Anonymous video posted

Second video from group asking Sandusky County officials for answers to questions about criminal investigation.
May 6, 2013

Watch the Anonymous video below with the Twitter hashtag #OpJusticeForJake posted at Youtube.  




I'm sure you are just as insignificant to them as you are to me ;)




Kelly, my computer was hijacked a few days ago and my various newspaper accounts were hacked into. I don't believe that it was Anonymous or KnightSec. I believe it was related to my comments about the Boston bombing and FBI. Some private information was posted online about me. Some I was able to remove but the majority of the information is still there.


Questions??? Who provided the alcohol? Who owned the gun? On who's property did it take place? Isn't handling a firearm while under disability illegal? What age were the other parties that were furnished alcohol? Complicity? Liability as property owner allowing activity? Accident under disability? Who should be held accountable? Be careful what you ask for. This just might have destroyed five or more lives over complicity, conspiracy, falsification, obstruction of justice, fraud and who knows what else?


Will bought the alcohol, Jake owned the gun and was bringing it because Evan was supposedly interested in buying it. Jake wasn't drinking but everyone else was. Will said Jake seemed very sober. Of course, that doesn't matter because they didnt do breathalyzers on anyone and embalmed the body so a toxicology test couldn't be done on Jake. They were at Brittany's house. Jake was there approx 15 minutes before he was shot.


And the police already know about the law violations you mentioned and haven't charged anyone. In fact, McGookey made a list of laws broken that night by the witnesses and submitted it to Sandusky County.


Anyone want to bet what city "Kelly" is from? Little butthurt over Steubenville Kell? Hey, don't despair, maybe you'll still make the indictment list?

"Kelly", you have not been threatened by Anonymous. Simple supporters of evil are ignored, not threatened.

You'll see more and more of these people here. They have an open forum to try to rewrite the history of their town. Unfortunately for them, the Grand Jury will write the final chapter.

Julie R.

Pay no attention to "Kelly." She seems to get a sadistic kick out of injustice.


"Kelly" is not from Steubenville.


This idiotic sect needs to worry about their OWN criminal actions.

SR: Seriously? I'm reconsidering my subscription renewal to the hard copy.


Show me one thing that Anonymous has done that was illegal, starryeyes...


The "real" Anonymous? Are you people serious? There is no hierarchy in Anonymous. One could be your next door neighbor or your cousin or brother or sister. They do what they do for good. They are the opposite of black ops who you never see as well. They play the game by the same rules that others try to use to subvert our rights as people that live in this world.


Be interesting to see how all this turns out. Kudos to the Register for keeping on top of this. Hope the family gets the answers they seek.


Why the need to be anonymous?


I found the above press release at this site...