Text threat: Sorry, wrong number

Fremont police drop investigation; say message meant for suspected witness
Jessica Cuffman
May 16, 2013


A former Castalia man who sent a strongly worded text message to a Sandusky County detective will not face charges. 

The man told investigators his message was meant for someone else, and he also later apologized for sending it.  

Fremont police investigated the incident at the request of the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office, as sheriff’s Detective Sean O’Connell perceived the message as threatening.  

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The message was sent a few days before the county ordered the second exhumation of the body of Jacob Limberios, who died last year of a gunshot wound to the head. The Limberios case has sparked tense interactions between Sandusky County officials and the Limberios family, which has been fighting for answers in Jacob’s death.  

County officials have said it was a suicide, but a forensic pathologist hired by the family said it was a homicide.  

The text message O’Connell received stated: “You are an extremely dumb f*****r and illiterate. You will pay for the pain you caused innocent people, and don’t try to cover up for what you’ve done. It will only get you on deeper for what’s coming your way. You are a poor excuse for a human being.”

O’Connell’s work cell phone number had been placed on a Facebook page created by the Limberios family’s supporters.  

Fremont police traced the text message back to a former Castalia man who now lives in California. After several attempts to find the man, Huron police later tracked him to a relative’s home in Huron.

The man is not being charged, so the Register has chosen not to name him. He told investigators he received O’Connell’s phone number from a friend, and he thought it belonged to someone who he suspected was a witness the night Jacob was killed.

The man told Fremont police Detective Jason Kiddey he just meant to make a statement, not a threat, and he did not know the phone number belonged to a detective.



Please support & Sign.. This family has endured 441 days of this. They need and deserve answers & Justice.#JusticeforJake #JakeLimberios


What an idiot. Um, I didn't mean anything by that and it wasn't threatening. Dumb people like this are not helping the cause.


Neither are you

sandtown born a...

I agree


Whoopsa daisy! My Bad! lol

Sharin' Johnson

So...threatening LE = felony, but threatening a witness = no harm, no foul?

Bet the threatener is/was LE or is related to um, uh let's say the chief of police. Otherwise how is this not menacing or intimidation?


Good point.


Yes, threatening LE=Felony and yes, threatening a witness=Felony. The detective elected not to pursue the matter and there was no other victim ie:witness so yes, no charges. Kind of a leap there to say that the person was or is LE or even a relation to the Chief of Police. Maybe the detective just didn't want to pursue the matter cause of all of the issues at hand with this matter and it would be just another thing to get blown up in the media. I can see the headline, Police Charge family supporter.


Good point


So is this person the one that allegedly hacked the cell phone?


I do not consider it a threat I consider it making a statement. Yes they should not gave ddone that but all anyone wants is the thruth


Oh give me a break!!!! I know that every now and then I get a call on my cell and it's a wrong number but I've never gotten a text that's a wrong number!! If someone is sending me a text it's because I've given them my number and it's programmed into their phone. Get real people!!


I disagree candleburner. The phone # was listed without a name on a website. I can send a text to any number I want whether it's programmed in my phone or not. I'd say it's pretty stupid to send a text when you aren't sure who the recipient is, but it's possible.


Ok I can understand that then and I know that you can send a text without it being programmed in, I just don't typically do it. I don't have unlimited texting on my contract so I don't do it unless it's someone that I have on my contact list. Guess I think of others as doing the same.


Or maybe the prosecutor told the inept arrogant detective that he was all wet and stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. He sure made a big fuss about something he perceived as a possible threat and did a lot of interviews concerning it if he didn’t want anything done.



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