Third burial marred by 'threats'

As family buried Jacob Limberios for a third time on Thursday, Sandusky County prosecutor Dean Henry sent them warning.
Shawn Foucher
May 10, 2013


This time around, they all knew the drill. 

Head to the back of the cemetery, the new plot where the recent dead are buried. 

No part of a cemetery is joyful, but this part was just plain heart-breaking. A teenager who died not long ago from huffing chemicals is buried front and center, a short jaunt from a 29-year-old who died of brain cancer last year. Other nearby markers seemed pretty fresh, too. 

“This is the real sad section of the cemetery, over here,” said Jay Muratore. “A lot of younger people.” 

Thursday afternoon, one plot in particular — the one hemmed in by makeshift walls of blue tarp — was the source of much grieving for about two dozen people, Muratore among them. 

Under jay-blue skies and warm sunshine, the friends and family of Jacob Limberios laid his body into the ground, yet again. 

It was the third time they’ve buried him, but it was no easier Thursday afternoon given that only hours earlier, an attorney representing Sandusky County sent a cryptic email to Dan McGookey, the attorney representing the Limberios family in a lawsuit. 

“It was a threat,” McGookey said. “It was a threatening email. They are threatening to arrest us, for obstruction.” 

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McGookey and Mike Limberios, Jacob’s father, don’t see their fight as obstruction. They see it as a fight for answers — a 14-month fight, to date. They’ve appealed for help, asking the public, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, the FBI, anyone, to step forward and investigate Jacob’s March 2012 shooting death. 

So far, no luck. 

“I guess the interpretation of that is justice ends at the Sandusky County border,” McGookey said. 

Without ever ordering an autopsy, and acting on information from a phone call with Sandusky County deputies at the crime scene that night, county coroner John Wukie logged it as an accidental suicide. Just hours after the shooting, Jacob’s body was sent to the funeral home. It was embalmed the next day. 

Three witnesses in the home said Jacob shot himself. But the family wanted more answers, so they petitioned Sandusky County officials to order an autopsy. No luck there, either. 

The family had Jacob’s body exhumed and sent to forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who later determined Jacob could not have killed himself. 

It was a homicide, said Wecht, who also made a point to keep part of a tissue sample from the body as evidence for his findings. He sent a second sample to Sandusky County, asking them to have it tested. 

Last week, despite protests from Jacob’s family, Sandusky County ordered the second exhumation of Jacob’s body. It was returned to the grave Thursday, after a Lucas County coroner examined it.   

But now, Sandusky County’s specially appointed attorney, Dean Henry, wants Wecht’s tissue sample, too. 

That’s not going to happen, McGookey said — he’s not turning over the only shred of evidence in his possession.  

“They got their way, they got their pound of flesh,” McGookey said, referring to the second exhumation. “But now they want more. They want another ounce of flesh.”  

Henry and Sandusky County officials have repeatedly refused to discuss their case in detail. Henry, in fact, has taken to lambasting the Register for its coverage of the case. He is the special prosecutor appointed to the criminal investigation. 

In an email he sent Thursday morning to McGookey, Henry said he needs the tissue samples from Jacob’s body because they “are material evidence in a criminal homicide investigation.” 

“Your actions in encouraging Dr. Wecht and/or others to withhold these tissue samples from law enforcement authorities is being done to impair their availability as evidence in this criminal investigation,” Henry stated in the email.

Dr. Cynthia Beisser, of the Lucas County coroner’s office, needs the tissue sample to conduct her analysis, according to Henry’s email. 

The email also said McGookey’s actions are “ultimately aiding one or more person who may be responsible for Jacob Limberios’ death by causing delay in the investigation and possible prosecution of those persons.” 

He closed the email: “At this point in time, I am assuming that none of you are aware of the legal significant of your intended actions. All of you should give serious consideration to consulting experienced criminal counsel before making any further decisions on how to proceed.” 

McGookey is not relenting. 

“Why should we trust anybody?” McGookey said. “Every one of them have done everything they can to make us distrust them. We can’t trust any of them.” 

Donning sunglasses, jeans and a T-shirt as he stood by his son’s grave Thursday, Mike Limberios had little more to say. He thanked friends and family for attending the service. 

The Rev. Bill Schroeder, of The Chapel on Galloway Road, said a few words about pain and suffering and death. 

It was a good sermon, but Mike and his wife, Shannon, could have written it in their sleep.  

They know all about pain and heartache, McGookey said. 

“It’s like an open wound that isn’t allowed to heal,” he said. “It’s reopened every day, by the actions of Sandusky County officials.” 



