New judge starts today

Hearing scheduled for 3 p.m. in Sanduksy County Courthouse. Family and supporters gathering at 2:30. Stay with for updates as it happens.
May 28, 2013


A judge could decide as early as this afternoon whether Tiffin attorney Dean Henry will stay as special prosecutor investigating the deaath of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012. 

Henry was appointed last year as defense counsel for Sandusky County and county coroner John Wukie after the Limberios family filed a lawsuit seeking a competent investigation of Jacob's death. Wukie had ruled it an accidental suicide.

Sandusky County judges Barbara Ansted and John Dewey later appointed Henry as special prosecutor despite apparent conflicts in those dual roles. Both Ansted and Dewey have since removed themselves from the ruling appointing Henry without explaining their reasons for the appointment or their subsequent decision to abandon the ruling.

Judge Dale Crawford was appointed last week to replace Dewey after he stepped aside without explanation. The family had asked the Ohio Supreme Court to remove Dewey, contending his involvement  was unethical. The family intends to ask Crawford to remove Henry from continuing as prosecutor during today's hearing. 

Henry has not commented or replied to inquiries about whether he intends to step down since Dewey's abrupt reversal. 

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That is all

Mr. Henry,

You have a big decision to make. The world is watching. And so are we.

We are kindly asking you to remove yourself from this case.

#TickTock #ChopChop

Darwin's choice

Just gotta love that "did he just sit on a tack expression " on his face!!


BYE BYE DEAN HENRY!!!!!! You did a great job on covering up this case but now it's time for a professional to take over and finally - hopefully serve Justice for Jake.