Dewey out; is Dean Henry next?

Sandusky County Common Pleas Judge John Dewey removed himself from the Jacob Limberios case Thursday, three weeks after the Limberios family filed a complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court contending he was violating the canons of ethics by involving himself.
May 24, 2013


In a one-sentence court filing on Thursday, Dewey said he is stepping aside.

"Judge John P. Dewey hereby recuses himself from further involvement in the above-captioned matter," the court filing states. 
Dewey's decision comes months after he and fellow Sandusky County Common Pleas Judge Barbara Ansted appointed Tiffin attorney Dean Henry the special prosecutor in a new criminal investigation of the killing of Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012, even though Henry already was serving as defense counsel for the county in a lawsuit filed by the Limberios family.
Dewey and Ansted both have now been removed from the case, leaving Henry's status to be determined. They have refused to respond to numerous inquiries about the conflicts of their involvement and Thursday's court filing offered no clarification or explanation why the move was made. 
Both judges also have refused to address questions that arose after Sandusky County court administrator administrator Brock Kimmet allegedly met privately with a key witness and was heard telling her to "stick to her story." 
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Rats are jumping ship?

Your Honest Truth

Hey hey hey



John Harville

How 'nah'ture of you.

This involves a young man's death - and maybe the lives of other young men.


The fun is the part where the judge recused himself because he can't stand the stink this case without a number has all over it.

No-one is happy joy over Jake's passing. Get with the program JH.


Support Gathering at Sandusky County Court House(100 North Park Ave. Fremont) on May 28 at 2:30pm before hearing at 3pm. Please join us! We want as many people to come to show Judge Crawford we are Not going away and are seeking Justice for Jake!


They say as old sailors that the Captain always goes down with his ship. (because GOOD sailors don't know how to swim...they keep the boat afloat, instead) Who will the Captain be on this little boat?


Finally, something positive is happening in this case. Keep cleaning house.


A smart move on his part. And Dean Henry would be smart to follow suit. He could recuse himself and step aside so that another 'independent' can be appointed to finally get the truth front and center. How much simpler and less painful this all could have been if they had just done their jobs back in March of 2012! Praying for the Limberios family and friends - keep up the fight! Justice for Jacob!!!!

Julie R.

Good for the Limberios family!

That's what everybody should start doing --- file complaints with the Ohio Supreme Court over these narcissistic clown courts that think they can do anything they want to THE PEOPLE. The worthless Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and Coughlan won't do anything about these 'legends in their own minds' --- maybe if the Ohio Supreme Court starts getting enough complaints they will.

Darwin's choice

Like !!

Kottage Kat


Simple Enough II

So no one feels that Jake playing a dangerous game shot himself?


No, unless you were there, why would you say that? This is a good thing for this family, don't start with the drama. Seriously.



Hoss McGee

Maybe Dewey realizes now that Deans Crap is getting so deep he needs to get out


I'll bet you know what to do come election time


This is a positive step in this situation! Let's hope one of many.


If Dean Henry is reading this, follow suit. Dewey is stepping aside because of your clear conflict of interest and hard headedness. You need to set your pride to the side and do what is clearly the moral and ethical decision to make after your office has totally drooped the ball through out this entire investigation. It is never to late to do the right thing

mamaC If you haven't signed & supported please do so. We still need to push for DeWine to step in and clean house over in Sandusky County. First 100 Yard Signs are gone. We have ordered 100 more. Check for updates on Justice for Jake facebook page or @JakeLimberios on Twitter when we get them in we will post on those sites! Thank you for your continual support!Justice for Jake

Kottage Kat

Saw a yard sign in Norwalk
Whaaa whoo

John Harville

Status quo. Related question asked along the Clyde parade route today... is it a serious conflict of interest that County Administrator - chief officer in Sandusky County - is Lead Plaintiff in a personal injury class action against the county's largest and oldest employer?