Who shot Jacob Limberios?

Family waits for news from Ohio attorney general
Jul 27, 2013

The Ohio Attorney General's Office has had little to say in the nearly two months it's been since the criminal investigation of the killing of Jacob Limberios was stripped away from local officials and handed over to the AG.

The three witnesses inside the home the night he was killed have not been interviewed by AG investigators. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jacob's parents, were interviewed.  

"It's been more than 520 days — of waiting, waiting, and waiting — for Mike and Shannon," said Dan McGookey, a Sandusky attorney who represents the Limberios family. "Every day it's difficult and every weekend is like three months spent hoping the phone will ring on Monday and someone, somewhere, will settle this question."

And the most important question — who shot Jacob Limberios — never gets answered, he said.

"I'm not being critical of the attorney general's office. I'm not telling them how to conduct this investigation," McGookey said. "But the physical evidence that does exist is the best evidence there is. Look at the autopsy reports, look at the tissue samples and make a determination about that. Did he shoot himself, or is that impossible as Dr. Wecht has said?"

"Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed.

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Wecht, a well-known forensic pathologist and attorney based in Pittsburgh, ruled Jacob's death a homicide after conducting an autopsy in September 2012. There was no stippling, or burn, where the bullet entered Jacob's skull. The absence of stippling, which gets imprinted like a tattoo, indicates the gun was not fired from close range, Wecht said, making it impossible for Jacob to have been holding the weapon when he was killed. 

But a report of an autopsy conducted months later by Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser tells a different story. Biesser, among other things, determined the bullet entered the right side of Jacob's head, not the left, as every other witness, emergency responder, deputies and others who saw the body have said. She also stated her findings were "not inconsistent" with Sandusky County coroner John Wukie's ruling that Jacob committed suicide but it might have been accidental. 

Wukie never went to the home and made the accidental suicide ruling just hours after Jacob was killed after talking by phone with a sheriff's deputy.  

Wukie and Beisser never provided the family any information or evidence that Jake committed suicide. No known information about what evidence led Wukie to rule it a suicide has been released by county or state officials, nor has an explanation been provided as to how the intentional act of killing oneself also can, at the same time, be an accidental, unintentional act. 

Evidence from the crime scene was destroyed while sheriff's deputies were still inside the home shortly after Jacob was killed, and other physical evidence was not collected. Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, chief deputy Bruce Hirt and sheriff's captain Mike Meggitt, all were at the home in the hours after Jacob was killed. 

Other emergency responders also were inside the home, in addition to the three witnesses, and it's not clear who destroyed the evidence. 

Like Wecht, Biesser also didn't see any stippling at either the entrance or exit wounds, regardless of which trajectory is correct. 

"Her report is inconsistent with the facts," McGookey said. "Her conclusion is inconsistent with her own findings." 

The Limberioses are not the first family to question Beisser's conclusions in an autopsy report from the Lucas County coroner's office. 

"Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, and details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed.



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If the state Attorney General finds this horrible situation a suicide who will the family turn to? Maybe US Attorney General Eric Holder will step in to save the day? Naw, he's to involved in the Trayvon murder case to take on this case.


I don't believe this was a suicide or a murder. I believe this was an accidental shooting. If the Sandusky County coroner had taken the time to investigate the incident like he should have, this is the conclusion that would have been made at the time that Jake died.



I must be a little thick in the skull. What advantage is their to the ruling of accidental shooting rather than suicide ? Is their an insurance policy that is in question ? Is this about the young man's reputation?


There isn't an insurance policy. This is about the wording on the death certificate and the fact they didn't do a proper investigation from minute one. I know I would feel the same way. If it is about his reputation so what? I wouldn't want people to think my son killed himself if he didn't. Especially if they're calling it "accidental suicide". How is that even possible? ??!! I would fight the fight too


Donutshopguy yes you must be thick in the scull. If it was your son and you know he did not commit suicide would you want them to rule it suicide. There is a little girl growing up thinking her daddy commited suicide and that is wrong. yes it was accidental but where is the shot come from is the question.read all the evidence on this and justice for Jake & ella on facebook. Family is not hiding anything.


It would be difficult to determine if the shot was intentional or accidental. Motive absent statements before the shooting can only be revealed by the victim.

Simple Enough II

I have to give the folks of the "Justice for Jake" a nod for their persistence, but what happens if the findings are the same? Does the so called "sloppy" investigation that called it get an apology?


Like this comment.


