Who shot Jacob Limberios?

Family waits for news from Ohio attorney general
Jul 27, 2013

The Ohio Attorney General's Office has had little to say in the nearly two months it's been since the criminal investigation of the killing of Jacob Limberios was stripped away from local officials and handed over to the AG.

The three witnesses inside the home the night he was killed have not been interviewed by AG investigators. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios, Jacob's parents, were interviewed.  

"It's been more than 520 days — of waiting, waiting, and waiting — for Mike and Shannon," said Dan McGookey, a Sandusky attorney who represents the Limberios family. "Every day it's difficult and every weekend is like three months spent hoping the phone will ring on Monday and someone, somewhere, will settle this question."

And the most important question — who shot Jacob Limberios — never gets answered, he said.

"I'm not being critical of the attorney general's office. I'm not telling them how to conduct this investigation," McGookey said. "But the physical evidence that does exist is the best evidence there is. Look at the autopsy reports, look at the tissue samples and make a determination about that. Did he shoot himself, or is that impossible as Dr. Wecht has said?"

"Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed.

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Wecht, a well-known forensic pathologist and attorney based in Pittsburgh, ruled Jacob's death a homicide after conducting an autopsy in September 2012. There was no stippling, or burn, where the bullet entered Jacob's skull. The absence of stippling, which gets imprinted like a tattoo, indicates the gun was not fired from close range, Wecht said, making it impossible for Jacob to have been holding the weapon when he was killed. 

But a report of an autopsy conducted months later by Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia Beisser tells a different story. Biesser, among other things, determined the bullet entered the right side of Jacob's head, not the left, as every other witness, emergency responder, deputies and others who saw the body have said. She also stated her findings were "not inconsistent" with Sandusky County coroner John Wukie's ruling that Jacob committed suicide but it might have been accidental. 

Wukie never went to the home and made the accidental suicide ruling just hours after Jacob was killed after talking by phone with a sheriff's deputy.  

Wukie and Beisser never provided the family any information or evidence that Jake committed suicide. No known information about what evidence led Wukie to rule it a suicide has been released by county or state officials, nor has an explanation been provided as to how the intentional act of killing oneself also can, at the same time, be an accidental, unintentional act. 

Evidence from the crime scene was destroyed while sheriff's deputies were still inside the home shortly after Jacob was killed, and other physical evidence was not collected. Sheriff Kyle Overmyer, chief deputy Bruce Hirt and sheriff's captain Mike Meggitt, all were at the home in the hours after Jacob was killed. 

Other emergency responders also were inside the home, in addition to the three witnesses, and it's not clear who destroyed the evidence. 

Like Wecht, Biesser also didn't see any stippling at either the entrance or exit wounds, regardless of which trajectory is correct. 

"Her report is inconsistent with the facts," McGookey said. "Her conclusion is inconsistent with her own findings." 

The Limberioses are not the first family to question Beisser's conclusions in an autopsy report from the Lucas County coroner's office. 

"Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, and details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed.



I am all for the Attorney General taking their time to "get it right this time." We know that Sandusky County was far less than professional in their work so lets give the Attorney General time to do the job completely and fully and professionally. After it's done then let the chips fall where they may.

Just glad all this is now being done by the State of Ohio.

Clark W. Griswald

I bet it was Jacob Limberios...




I think so, too.


So glad the Sandusky Register is covering this tragedy. Glad it is is the hands of the Attorney General. Also think that time is of the essence and that the Attorney General's Office needs to give this matter the attention we the public know it demands. Not only does a grieving family need answers; the taxpaying citizens need answers regarding malfeasance, wrongdoing and possible corruption of elected officials. It's time.


This case is so messed up that it will take months for the Attorney General to start to piece it all together. People need to be patient. It will be worth it in the end when people start to be held accountable.


I wonder why the SR isn't badgering and bullying the AG's office like it did Dean Henry and SC officials? Why is that SR?

Stop It

Because Emil said basically, screw this SR. I rather be on a boat close to my wife.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks registerer. Sandusky County investigated this for 14 months. It's not badgering and bullying to  continue to ask for documentation and answers to legitimate questions from the family and from the Register.

That's especially true given the destruction of evidence that occurred, the decision to do a second exhumation and autopsy, the obvious conflicts of interest that existed and the inane death ruling the county still stands by, accidental suicide, among other things. 

The AG's office picked this up long after the evidence was destroyed during the local investigations. It seems reasonable to expect there would be some resolution soon from the AG's office to disparities in the two autopsies, but the balance of the investigation would seem a bit more challenging and require more time to piece together.

The AG's office has responded in a professional way to inquiries, unlike what occurred in the previous investigations. The Register will continue to report on this story and follow up with the AG's office as appropriate.  


