Visiting Jake

It has become an almost daily ritual for Shannon to visit her son's grave. Losing him has been the most painful event of her life, but she's still so grateful.
May 11, 2013


She will always be Jacob's mother. 

"Jacob was a gift," she said. "If I had the opportunity years ago to know what the future held and know this was going to happen, I'd still have him over and over again. He was a huge gift in our lives. I'm grateful for the 19 years I had with him. I'll take that."

As Mike and Shannon's youngest child, Jacob always walked to his own tune.

"He loved Frank Sinatra. He loved Dean Martin. He was an oddity and he never did the kind of stuff you'd expect from a kid his age," she said.

If one good thing has come from this tragedy, it is this: Shannon and Mike know full well how much Jacob's friends and family have loved him.

"So many people have supported us through this. Jake's friends, and people we don't even know," Shannon said. 

There may still be other good to come. Jacob's parents said they will continue to hold these public officials accountable, and not just for their own sake. 

"We don't want anyone to have to endure this kind of behavior," Shannon said. "Maybe, they can learn a better way of responding from this. To make sure it doesn't happen again."

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Support this Mother & Sign please. No Mother should ever be threatened to be arrested or even Bullied in seeking Justice for her son.

Simple Enough II

They want justice so just comply then. Simple Enough.


comply with people who have shown they cant/wont do the right thing???? they had every oppertunity to work with the family and they havent.

Kottage Kat

I met Shannon when she worked for an accountant.
Always spoke of her children
My heart breaks for her and Mike
Please stay strong and trust on the lord.



My deepest sympathies on the loss of your son... I am so very sorry with what you have and are having to go thru... I hope the truth comes out and all involved will be prosecuted... God Bless you and your family!


Well sheesh, now I want to know what this Tina lady knows!


have been following this case very closely....this makes several references that I have seen to Tina. What is it that she has to do with this case????


I have no idea but I'm curious too!


I just got deleted !! I just commented on what the previous poster said. I did not say anything but ask a simple question like everyone else...Thanks Register


Did you reply to the post that was calling her out? They deleted the entire post so the replies were probably deleted with it :/


yes, now the other post is back..

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

You didn't do anything wrong. Posts containing threats and swearing (even if words are "disguised" by numbers) will be deleted. And if a post is deleted, our system automatically deletes its replies.


The depth of the lies that have continued is amazing. I knew mama was good at evading the truth, and one daughter has clearly decided to follow her path. So many questions I would love to ask....and Keri knows the answers to them all. Its only a matter of time now.


Well that is just disgusting that Keri would know what happened to her granddaughters father and keep it a secret! I feel so bad for Kayleigh and Ella to have a family that would do this to them!


Bring out the DOX "ANONYMOUS" !


Wow.. the Register is still here... have you been hacked?? Lame threats.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Odds are the threats posted here yesterday weren't Anonymous members officially involved in "#OpJusticeForJake." The Anonymous involved with that operation have made it clear they won't use threats to get things done. So no hacking here.


I would just like to say to the person who ultimately caused anonymous to back out of the case that while your intentions may have been honorable, threatening people was not. I certainly hope whatever you may have uncovered was worth costing the family one of their biggest allies in their search for justice. Bringing the truth to light would have been more effective than any threat.


i agree. in the desire to move things along they have just made it harder.


Definately. I understand the frustration but there are right and wrong ways of doing things. With that said, I still think if Keri knows something and she is keeping it a secret as suggested by the threatening posts that were on here and then deleted, shame on her.

Julie R.

Shannon said she never had to deal with the justice system before ....and it's very disheartening and disappointing how things work, how they can drag on until you're worn out or out of money or both.

I said this before and I'll say it again --- what Shannon described is called legal abuse. That illegal crap goes on all the time and not just in Sandusky County, either. What the family needs to do is file a lawsuit against those public officials for the pain and suffering they have caused by the legal abuse alone .... and make sure they request a trial by jury. No way should a mother have to go through something like this.

Julie R.

How many people have gone on record now speaking out about the legal abuse they suffer at the hands of public officials? Lisa Coles, in the long drawn-out MetroParks/Huron River Greenway case said almost the same identical thing that Shannon Limberios said. Even Kim Nuesse mentioned how she never thought her case would still be going on almost 4 years after the fact .... and even admitted she gave up the fight because she ran out of money.

Once again, the Limberios family should file a whopping lawsuit against Sandusky County for the mental anguish alone that they have suffered. Maybe if everybody starts filing these lawsuits, somebody will start holding these corrupt clowns accountable.


Dean Henry teaches CCW courses. How many people would like to sign up & wear their Justice for Jake shirts as he teaches the course? Now that would be funny!! Have a great day everyone!

Kottage Kat

You have a very special angel in heaven.
JAKE has touched so many of us in so many ways.
My heart and prayers are with you and for you
As a mother who has also lost a child.
Heart hugs from mom 2 mom


We're getting a bit tired of having to post disclaimers but the hostile comments made on this site yesterday were not posted by Anonymous.

Simple Enough II

Okay, So what does OpJusticeForJake think happen to Jake that night? Who shot Jake? Lay your facts or at the least your opinion of what happen. You want Justice so what is it?


That is exactly what is being investigated. Three witnesses. Ask them.


All right, that's a reasonable question and I will answer it. We believe that Jake brought the gun to the scene intending to sell it. We believe alcohol was consumed by some or all parties and that the gun was probably simply set down somewhere in the room. At some point one of the individuals made the poor decision to play with it. We believe the weapon was pointed at Jake and the trigger was pulled with no expectation that the weapon would actually discharge. The individual probably even said "bang". Sadly the bang from the weapon was far louder.

At this point we believe it became an 'Oh my God what do we do now?" situation. We believe it was quickly decided between the persons to say that Jake shot himself. Sadly the investigation that should have quickly seen through this story was not conducted.

In short we believe it was an accidental shooting attributable to gross negligence.

Simple Enough II

Thanks for your response. That is one scenario of what could have happen. Shame for this to happen. So what does the witness transcripts say?


They say he shot himself but there are major inconsistencies in their stories. The Justice for Jake page on Facebook has all of their audio interviews available to listen to among other things pertaining to the case. It's all very sad. I hope Dr. Beisser will do the right thing and acknowledge lack of stippling or searing means it is very unlikely he could have done this to himself.


i agree wholeheartedly. and this wouldve come to light had sandusky county done their job. this case would already be closed. very sad.


Well said opjusticeforjake. Plus anonymous v has tweeted they did not post stuff on here