Dean Henry fired

Visiting judge removes him as criminal prosecutor during hearing today in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court citing conflicts.
May 29, 2013


The Limberios family scored a victory today in their long battle with Sandusky County officials when a new judge removed Dean Henry from the role of criminal prosecutor. 

"We're ecstatic," family attorney Dan McGookey said Tuesday evening.

The ruling from visiting Judge Dale Crawford came after 90 minutes of oral arguments in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday.

Crawford was appointed last week after Sandusky County Common Pleas Judge John Dewey stepped aside rather than answer questions regarding his own conflicts and ethics challenges in appointing Henry to serve as both defense counsel and criminal prosecutor in the investigation into the death of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012. 

Crawford cited Henry's obvious conflicts for firing him as special prosecutor; conflicts Henry has refused to address for months.

Crawford appointed Ohio Attorney Mike DeWine to investigate the killing of Jacob Limberios. 

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Capt. Ford

Yes Indeed!

nothing new

Finally!!!! So happy this family! great job staying with it and not giving up on the chance for Jake to get a real investigation. I wonder how the people there that night and all the people involved in this cover up are feeling right now...




Yes!! Took someone outside the county to see what's been right in front of the others for MONTHS!! Just the first step. ...


This is what is happening:

They are goin' down like dominoes now.


Those conflicts are serious business.


Great News! Curious to see what the main naysayers have to say now!


Bout time someone got some sense !!!


Bravo, so glad for the Limberios family. This Dean Henry has been arrogant and cocky from the very start. Glad to see it was stated he was not removed he was FIRED !!!

Bravo to the fact that the State Attorney General was appointed as the investigator. There shouls be a lot of folks shaking now for those who have screwed this investigation up from the start and those who are the real guilty ones.

Its been a long time coming but I am so glad this happen fo rthis poor family and friends who have been thru so much.

JW Brewer

Remembering Dean Henry represented Todd Helms....

Mom of 2 boys

This is such a long awaited victory. I hope and pray the Justice keeps coming....

sandtown born a...

Great news for the family not so much for others involved. Its About Dang Time


I only wish that this could have happened months ago and a lot of this would have been avoided . Now maybe something will be done to finally put this thing to rest and the family can really know what the truth is and be able to deal with it no matter what it is


The look on their faces as Judge Crawford removed Dean Henry was priceless! Huge and much needed victory for the Limberios family & friends. Justice for Jake


Now that the shenanigans of Sandusky County have been resolved what's next? I know the Limberios family wants the truth. What do they believe is the truth? Is there closure with the truth?

I'm an outsider with no axe to grind. Just trying to understand what will bring peace to the family.

Kottage Kat

A new day has dawned in the fight for the truth.
Angels are smiling
Keep up the fight



Oh boy! I hope all goes well or the conspiracy theorists will really be screaming.

Julie R.

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Who says the SR never reports good news?

Texx Reloader

This is indeed a great victory for the Limberios family, and I am very happy for them. It is also a great victory for the many other people who have been shafted by this political machine. Consider all of the scandals that have rocked this county for the past ten years. Consider the fact that the State has had to bring in State Auditors, and the Ohio Supreme Court has been forced to intervene because of the immaturity of these officials. Consider the possibility that for every scandal made public, more remain covered up to this day. Consider the fact the state and federal government are starting to recover somewhat from the cuts, and lack of revenue that has been a hindrance to investigative resources since 2009. It does not bode well for the people who have much to hide. I am sure the state would like to see the people of the county clean up the mess using their ability to vote, but the state may consider the possibility of going a step further. Few ordinary people understand that there are only two layers of government in the U.S.: The federal and the state. Cities and counties are nothing but proxies of the state government. They operate under charters. The state has the right and obligation to step in and take over (just like they do school districts)when the situation has become absurd, as it is in Sandusky County. Maybe, in the future, it will become apparent more state intervention is needed. It would certainly be a classic opportunity for the state to teach new and young employees how to conduct such an operation. It would also be nice to see the trust of the people, in government, revived after years of abuse.

sandtown born a...

I couldnt have said it better, Im sure the powers to be in SC have had alot of things swept under the rug. Thanks Sandusky Register and all of the citizens to keep pressure on these individuals to do what is right. Annonomous probably had a effect as well, no one wants the skeletons drug out for all to see and thats what they would have done. A victory towards justice is putting things on the correct path to the end THE TRUTH


glad to see things finally going in the right direction. the family can find closure soon.and the good ole boys club can start to crumble.


I am glad that Judge Crawford was able to sort this part of it out and see the quite obvious conflict of interest. It is my hopes that this investigation will be properly run and the Limberios family and friends will receive answers that they can have confidence in, no matter what those answers are. Too much time has passed with a system that was broken and unable to provide solid answers. It is about time for truth and justice. As I have for quite some time, I will keep the family and friends in my thoughts and prayers.


I have only three words: It's about time!


I have only three words: It's about time!


I know this might be a stupid question , But was it not said that the family and supporters of this case would need so many people to sign to get the state AG to take over this case ?

And now that the new Judge has appointed Mike The state AG , Has he agreed to take over this investigation and if so , when will we hear from The AGs office and make some kind of statement as to accepting this case

nothing new

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the signatures were needed for him to step in by that the new judge stepped in and removed the special prosecuter..Dewine has to take it because he was appointed