DeWine promises 'thorough' probe

Attorney general meets with family
Jun 4, 2013


The Limberios family met with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine Monday, less than a week after a judge appointed him to head up a criminal investigation of Jacob Limberios’ death on March 2, 2012. 

“We’re very pleased and hopeful,” Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey said. “He had top-level staff managers with him, and he assured the family that his office would conduct a full investigation.”

Mike Limberios, Jacob’s father, and Mike Limberios Jr., his brother, and McGookey met with DeWine in the morning. The meeting was arranged on Saturday and took place in Columbus. 

“He juggled his schedule to meet with us,” McGookey said. “We’re feeling confident that we’re making progress now.”

DeWine said a senior prosecutor and senior investigators would begin reviewing the information. 

“It’s going to be a thorough investigation,” he said. “Once the review is done they’ll start interviewing people and do what needs to be done in any investigation.” 

DeWine was asked to take over the criminal case last week. A visiting judge, appointed after Sandusky County Judge John Dewey stepped aside rather than respond to an ethics complaint about his involvement, fired special prosecutor Dean Henry last week, citing Henry’s conflict in serving as both defense attorney for the county and criminal prosecutor. 

Judge Dale Crawford ordered Henry to turn over his case file, which Henry said consisted of more than 2,000 pages. 

The Limberios family tried for months to convince DeWine to take over the criminal investigation, contending Henry and Sandusky County officials continued to conduct a substandard and improper investigation.

The family and supporters started a petition drive in an effort to convince DeWine to take over the investigation, but he said he could not do that without an invitation from local law enforcement. 

Crawford provided that invitation when he fired Henry.   

“We have provided them all of the considerable information we have, and we will continue to provide the AG’s office with any additional information we get,” McGookey said.  

Just hours after Jacob died, Sandusky County coroner John Wukie ruled his death a suicide that might have been accidental. Wukie never examined the body or visited the home where Jacob was killed. He refused to order an autopsy, and Sandusky County sheriff’s deputies allowed physical evidence to be destroyed and did not collect evidence before recommending the accidental suicide ruling to Wukie. 

A private autopsy done for the family determined Jacob was the victim of a homicide. Wukie, through Dean Henry, finally did order an autopsy in late April.

That examination by the Lucas County coroner’s office included findings that “were not inconsistent” with Wukie’s original suicide ruling, although there is no evidence Jacob committed suicide. 

“There will be a resolution of this,” DeWine said. “When the investigation is done we’re going to make it public, and it’s going to be transparent.” 



I can think of 3 people right now that are shaking in their shoes, not to mention the officials involved in Sandusky County. JUSTICE FOR JAKE!!!

Kottage Kat

May those who have reason fear
May those who have reason cheer
God Bless the Limberios family and friends


Justice for Jake has started a new petition. Please sign and share it so, Ohio Law can be changed to make sure this never happens to anyone else again.
Justice for Jake

Truth or Dare

"Our office is actively engaged in our community ensuring the rights of victims", of which is only a part of what I consider a mission statement and can be viewed on the website of the U.S. Dept. of Justice, U.S. Attorney's Office - Northern District of Ohio - Steven M. Dettelbach - U.S. Attorney @ 216-622-3600. Left wondering if that office can help DeWine and the Limberios family in any way, shape or form and put justice into action a tad bit quicker?!

Signed the new petition, as it's beyond the time for REFORM regarding the POLITICAL ELECTION of UNQUALIFIED Coroners throughout Ohio and across this country!


First off, this is just a question on the proposed idea/petition and nothing to do with this case in question but, how do we pay for this??? Are we going to ask the tax payers again to step up and fit the bill for this on every homicide or violent death? Im not if a true estimate has been done on the costs of this. transportation, wages, materials, court costs, etc.. I'm just throwing this out there out of curiosity, and not as a slam. It's a good idea for sure, but you have to look at both sides of the coin.

sandtown born a...

Maybe the incompetent investigators should pay since it was the lack of investigating that has drug this out. Sue them all for the money it costs to do it right, maybe they will think twice before being LAZY with the next major investigation

Your Honest Truth

Are you saying that if someone in your family died a violent death that you wouldn't want them to by law have to do an autopsy because it may cost money. That as long as everyone has the same story that was there at the time of death that an autopsy shouldn't be ordered because they must all be telling the truth. I am not trying to start problems I am just saying that it is crazy that this isn't a law already. Money should not be that important that someone could get away with "murder" because the coroner didn't have to do an autopsy.


I think that is why many of these offices receive tax dollars. So that they can do their job. I'm pretty sure a county coroner is not elected so that he can "phone it in". If they have appropriated their funds in a manner that they can not afford to do their job then we need to elect new officials.


If it were your son, what price would you put on it for "justice"? Not everything comes down to the "bottom line"!

Simple Enough II

Okay, someone give me a reason that the all of these officials would lie about an investigation or worse yet present it falsely? Who of the 3 are connected to someone "High Up" as I just cann't fathom anyone jeopardizing their reputation, livlihood or freedom over this even if one or all three were highly connected. Come on clue us in Lt. Horatio Caine.

sandtown born a...

Simple 2 words SANDUSKY COUNTY

Julie R.

You say give me a reason that all of these officials would lie about an investigation or worse yet present it falsely.......

All I can say for that is --- I can't speak for Sandusky County but I sure can for Erie County and believe me when I say they (meaning public officials) ALL stick together.