What happens if, as many suspect, the findings aren't the "same"? The AGO has a very delicate situation on their hands. Whitewashing this isn't going to sit well with many folks, and rightfully so. Let's see what Mike DeWine is made of.

seriously 1137

If the AG rules this anything but an accidental suicide would be justice in my opinion. I personally don't believe this was an accident (on Jake's part) However ruled an accidental death or homicide at least his daughter will not grow up with suicide as cause of death. As far as even suggesting this family and their supporters apologize for seeking justice for their son you've got to be kidding me!!! This WAS a SLOPPY investigation from the start! Destroying evidence, not even taking the bullet out of ceiling? Taking the witnesses' word for it. ..a shootinh involving young people when one ended up dead and not even getting out of bed to examine scene/body. ..talking to witnesses of record?????? This was handled soooo poorly you can't even call this an investigation!!!!!! Apolgogize?! Absoluetly not...Officers need formally reprimanded for shotty work at min. Not to mention the huge obvious conflict of interests being allowed to continue for so long. What world do you live in? Would this be acceptable to you if this was your family member?


The truth be told , this case has not been handle the way it should have from the start , and to think that the AGs office can make any sense out of this after all the time that has gone by , and the evidence that was either not abtained from the start or was destroyed or missplaced or destroyed .
Somehow in my own mind seem to think that the AGs office is going to come back with a ruling as undetermined .
The way this case was handled from the start tells me that there was a cover-up all the way .And I doubt if the family will ever get any real answers
Its a shame that this happened , but the fact be known that the way it was handled I am doubt full that if charges were placed against anyone , they would even get close to a conviction . the only thing that maybe done is that the family can known that there Son was killed and not as has been told .But then the sad thing about it that famliy will never see justice cause so much coverage from the sandusky register and the way the case was handled would lead to reasonable doubt .Not to mention you would never be bale to seat a jury that dont know anything about this case or have an opionion as to guilt or inccents . which is what is needed to have a fair trial if it comes to that stage in the investigation
This only my opionon


Why would there have been a cover up from the start?

Simple Enough II: Gene44870 answers your question about what the conspiracy theorists will claim if the AG Report doesn't go along with their beliefs.


One question you have to ask yourselves. Have you ever heard of a coronerever making a ruling as to cause of death without exaiming the manner as to which the body was found not to metion why would you collect evidence at the scene and then throw the evidence away when you return the shariffs office which has been stated in the coverage from the register .
I am not a lawyer or a police officer , I am just someone watching this case carefully from the outside in and without tunnel vision


I have, it happens on a regular basis. Based on the reports of the investigating officers, the coroner makes the ruling.

Also, just because the paper printed something, it doesn't mean it is the truth.

The only thing that may change in the AG report is the wording of his death from suicide to accidental.


Gene you would be surprised that there are quite a few people who do not know the story.


Who knows ? thats the question . I mean you cant help but think that there was a cover-up cause if there wasnt they would have been forth coming in the investigation from the start


How do you know they haven't been forthcoming? The paper only prints what it wants and not all the evidence of an investigation is ever totally released to the public. For a conspiracy/cover up, one would need to receive some sort of benefit to participate. What would be the benefit to the Sandusky County Coroner and multitude of Sandusky County Sheriff's officials to participate?


You bring up a good point about the paper only printing what it wants. Like why was there never any follow up to the phone hacking incident? Was anyone charged?


go to justice for Jake and Ella on Facebook with all the evidence is there family has nothing to hide register only put in the information that was given to them by the family or the attorney.


gene, I do not believe there was a cover-up but rather shoddy investigative work. However, that does not change my mind that this young man accidentally shot himself.


I believe the cover up only started when the investigation was challenged. Its called " covering your a**" . Even if he did shoot himself, which I don't believe, unfortunately the shoddy work makes it almost impossible to investigate. Especially how many months later. Its just a shame all the way around.

SmithMan1's picture

sorry if this is harsh. not meant to offend anyone at all. but Jacob is dead let the boy rest in peace please! I understand the fact that the family doesn't want to accept the fact he may have shot himself at a party when they were all doing things they shouldn't have been doing let alone have a loaded gun out in the first place. I have to say this I am a gun owner I have kids and I strongly believe in the 2nd but with that said it was Jacobs gun Jacobs house and Jacobs party correct... so with that no matter accidental or not it was his responsibility not to have the loaded gun out in the mix in the first place.

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It wasn't Jacob's house.

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Ok. so that makes my point even more valid.


Wasn't his house or, his party . There wasnt a party.Not even his friends. He was there because the one boy was interested in the gun and jake was showing him.