Who shot Jacob Limberios?

Family waits for news from Ohio attorney general
Jul 27, 2013

The Ohio Attorney General's Office has had little to say in the nearly two months it's been since the criminal investigation of the killing of Jacob Limberios was stripped away from local officials and handed over to the AG.

The three witnesses inside the home the night he was killed have not been interviewed by AG investigators. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jacob's parents, were interviewed.  

"It's been more than 520 days — of waiting, waiting, and waiting — for Mike and Shannon," said Dan McGookey, a Sandusky attorney who represents the Limberios family. "Every day it's difficult and every weekend is like three months spent hoping the phone will ring on Monday and someone, somewhere, will settle this question."

And the most important question — who shot Jacob Limberios — never gets answered, he said.

"I'm not being critical of the attorney general's office. I'm not telling them how to conduct this investigation," McGookey said. "But the physical evidence that does exist is the best evidence there is. Look at the autopsy reports, look at the tissue samples and make a determination about that. Did he shoot himself, or is that impossible as Dr. Wecht has said?"

"Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed.

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Wecht, a well-known forensic pathologist and attorney based in Pittsburgh, ruled Jacob's death a homicide after conducting an autopsy in September 2012. There was no stippling, or burn, where the bullet entered Jacob's skull. The absence of stippling, which gets imprinted like a tattoo, indicates the gun was not fired from close range, Wecht said, making it impossible for Jacob to have been holding the weapon when he was killed. 

But a report of an autopsy conducted months later by Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser tells a different story. Biesser, among other things, determined the bullet entered the right side of Jacob's head, not the left, as every other witness, emergency responder, deputies and others who saw the body have said. She also stated her findings were "not inconsistent" with Sandusky County coroner John Wukie's ruling that Jacob committed suicide but it might have been accidental. 

Wukie never went to the home and made the accidental suicide ruling just hours after Jacob was killed after talking by phone with a sheriff's deputy.  

Wukie and Beisser never provided the family any information or evidence that Jake committed suicide. No known information about what evidence led Wukie to rule it a suicide has been released by county or state officials, nor has an explanation been provided as to how the intentional act of killing oneself also can, at the same time, be an accidental, unintentional act. 

Evidence from the crime scene was destroyed while sheriff's deputies were still inside the home shortly after Jacob was killed, and other physical evidence was not collected. Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, chief deputy Bruce Hirt and sheriff's captain Mike Meggitt, all were at the home in the hours after Jacob was killed. 

Other emergency responders also were inside the home, in addition to the three witnesses, and it's not clear who destroyed the evidence. 

Like Wecht, Biesser also didn't see any stippling at either the entrance or exit wounds, regardless of which trajectory is correct. 

"Her report is inconsistent with the facts," McGookey said. "Her conclusion is inconsistent with her own findings." 

The Limberioses are not the first family to question Beisser's conclusions in an autopsy report from the Lucas County coroner's office. 

"Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, and details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed.



Some people comment without even knowing the facts.


it was not Jakes house or his party he brought a gun over because one of then wanted to buy the gun.


What would be the benefit to the Sandusky County Coroner and multitude of Sandusky County Sheriff's officials to participate
Who knows why people do what they do , Could it be that the Sandusky County Coroner could be in fear of losing his job due to him not performing his duties as required by the Ohio Revised Code . What are the rules that he or she are required to follow when making ruling in such case as this ?


He definitely isn't in fear of losing his job. He followed the rules. You can look up the rules in the Ohio Revised Code.

Sorry, can't buy the conspiracy theory. No reason for the Sheriff's Deputies to cover for the coroner. Also, no benefit to any of them to rule it suicide, accidental, homicide.


Matt Westerhold @ Sandusky Register, Thank you for keeping us updated on this case. Thank you for asking questions that needed to be asked. Hopefully the family will get the answers they are seeking and will be able to find peace.


no reason that we know of , but you never can tell , when it comes to things like this , the only thing I am saying is there are a lot of answers to a lot of questions that should be and need to to adress that are not being addressed.And the only thing that people can think is cover up one way or another


I miss Emil.


Chapter 313: CORONER

Ohio State Coroners Association

"To amend section 313.131 and to enact section 313.124 of the Revised Code to require a coroner, deputy coroner, or pathologist to administer a blood test for alcohol or drugs when a person has died by suicide or in an unusual manner and the test is requested and paid for by a family member."



Everybody be cool.


Be excellent to each other


Just a reminder please check out our new Facebook Page Justice for JAKE & Ella and on twitter @JakeLimberios. Stay informed on how to support this family. Our page matches our yard signs now! Thank you for your continual support. Justice for Jake & Ella.


