Anonymous blasts Sandusky County's 'heartless' approach

Third news release from Internet supergroup denounces Henry's 'threats,' sends condolences to Limberios family
Alissa Widman Neese
May 10, 2013


Hours after family members buried Jacob Limberios a third time, Internet supergroup Anonymous issued its third news release criticizing and posing pressing questions to Sandusky County officials.

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The burial took place Thursday afternoon, the same day an attorney representing Sandusky County sent a "threatening" email to Dan McGookey, the attorney representing the Limberios family in a lawsuit.

"They are threatening to arrest us, for obstruction," McGookey said.

In the release, issued by the offiical @OpJustice4Jake Twitter account, Anonymous members critique special prosecutor Dean Henry's demands that a forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family turn over his remaining tissue samples from Jacob's exhumed body.

"In the eyes of the world the special prosecutor's office is now beginning to appear heartless, petty and vindictive, as well as potentially incompetent," the release states. "Do you not believe this family has been through enough that you might consider one of the compromises which have been suggested rather than sticking, shall we say doggedly, to your 'my way or the highway' approach?"

Anonymous suggests Henry sends his doctor to Pennsylvania, where the forensic pathologist is located, to view the samples.

Jacob was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Sandusky County officials ruled the death a suicide, but the forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family examined the body and determined it was a homicide.

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Just a simple question: Why hasn't the coroner given her latest conclusion ?? The families side has given theirs...gotta be fair people

voice of fremont

How is this newsworthy?

Matt Westerhold

This group has thousands, or more, followers who appear interested in this story.


Don't click your mousey on the story and force yourself to read it. Some of us care. You don't? C-ya.

Ya gotta love it when some pretty much say they could care less, and then take the time to say so after they've read it.

Why not just ignore it altogether, or just read it and move on?


Questions??? Who provided the alcohol? Who owned the gun? On who's property did it take place? Isn't handling a firearm while under disability illegal? What age were the other parties that were furnished alcohol? Complicity? Liability as property owner allowing activity? Accident under disability? Who should be held accountable? Be careful what you ask for. This just might have destroyed five or more lives over complicity, conspiracy, falsification, obstruction of justice, fraud and who knows what else?


voice of fremont, everything that has to do with this case is newsworthy, if you have such a problem, read the news-messenger and worry about what "newsworthy" stories they have.


Tina K. (Excel) We know what side your'e on. Why do you insist on keeping the truth to yourself. We know you know. We are asking you to come forward with what you know.


A few more resources to help spread the word and fight this awful fight. The most important is the Ohio State Bar so I’m including it again. I hope this info gets to the family as I believe it could be very helpful in their cause. - For violations of “Confidentiality and conflict of interest” in part because it is illegal and a clear violation for any conversations between Mr. Henry and Dr. Wukie to be included in the investigation due to lawyer/client relationship. The conflict of interest is obvious. - To defend “Your right to equal protection under the law - protection against unlawful discrimination.” - Just a place to get the word out and more petition signatures.


I remember someone made a comment about 2 people that were there deleted facebook pages?? I have heard they are boy/girlfriend now but the girl has jake's baby?? I do not know the facts, but something smells fishy and want to assume it is coming from them...not rocket science, lie detectors are easy and quick...just sayin


Brittany and Will are the witnesses that are boyfriend and girlfriend. Brittany is Kayleigh's sister and Kayleigh has Jake's baby, not Brittany.


One thing is that if a link was set up for the bar and everyone sent a note to the bar , they would have no chose but to start investigating this as well as when they see the other county people that are involved , then they cn call in the feds to investigate as well , you will see something being done then


And you cant tell me that curuption amoung county goverment can not be investigated , just look back at the city of Cleveland and you will be proved wrong, A lot of People were tried and convicted and sent to prision , just remember that and maybe someone needs to ask them to start an investigation into Henry as well as the Sandusky County Judges involved in this case
Fremont is not that big a city and theres always going to be mistakes made .and it shouldnt be that hard to find out the truth if the feds are investigating
And as far as the supreme Court , well dont look for much help there or the bar as far as thats concerned . You have to remember that when dealing with the court and the bar , its going to be lawyers investigating lawyers

Now if the F.B.I was to investigate it would be a new ball game cause they have resourses that the Lawyers dont have and this would be going to the Federal Court not the county .
Just tring to help get justice for all and put an end to this as soon as possiable

Julie R.

If people think Sandusky County is corrupt, they better steer clear of cult Erie County.


Nearby Ottawa County (Ohio) is very corrupt. I wonder how that theft case concerning that elderly widow is coming along.
"Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s spokesman, Dan Tierney, said Tuesday the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has taken over a Marblehead case involving the possible theft of $200,000 from an elderly woman."

Julie R.