Henry says 'one or more' may be responsible for Jake's death

Sandusky County special prosecutor breaks silence on cause; threatens to ask federal authorities to go to Pennsylvania to take last tissue sample from Wecht
May 9, 2013

Special prosecutor Dean Henry demanded the Limberios family surrender a tissue sample from an autopsy of Jacob Limberios by Dr. Cyril Wecht in September.

"I am demanding the immediate delivery of the intact tissue samples taken from Jacob Limberios’ corpse to Detective Sean O’Connell of the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office," Henry wrote in an email earlier today to family attorney Dan McGookey. 

The family has already provided one tissue sample to the county and offered to make the last sample available to deputy Lucas County coroner Cynthia Beisser to examine, but Henry is demanding it be surrendered to county officials. 

"Your actions are inducing Dr. Wecht, the expert witness retained by you and/or your clients, to conceal evidence material to this investigation. ... Your actions are ultimately aiding one or more persons who may be responsible for Jacob Limberios’ death by causing delay in the investigation and possible prosecution of those persons," Dean wrote. 

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McGookey said previously Wecht had cautioned that the last sample should not be turned over to the country, and McGookey cited the destruction of evidence by county officials previously in the investigation and their refusal to inform the family of the status of the tissue sample that was already provided. 

Dean said he would file a complaint with the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine and the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania if McGookey did not comply with his demand.

He also seems to suggested that McGookey, Mike and Shannon Limberios and Wecht all could face penalties if they did not comply.

"All of you should give serious consideration to consulting experienced criminal counsel before making any further decisions on how to proceed," Dean wrote. 

McGookey fired off an email to Beisser asking her to state whether Dean's position on the autopsy mirrors hers. 

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Live coverage at 1:30 p.m. today from Castalia Cemetery. 



Piss on you Dean. The county had their chance, twice. Maybe if you would cooperate with the family and force some of those Barney's, including the Coroner to resign, then you can start demaning things.

Sharin' Johnson

Maybe McGookey get arrested!

voice of fremont

Why wouldnt the family work with Mr. Henry. This will answer all their questions and perhaps gives Justice for Jake.


Agreed! Finally, Mr Henry indicates that there may be something more to this and the people still whine about it.

sandtown born a...

Both of you ask your beloved Dean what happened to the sample already provided? Why now all the threats of prosecution? What about the miss steps by SC officials up to this point? The last remaining sample will vanish if turned over. What a travesty of our criminal justice system. And the hits keep coming


Sandtown, your life must be miserable, always focusing on the PAST. If my mom would have won the lottery, if I went to school to be a doctor or a lawyer. If I would have done this or that my life would be better. No way to live.

Yes, mistakes were made in the past. They are working on correcting them. At least let them move on.


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sandtown born a...

Well said


That is an intelligent comeback. Just goes to show your ignorance.


Please. You can defend the people who have screwed up all you want. You make logical fallacy after fallacy in every argument you try to pose. You don't have a leg to stand on. You know someone involved and are trying to personally defend them. Had they done their job this would not have been an issue. You claim everyone here is just bashing law enforcement. We are bashing the things they did wrong and how they handled them. You can say "people make mistakes" and it means nothing. When I make a mistake I try to fix it. I do not push it under a rug and attempt to abuse my power of office to make sure me and my buddies do not get in trouble. We want what is right. You are the one here with a motive.


You seriously have a comprehension problem! I have never said that the officials that are handling this are right. If you want me to break down I will just let me know.

I am just saying yes, there have been mistakes made which we all can agree on. I can also say that Mr Henry has pursued this investigation further and is trying to come to a resolution. Once his findings are made known then you can complain all you want.

Part of the investigation process is keeping some information secret. If he laid his cards out now then those that may be criminally involved may be able to take elusive action. Once Henry has come up with the right info he will present it to the grand jury. Then they will decide where to go from here.

What if, after presenting info to the grand jury, they decide there is not enough evidence to proceed?? The people making this decision could be your brother, mother, sister, father etc. What action will you then take?


They have offered to make the tissue sample available to Dr. Besser. They just want someone there representing them to ensure the remaining piece if evidence isn't destroyed like all of the others have been. If they are offering to make it available to the person who needs to examine it, they are not withholding evidence. Obviously you are the one with a comprehension problem.