Just a reminder please check out our new Facebook Page Justice for JAKE & Ella and on twitter @JakeLimberios. Stay informed on how to support this family. Our page matches our yard signs now! Thank you for your continual support. Justice for Jake & Ella.


centauri- if we payed for these tests to be done they would have said we bought and paid for these results. All we are looking for is the truth.


I am also searching for the truth. The links that I posted were meant to gain knowledge and not deflect from the truth.

R U Serious

If the sister would come clean or the other two this would have been over a looooong time ago! If they were all inocent and the guy did shoot himself they would have been sreaming that from the begining.....but they didn't! Why would you talk about Lawyering up if the guy did accidently shoot himself. I know everybody is on the Sandusky county officals for their poor performance but there are three people that know what happened but with the focus on the county officals we'll never know what happened. Lets start with the sister that as right there. If you want to end this quick charge all three and then see who wants to stay loyal to the pack.




What justice are you looking for? A change in the wording of the young man's death?

It will not bring him back or ease the pain of the family.


Yes its about the wording.. no it won't bring him back or change anything. But his legacy won't be suicide. I truly believe one of the boys accidently shot.him. let the record show that..not "accidental suicide" . Can't be both.

R U Serious

I hole heartedly believe that Kayleigh's sister knows what happened. Weather that ever gets leaked to the rest of the world is to be seen. Bottom line is the family had issues and still has issues the 3 that were there should man up and give the Parent the piece they deserve. And the term accidental suicide is EASY to understand. If he was playing with the gun and it went off accidently it should be called just what it was. He accidentaly killed himself (suicide)!!


So we are spending all this time and effort to prove if the gun shot was inflected on purpose or by accident by the young man.


Matt Westerhold

Thanks donutshopguy. There was no "stippling" at the entrance wound, which is the burn a weapon leaves when it is shot at close-range. Both pathologists who examined the wounds stated there was a lack of stippling. Dr. Cyril Wecht said that means Jacob could not have been holding the gun because the weapon had to be more than 18 inches away from him when it was fired. The Lucas County deputy coroner suggested the stippling was washed away, which is highly unlikel,y according to Wecht, and others.  

Random Thoughts

Actually "stippling" is not a burn.  It is the marks left on the skin (often called tattooing) as a result of the tiny unburnt gunpowder particles exiting the barrel at a high rate of speed and making contact with the skin. (somewhat like getting sprayed with a sand blaster on a much smaller scale).  The problem in this case with the conclusions by Dr. Wecht and others that the absence of stippling means a distant shot is that stippling on the scalp is often not present if the person had thick hair.  This is so because the particles are sometimes blocked by the hair before they make it to the scalp.  A timely autopsy (prior to any cleaning of the hair by the mortician for example) should have determined the presence or absence of these gunpowder particles - but we all know the autopsies in this case were far from timely.  And yes, I do have experience in this field and have severel photos of gunshot wounds to the head where stippling is clearly visible below the hairline but absent above the hairline.


Ok you have experience in this field random thoughts but the gun that was used was very powerful when shot off. A picture showes same gun being fired and flame coming from it. wouldn't that leave a burn of some what Plus stippling at that close of a range

R U Serious

I would say yes to that question. The problem seems to be with the report that the forensic specailist said the angle the entrance and exit wound were on had NO flash burn. The gun had to be in a position that the kid could not have shot himself. Thats were all questions come in like what was the sister doing when it happened in front of her. The saddest thing about this whole mess is all the personal details and comments made on here and facebook. Once the AG determains that the kid could or could not shoot himself then you will get to the truth. It's just pathetic that the three stooges in the room can't say what really happened.



Why do you call them stooges? Were they ever ask by the police to tell their interpretation of the events? What did they say? Do they not agree with your rendition even though they were in the room and you weren't ?

R U Serious

yes i'm very close to one of the guys in the room and yes I do know that they were all talked to and one of them has been questioned more than once and was told that there were incosistancies in the stories that the person provided. No I wasn't there but when you know someone who was and you hear pieces behind the scene it makes you sad that it just gets drug on.



So your information is second hand at best. Is the family's information similar ? As an outsider that has no stake in the game I am having a hard time understanding all this fuss. So do you believe someone else is involved in the death or is this just about the wording on the death certificate ?

R U Serious

Personaly I think the family wants the word suicide off the death certificate. The second is simple...if the gun was too far away to leave the stippling then who shot him. With the kids in the room it should be very cut and dry. He had the gun or he didn't and thats all everybody wants to know.



So the police never ask that question? I find that hard to believe. My guess is that the girls answered that question but their answer was not what the family wishes to believe.

Sounds like a lot of fuss about nothing. Other than the family and a handful of conspiracy theorists the world has moved on.


it is funny that all three witnesses were in the same room at the station being asked questions. They should have been seperated. There stories did not all match.