigated fully before calling the ruling of death.sad all you here any more how much money it cost it takes to bring to trial