New results same as old ones: Accidental suicide

Autopsy report released to newspaper
May 23, 2013

The second autopsy confirms the initial conclusion by Sandusky County sheriff's deputies: Jacob Limberios killed himself but it might have been accidental. 

Deputies reached that conclusion within just hours from when Jacob Limberios was killed on March 2, 2012, by a gunshot to the head.

Sandusky County coroner John Wukie used that finding in his death ruling despite never having examined the body, visiting the home where Jacob was killed or reviewing information with witnesses.

The Fremont News-Messenger reported Wednesday that the autopsy conducted by deputy Lucas County coroner Cynthia Beisser found deputies were correct in that original conclusion immediately after Jacob was killed (Click for article), but they were wrong about which hand Jake was using to shoot the gun.  

Evidence was destroyed during the initial investigation, according to the Limberios family, and deputies failed to follow basic procedures or meet professional standards of criminal investigation. 

Beisser performed her autopsy May 2, six months after Pittsburgh pathologist Cyril Wecht conducted an autopsy on behalf of the family after the county previously refused to order one. Wecht's autopsy found Jacob to have been the victim of a homicide.

The Register will post Beisser's autopsy report at the news website when officials respond to the request. 

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there are actually 4* and one of them was killed. - just saying


that comment also was not intended for my jmac :)

The Big Dog's back

The reason I say 2 is because only one pulled the trigger.


Further proof tha booze/drugs and firearms and goofing off just don't mix. Ya just don't screw around with them and expect people not to get hurt.

Imagine the hell if it would have been a little kid who was shot and killed.

Anybody bother to stop and think about that one?



** A LITTLE GIRLS FATHER WAS KILLED. ** anybody ever think of that?


By his own hand and carelessness.


pretty sure you werent one of the witnesses um or should i say killers ? right? okay then. all you people know is what you THINK you know. so maybe just maybe.. your wrong. most of you just know what you read, and dont know the family or his daughter. yes your in titled to your own opinion - but also note this : you dont know all of the facts. have a wonderful day :)


That song is getting old. The conspiracy theory is losing steam. Simple as that.


And YOU know the facts right?


do you?


No I don't. But, I am not the one spewing about "knowing the facts".


maybe the little kids father should have thought of that


Did anyone go and read the Messenger? Beisser says

“The manner of death, as you know, has to do with the circumstances surrounding the death,” she wrote. “It is not determined at the autopsy table, but by investigation of the scene and putting together all the available information concerning the death.”



No stupid idiotic photos of a crooked credit card hacker group in a Halloween mask on this one?

You dudes must be slipping.

Texx Reloader

The real problem is the attitude of these people. They are in power number one to look out for themselves, and they are wise about it. Even if they where involving themselves in corrupt activity (which I am not suggesting they are)there is simply too much of it going on in larger communities which has stressed the resources of the "watchdogs" even more. Even a person of normal intelligence realizes that in times of civil unrest cops can't respond to misdemeanors, only felonies (allegory). However, I am not suggesting that. I am just suggesting they don't give a darn how the public sees them, because the voters have proven time and time again it makes no difference what they do, they will continue to re-elect them time and time again. UNLESS the shaft them badly and boldly monetarily as with the reservoir debacle in Fremont. So they will continue to keep their little fiefdoms to their own advantage, while the talented young people leave the area for greener pastures, and the companies which could bring new life to the community, pass Sandusky County by. The answer is in the ballot box. To bring in people who truly care about the citizens of the county, and wish to see growth both in quantity, and quality. I don't see this happening any time soon. There is little precedent for it. The net decline of population, and industry in the area will probably continue to decline, but these things take decades to play out. It is truly sad for those who live there, or have loved ones there.

sandtown born a...

A accurate investigation was made next to impossible that very night with totally incompetent investigating as well as evidence collection. A determination is made of all the evidence not just the autopsy table, the scene, the evidence collected the statements as well as the coroners determination after investigating the scene. Oh yeah no investigating the scene, what happened to evidence collected?oh yeah poof its gone, what did the coroner find at the scene? Oh yeah he never went just made a guess over the phone, what about the original autopsy results? Oh yeah it was never done, what about the slug? Oh yeah 6-8 mths or more the SCSO finally collected it, Anyone who thinks this is a true outcome I sure as heck hope these same people investigate when its your son,daughter, or parent TOTAL BS from the start


Very well said


If this kid had been famous or a politcal person or someone of public "importance" ...I could kind of sense the corrupt theory..BUT he wasn't... he was in the end ... a 19 year old kid that NO ONE is going bother ruining their JOB reputations over with covering anything up.