If mr. Henry wants to file against Wecht with the board, perhaps it's time for the community to start filing complaints with the bar on Henry. After all, he is representing the taxpayers in Sandusky county...


Mrite and voice of Sandusky are clearly the same person. There can't possibly be two people that ignorant.


Because I believe that one should wait until Mr Henry has revealed the results of his investigation you think I am ignorant?

Once again and read this slowly, Krissy, so you can comprehend better. As stated before I believe that errors have occurred. I believe that this is very tragic. I believe that, if proven, any and all individuals who have committed a crime should be charged. Is that simple enough for you?


Mr. Henry stated in February this investigation was over. Mr. Henry stated in court earlier this month that Jake had indeed shot himself. Detective O'Connell said that these tissue samples were not necessary to this case in February. So, now all the sudden we should believe there has been some major change?

This case really isn't as complicated as Henry is making it out to be. if the gun was fired at over 24 inches away, he didn't shoot himself. Its common sense but just to clear up any misconceptions by people who just like to troll the comment sections and allude that he is, after all this time, trying to right the wrongs done in this case (by bullying everyone involved), The forensic video made regarding this case was done as a case study for a graduate school program. The case study was done by 2 active police officers and 2 other master degree students in forensics. The person who oversaw and approved this study is a retired police officer as well. This study was based on the forensic evidence on the case alone, no names were given in the study as to not prejudice the study participants. In 6 weeks it took them to find what Sandusky County hasn't been able to in 14 months.


Thank you for stating the facts and facts only! I am as equally appalled and disgusted as everyone else! The forensics speak for themselves and the ONLY reason SC is trying to "correct" their past mistakes is because they KNOW how badly they screwed up and how politics is playing into this! The ONLY reason I see that they're becoming so aggressive in their investigation now is because of political pressure from the state! Someone must've received a phone call in the middle of the night! I'm not stupid!


mrite ignores the forensic evidence because it's too complicated for that level of comprehension. After all, he doesn't even understand the conflict of interest of Henry finding that Jacob's death was a homicide in the criminal case in which he plays the special prosecutor essentially means his client Wukie will lose the civil case the family has against him. It's much easier to argue about moot points and ignore the facts.

sandtown born a...

I seriously think the smell of cooking ketchup has made him forget right from wrong

sandtown born a...

My life is wonderful probably better than yours. I don't live in the past, I also dont forget the past or past screw ups, they expect everyone to roll over now. This would not even be a issue if the Register and others didnt continue to push, it would have been swept under the rug like usual.

sandtown born a...

Lets not forget the past so we don't screw up and repeat it. Heres the problem your beloved SC officials keep forgetting the past and keep repeating it one corrupt/incompetent investigation after another. I think mrite is a SC official in citizens clothing


Sandtown, like I said yesterday the corruption only continues because the voters of SC let it! Do something about it. If you live in SC, which I don't, then run for the office they hold. If you don't run for office then shut your yap about it.

Like I also said yesterday, if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem!!

sandtown born a...

Your part of the problem then


I couldn't agree more sandtown!! Mrite is more of a problem almost than Sandusky Co is!!!!!


As stated earlier I don't live there so I can't control who is elected. You?


How many times do we need to explain to you that he is not an elected official?


Who? The Commissioners? Wukie? County Prosecutor? Every body knows that Mr Henry is not an elected official. He was, however, appointed by elected officials. I am not as stupid as you sound. This has been sorted out already. Please move on.


The county prosecutor isn't involved in this case because of a conflict of interest obviously. One of the judges who put Henry on the case has recused herself from this case. I do believe most will agree that you are the one who sounds stupid.
Although I do agree that taxpayers should remember Wukie at election time.


Hmmm, I really need to copy what I put on here. I thought I was being a good boy and not attacking anyone or calling them names. Could someone from the SR please e-mail me this message or do tell what word I had in here that was offensive.


Maybe you should. In every post you have put on here you have criticized someone for not agreeing with you. You have said someone's life must be miserable, someone has comprehension problems, told someone to shut their yap, said I sound stupid, and called people ignorant. Is that your idea of not attacking people?


If I were the family I wouldn't trust any of them either! Didn't they have a tissue sample and it was destroyed? Why would they give the only one left that proves Jacob did not shoot himself?......... so sandusky county can destroy that also?