Body to be released Thursday

Lucas County deputy coroner replies to inquiry from Limberios family
May 7, 2013


Dr. Cynthia Beisser sent an email to attorney Dan McGookey telling him Jacob Limberios' body would be returned to his family this week. 

"I anticipate that he will be released on Thursday morning," Beisser replied to a request from McGookey earlier today.

McGookey said the family has been asking about arrangements since before Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry planned to have Jake's body exhumed May 1. 

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The body was exhumed, examined and returned to the grave in one day when Wecht conducted his autopsy last year. If county officials return the body on Thursday, as anticipated, it will have been eight days since it was removed from the grave. 

McGookey said he was grateful Beisser replied, but Henry should have made arrangements for reburial when he scheduled the exhumation.

Henry also is still insisting on getting the other tissue sample from Wecht, McGookey said, without explaining why that's necessary.

"We've told him that's not going to happen," McGookey said.

Henry suggested he was hoping to avoid delays in the 14-month investigation.

"I am getting very close to deciding whether to convene a grand jury in this investigation," he wrote McGookey today. "Before that happens, I want to make sure that all of the evidence, including the tissue samples and audio recordings, have been reviewed and analyzed."




Oh my, maybe there's hope for Henry to tell the truth after all??? Or is that too optimistic?


don't get your hopes up..


Let's hope! Did they say when autopsy results will be in?????


Seems like Henry is figuring he can blow smoke up McGookey's rear to get the tissue sample he should of analyzed over a year ago! Or maybe the political pressure is finally getting to him? Why hasn't anyone attempted to have him and others involved in this case removed from office?


McGookey has tried to get them removed. Yet, there they are...


I think I would almost be willing - if he were my son anyway - to have his body cremated once his body was returned that way this couldn't happen again and they would have to rely on the testing that they've already done. This is just insane all that they've put the family thru and it was a total waste of time when Sandusky Co was given a clean sample when the initial autopsy was done months ago and they just didn't want to do anything with it. It's not like they would have had to rely on Dr. Wecht's results, they had their own sample to use as they pleased, to run whatever test they wanted and nothing!!! Again they just sat back and decided to see if they couldn't play by their own rules. Sadly though they are. Well if there is no body the games would have to stop!!! I really hope this will stop soon. No family should have to go thru all this madness


What does he mean close. He should already be getting a grand jury. If he knows what's good for him he will cause the pressure is on.

"FREMONT — Results of the second autopsy on Jacob Limberios will not be done until the deputy coroner examines tissue samples taken from where the bullet that killed him entered his head, an official said.

That is problematic because the Lucas County deputy coroner handling the autopsy, Dr. Cynthia Beisser, doesn’t have all of the tissue samples, said Dean Henry, a special prosecutor for Sandusky County."

"Meanwhile, the sheriff’s office re-opened its investigation into Limberios’ death."

Interesting comment: "Personally I am fed up with it. Three witness say Jacob shot himself, the scene appeared to reflect that, but the family does not want to accept is as fact, so they hire an independent investigator who claims it was homicide, but now is unwilling to share his evidence. Doesn't sound like he has that much faith in his finding to me. The parents exhume the body, but they find it offense when the county did. I believe someone did step up and tell the family what the real answer was, they just don't want to believe it. If Wukie would change the wording on the death certificate from accidental suicide to accidental self inflicted killing, would it end even then? I don't beleive so. The longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes to finsih." Is this comment by a former Ottawa County (Ohio) commissioner?


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yea and what happen if the dr that performed the autopsy took all that was there to test , and when Henry ordered his and dug this poor kid up and found that there wasnt any found , then he can play that card and keep this thing going
If everyone watched the program when the Dr for the family did his , he said he placed the sample in something that the other people said destroyed it and they could not test it , even though the first dr said that this is a practice he has done and this is done to people to prepare them for burial .and to preserve the body for sometime .
And I thought I heard the first doctor state that he will be willing to testify to this if a Grand Jury is ordered and which if it does , its a long time coming ,
The only thing that scares me is that when and if this is proved to be murder who is going to try this case and who are they going to get to sit on the bench that will follow the law , and not make up the laws to suit his or her
And one other thing that is bothering me about this case is with everything that has been said and done in thelast year could prevent a conviction , cause theirs been all kinds of reasonable doubt as to weather he was killed or he killed himself . and with desposal of things from the crime seen , thats all going to come in play
I just hope that Justice and be done and I am even having doubts . I guess we are going to have to wait and see


Yeah they said that the formaldehyde destroyed it, like that even makes sense,

Someone on one discussion said that o'connell didnt say the tissue sample was ruined, only the DNA. DNA wouldn't matter in this case because we know that it's Jake's tissue sample! Even if someone else's DNA had been on Jakes tissue sample it would have been removed when his body was embalmed and prepared for burial, so his comment made no sense either way...

Random Thoughts

Krissy, here's why my comment made sense: They wanted to check for DNA on the gun (all parts of the gun), so they needed a sample of Jake's DNA to compare with any DNA found on the gun. Since Dr Wecht took tissue samples, that was the most readily available known sample of Jake's DNA


You can get DNA from anything of Jacob's, a hairbrush, toothbrush... They could have asked the family for one of these items if DNA was a concern.

Random Thoughts

Those items could also contain other people's DNA. There is no better source of known DNA than a tissue sample taken directly from the person. I'm surprised, most of your other posts show a good understanding of forensics and this case, but a good investigator sticks to the facts and evidence, and keeps emotion and speculation out of their analysis.

sandtown born a...

Key word- good investigator. It sounds as if there was no investigating done to begin with. This whole thing has me wondering exactly who was in that home when this happened?? and who are they related to??


I do understand forensics. Formaldehyde is the standard way to preserve tissue samples. Formaldehyde is also involved in the embalming process. Sandusky county ruined their chance of getting the DNA from the tissue sample as soon as they refused to do the autopsy. Jakes hair would have DNA... They could take a strand right now since they have his body and THAT doesn't need to be put in formaldehyde.


It wasn't a "murder" gene44870, it was a homicide. Two different things. Murder means intent, where homicide could be accidental.


This whole mess could stop now if those witnesses had any shred of self-respect, compassion, and the guts to come forward with what really happened.

mhs parent

ithink, you hit the nail on the head, makes me wonder how people sleep at night

Kottage Kat

Sandusky county has samples
Why not use them
This makes as much sense as everything they have done and that is not much


I hope the family of Jake gets Jake's body back soon. I have read news accounts of coroners having bodies accidentally cremated due to "honest mistakes" and paperwork mix ups.

sandtown born a...

This whole mess sounds like SC is basically saying we make the rules however we see fit at the moment and you shall follow them or its obstruction, total BS . Maybe they SC should follow state laws instead of the laws they dream up at the moment

sandtown born a...

Accountability people show these clowns this is not acceptable come election time