I would let them have the sample as long as it accompanied by Dr. Wecht and an attorney,an expert in forensic science, to make sure the integrity of the sample is preserved. This should be at Sandusky County's expense, of course. They could have had the whole sample if they had handled this investigation right in the first place. Just an opinion...

Sharin' Johnson

Cream 8

Your Honest Truth

Dr. Wecht has offered to accompany the sample and Sandusky County said NO


At the tax payers expense you mean .I know if it were me and thats the only way I can prove that this was murder , I would not part with it and if I had to by court order then I would ask that it would be kept by a third party ,and I would ask that it be kept with the F.B.I .

You know that the famliy had to pay to prove their case and now the county of Sandusky Tax payers are going to pay as well .
The only thing that scares me is that if Sandusky county gets that , they can destroy it .They have proved they can not be trusted to do the job that they are ask to do even though they are voted in .So its in the best intrest that the evidense be held at the federal level ontill such time as a trial comes up


Dean if you want to charge the family with obstruction you will have to charge everyone on here with the same thing bc NOONE WANTS YOU OR YOUR PEOPLE TOUCHING THAT EVIDENCE ALONE YOU CAN NOT BE TRUSTED! maybe if this was approached differently in the beginning and u wanted to cooperate with them the situation would be different why dont you just look at your own sample they gave you!? and if you need that sample so bad was jakes exhumation even worth it? and Dean Henry i hope you read this you put this family through enough! when are you just gonna tell us the truth of jakes death! i hope God is tearing you up on the inside making you feel very uncomfortable!


Is Mr. Henry under investigation from the Ohio State Bar for conflict of interest?


Probably not, but he should be.


It must be reported in order to initiate the process of getting his law license suspended, revoked, or at least reviewed. Some info to get started is here:


Thats just what I think should be done , A copy of the suit should be forwarded to the state bar when it was sent to the supreme court


Thank you!

We have 3201 signatures for DeWine we need More! The seriousness of this can Not be stressed enough. Please please take the 5 min to sign & share with family & friends. Check out Justice for Jake facebook and @JakeLimberios on twitter.. Thanks you all for the support


Dean henry is obstructing justice himself . Take lucas county Cynthia to pa and have sample looked at. You make enough money to pay for gas. By obstructing justice mean You must have messed up other sample


The other sample hasnt even been seen sense it was released to the sandusky county , it more then likely was thrown away just like the things that were at the crime scene
And now its making me think that if he says he thinks that two or more people were involved that the piece of evidence will be released to him so he can lose it or destroy it


As I posted in a previous section, it would be very interesting to see what would happen if Mr. Henry decided to pursue charges against Dr. Wecht and the family; there is a great chance it would fast-track this case to the national news. Pennsylvania media will pick it up for sure. Probably the celebrity-related media too (since Dr. Wecht is a celebrity and likely has a publicist) and the rest would shortly follow. If the family ended up in jail over this, the media uproar would be intense.

doggie mom

Mama C, Where exactly do you go to sign?


follow link :) Thank you!


I believe that once the Coroner obtains the sample from Dr. Wecht she'll most likely change the cause of death to "Undertermined".

And therafter, ole Henry will not take the case to the grand jury and it will be closed. So, it's extremely important for the family of Jacob to understand that they must be willingly to endure whatever additional pain and suffering that will come their way to protect the truth in this matter.

God speed!


I believe that once the Coroner obtains the sample from Dr. Wecht she'll most likely change the cause of death to "Undertermined".

And therafter, ole Henry will not take the case to the grand jury and it will be closed. So, it's extremely important for the family of Jacob to understand that they must be willingly to endure whatever additional pain and suffering that will come their way to protect the truth in this matter.

God speed!


Their ultimate goal is to obtain all of the evidence that is needed to control the outcome of the case. So, if you give them what they want, they will give you the answers that you don't want!

You've come this far.....please don't give up and remember to never trust any government official!


Everyone involved in the cover-up of the murder of Jacob Limberios deserves to be punished to the fullest extent that the law allows, that includes any and all public officials!

Oh, and remember being derelict is also part of the conspiracy too.


I have not followed the case closely, however, I do wonder why someone would kill Jacob. Was it supposedly murder or a covered up accident? If it was murder, what would be the reason. I am so sorry for all that the family has been through.


An accident


@Krissy3 no soot or stippling found on or around the wound. Do you care to explain how that would be possible if one shot themselves in the head at close range. Simply put, Jacob was murdered and Dr. Wecht has come up with the same closed. So, I suggest that all three individuals come clean and confess their part in the cover-up/murder of Jacob. The family deserves to find out the truth as to what happen to their loved one. And, so does the public.