So in your investigative work the SR has determined this to be a murder and not an accidental death? Your schooling is what? I do question the terminology "accidental suicide". However, I believe that when it all shakes out the family and cult following will be disappointed when the ruling is accidental and no charges will be filed.

Stop It

No one has called it murder, registerer. It has been suggested as homicide. Two different things.


Ok stop it let me substitute the word homicide for murder. The basic premise remains the same...it was accidental.

Stop It

I trust that it was accidental. It's just that the family wants it to be written in such a manner.


I am Jacob's mother. I have never posted before, but I need to make one thing clear. I have NO doubt that Jacobs death was an accident, nor do I wish for charges to be filed against ANYONE. His death was an accident and that is what it should have been ruled. PERIOD.


Anyone who has followed this case Shannon should know you haven't asked for anything but the truth to what happened. Too many experts ( not paid for BTW) have stated Jake did not kill himself..It is what has transpired into the last almost 17 months that make it sickening. The Lies and making your family suffer is what is horrible. That in itself is a crime. I feel the AG office will get to the bottom of this. It is just gonna take time and Patience. I know its been a long road but, Justice will come in God's time. Bless you and the family in this time. <3


Oh shannon please stay off here. Nothing positive will come from it. A lot of these people will never empathize with you and your family.


Is it that surprising the autopsy the family paid for came back with the results the family wanted? This case appears to have been shopped around to get the answers the family wants. I have nothing but compassion for the family, however the Register, paid attorney and M.E. are not doing the family any favors and the Register , under the guise of a noble cause is doing the biggest disservice of all.


We DID NOT pay for the results we wanted! We told Dr. Wecht we wanted the TRUTH. Which is all we have ever wanted. I certainly hope that your family NEVER experiences something this tragic and completely heartbreaking. Unless anyone of you have EVER been in my shoes, you have NO IDEA what you would do. To insinuate that we have shopped around for our results is insulting to me. My son is gone, he's not coming back. The blame was placed on him for his death. If I truly believed for one minute that he was capable of committing suicide, this battle would not be happening. His death was an accident.......that's ALL I'm fighting for.


Yes, that's exactly what they did. Like he would really come back with anything bad against the kid when his family was paying?


I think to date that Attorney General has not screwed up as did the others. If for no other reason the Attorney General is not the arrogant, cocky attitude that Dean Henry displayed consistently. Thankfully, he is gone and lest not forget he was FIRED !!


Unfortunately, the key evidence was not collected at the scene of Jacob's death. Incompetence is the word to best describe the Sandusky County, Ohio coroner and police investigation. I feel that the Ohio Attorney General will probably rule the death an accident or undetermined based on the lack of evidence that was not collected at the scene of the death.

I have read of many murders that were wrongly ruled suicides. Some murders were ruled natural deaths. There are ways to cover up murders so that they appear to be natural deaths.

In many of the murders that were ruled suicides, the hands and/or feet of the victims were tied. These victims were found to be hung or drowned and some had gunshot wounds yet their deaths were ruled suicides. What were the medical examiners thinking?

""Stabbed, beaten, burned & zapped," a four-part special report in the Register, starts Wednesday, and details the death investigations that other families endured when their loved-ones were killed."

That four-part special report sounds like an interesting article to read.

Here is one murder that was ruled as a suicide. I wonder how many gullible people believed that "suicide" ruling as the cause of death.

"Police said the man was found with his hands and feet bound and he had been decapitated."

"His hands and feet were tied and the body had been decapitated."


Evidence destroyed???? Evidence of what? If this was considered a murder than I would agree, however it has been ruled a suicide, not once, but twice. Does the first one to 5 win?


It was ruled suicide before witnesses got to the police station. They were told to change clothes that had blood on them they were thrown away. Shoes had blood on them. If you look closely at evidence bag look at the date put in bag and date sealed. That is wrong that would be considered contamination of evidence. Anybody knows that once you put evidence in a bag it should be sealed and that same date put in and sealed should be on it. It was awhile before bags where sealed.


this whole thing was messed up from the start. When the Sandusky County corner comes up for election I hope we all remember and that another is running against him. We need a new corner this one is not qualified for the job.


It is difficult to take you seriously when you can't even spell "coroner"


How about a period at the end of your sentence Ms. Perfect.


How about a question mark at the end of your sentence?

Also, you should have placed a comma before Ms. Perfect.


Ms. Perfect strikes again.


This is NOT someones thesis, get over the grammar crap.


Perkins made it about grammar.

My initial comment was that one loses all credibility in saying that the coroner is not qualified for his job, if one can't even spell coroner.