This is a classic case of passing the buck because people who are grieving have to grasp at straws, rather than admitting their son was responsible. Period.


Maybe he was responsible but it still can't be a suicide and an accident. Do you get that?


That's already been established ; go talk to the ones who are filling out the death certificates. Or have them clarify why they use it. Not hard.

Kelly and starry already brought up good points on both. The technical terms should be changed, yes, but why keep harping on it?

I think that accidental suicide is an "old term" . Deal with it.


Dr Wukie was in charge of the death certificate. He is the one the family is suing. He made his oxymoronic ruling without looking at evidence, even viewing the body, or knowing the details of what happened. There is no actual ruling of accidental suicide. As far as autopsy and death certificates go SUICIDE has to have INTENT. The ruling if anything should have been accidental death. suicide should not have been mentioned.
More importantly if you have paid attention in this case it is clearly not what happened. Even outside the ruling by Dr. Wecht the facts dont add up. The positions the witnesses place themselves and Jake make it clear that it was impossible to have happened that way. Please read back to the stories and depositions and such.

For people trying to argue, why would they cover something up for some kid..... That kid has family and loved ones. He was more than just some kid. He was loved by many. The county officials did not do their jobs from the beginning. They did just about EVERYTHING incorrectly and have been covering themselves since.


you say "go talk to the ones who are filling out the death certificates.or have them clarify why they use it." they are doing exactly that but people are blasting them for it. telling them to quit harping on it and move on. deal with it. etc. if this was my child i hope id have enough courage to take on the battle they have. a battle they shouldnt have to fight because officials didnt do their jobs.


Victim dont have to be famous for people to slack on the job and then cover their a** when its discovered. THAT'S why the cover up and conspiracy. To cover up the fact that they didnt follow protocol and therefore dropped the ball. Its called accountability for ones actions.or in this case inaction.


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sandtown born a...

You are expressing the feelings of many and many more daily


The Limberios family & friends Thank you! We have shared this on our facebook page and Twitter,


Cant believe this was removed...silly


The paper is implying that information is being withheld because they are not giving it to the SR. I would suggest Matt take another 4 hour public document course and (pay attention) he will realize that just because he wants it doesn't mean he's entitled to it.


To all of you who disagree and think that cynthia biser is correct let me inform you of a few different facts (since you obviously know so little about this case.) I am the mother of Jacob's 4 year old daughter, He would NEVER (even accidentally) do that to himself. I along with Jacobs friends and family can say that Jacob was very very smart when it came to gun safety... now off to stating my facts......

First off 3 witnesses were present, 1 of which in audio recordings say they don't actually remember seeing it happen, even after they wrote a written report saying that they did see it happen (is this witness trying to cover up for the other witness?)
Second fact, Dr. Wecht is a world renowned patholigist - he did a very in depth autopsy in which his report was 12 pages long including very precise medical terminology.
Third fact, we have EMS and police reports that were done that night along with pictures that state the bullet entry wound was at the left and exited through the right. Not to add mental images in anyones heads but a bullet goes in small and comes out big. Jacobs face was damaged severely on the right side (where the bullet exited) Ransom's funeral home would back us up on this, as well as sandusky county's own EMS and whoever was present at Jacobs showing (which is why we had to get a different casket so you couldn't see the right side of Jacobs face.)
Maybe Ms. Biser made a mistake in her reporting, but if she didn't I wouldn't imply that Matt take another 4 hour public course when Matt has only been doing his job, unlike Wukie who didn't even show up to a crime scene and unlike Overmyer who left the scene because he felt as if the scene was under control. (How is a scene under control when there was no GSR tests done? No breathalizers done?) ...... before you come on here making silly remarks on a story that you obviously know nothing about remember there is a family thats reading all of these along with our amazing supporters who are so willingly helping us put an end to this so Dr. Wukie and Sandusky county officals can never do this to another family again!
For more information on this case please refer to the Justice for JAKE facebook page
-Kayleigh Bowers!


well said my dear :)