West I am well aware of no soot being found. I helped make the forensic video about this case. I am not saying that Jake shot himself in the head, I am saying that I don't believe anyone intentionally shot him. I think it was an accident and the witnesses are covering up for the one who accidentally shot him. Either way, it's still manslaughter at minimum and obstruction of justice for lying...


@Krissy3, Ok, I strongly believe that it was not an accident. Well, if I accidently shot someone and they unfortunately lost their life, I wouldn't try to cover-up the crime of involuntary manslaughter, so that I could possibly be facing a charge of murder, aggravated murder,or worst yet, the DEATH PENALTY. Simply put, you never know what charges could be brought in any case. And so, as you suggested, it's not a simple case of manslaughter. However, it's a case involving a conspiracy and several people will ultimately be charged with complicity to Murder as well.
More importantly, Sandusky county will most certainly be tied up in litigation with Jacob's family for years. So, you can count on that the individuals that are responsible for Jacob's death will definitely be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Well you are entitled to your opinion about whether it was intentional or not. That's not my job to figure out. All I know is that based on the forensics he did not shoot himself and I certainly hope that after all these kids have put this family through they are held accountable.


And I never suggested it was a simple case of manslaughter. I said at the very minimum it was a manslaughter. Especially since the state has lost so much evidence at this point. All they have to go on are the autopsies, the tissue sample, the witness statements, and possibly the gun, which really isn't a whole lot of help since they all admitted to shooting it.
They threw away Wills blood spattered shoes and I'm sure the clothes he was wearing are long gone too. The furniture that was in the house is gone. Hopefully they at least took pictures at the crime scene...

mhs parent

Actually West, I do not think that Krissy3 is saying that it was suicide. Dr Wecht is saying Homicide, not Murder. Dr Wecht said in a phone interview that he didn't believe it was Murder, but he also said it was impossible to be suicide which leaves us with Homicide. I believe that is was Krissy3 is saying.


Yes, thank you mhs. I guess I should have clarified what I meant by an accident. I definately don't believe that it was a suicide.


Attorny McGookey and Dr Wecht should take the samples to Lucas County and hand them to Dr. Beisser personally. That way they can insure that the samples don't get "lost" in transport.


I remember someone made a comment about 2 people that were there deleted facebook pages?? I have heard they are boy/girlfriend now but the girl has jake's baby?? I do not know the facts, but something smells fishy and want to assume it is coming from them...not rocket science, lie detectors are easy and quick...just saying


"Last week, despite protests from Jacob’s family, Sandusky County ordered the second exhumation of Jacob’s body. It was returned to the grave Thursday, after a Lucas County coroner examined it."

Very respectful journalism Shawn...NOT !!! How about this: Last week..Jacob's body. [His remains were] returned to the grave Thursday, after a Lucas County coroner [finished the examination].

Let me know when you want to enroll in one of my classes.


I am thinking that if this comes down to murder and someone is charged with it , then as far as I can see the county proscuter as well as the shariff people that were involved with this should be charged with aiding and charged with covering up the crime as well as Dean Henry . That is why the sandusky county lawyer ask for dean henry to over see this , cause I think he knew more then what he is talking, not to mention the doctor that claimed Jacob killed himself should be charged as well for hindering
I am not sure if this is everyone but , the point I am making is that all the parties that were involved in this cover up should be chaged with something and licends to pratice law should be revolked even if they come clean , Its way to late for them to come clean and I believe they are going to play the cards that are dealt to them to the end , and hope they can come out of this
We as the voters as well as his family are suppose to get better then this And the trust that they have boke is never going to be for givin as well as the pain that this family has gone threw will be a long time just to learn to live with it and begin the grieving process not to mention the healing process , Someone needs to come clean so this family can get on with their lives


I know that sometimes I write on these posts and its hard to understand me , and I can understand that , but the anyone that has been keeping with this story can understand what I am saying


And you cant tell me that curuption amoung county goverment can not be investigated , just look back at the city of Cleveland and you will be proved wrong, A lot of People were tried and convicted and sent to prision , just remember that and maybe someone needs to ask them to start an investigation into Henry as well as the Sandusky County Judges involved in this case
Fremont is not that big a city and theres always going to be mistakes made .and it shouldnt be that hard to find out the truth if the feds are investigating
And as far as the supreme Court , well dont look for much help there or the bar as far as thats concerned . You have to remember that when dealing with the court and the bar , its going to be lawyers investigating lawyers

Now if the F.B.I was to investigate it would be a new ball game cause they have resourses that the Lawyers dont have and this would be going to the Federal Court not the county .
Just tring to help get justice for all and put an end to this as soon as possiable