Anonymous calls out Sandusky County

Internet supergroup issues second Limberios news release, peppering county officials with questions and asking them to 'step up to the plate'
Alissa Widman Neese
May 6, 2013


Are Sandusky County officials overworked, incompetent or engrossed in nefarious deeds?

Internet group Anonymous posed this question and nearly a dozen others to Sandusky County officials in a news release Monday, but special prosecutor Dean Henry refused to answer them. 

Click here to read the release.

When the Register called Henry to discuss the group's questions, he said he's "trying to stay away from talking about specifics" of the Jacob Limberios investigation.

"I'm not really interested in answering questions from someone I dont know," Henry said. "If they want to call me, my number's here. I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants to identify themselves."

The Limberios family has asked when their son's body will be returned from Lucas County. His body was exhumed on Wednesday and a second autopsy was performed on Thursday, but Henry and other officials have not responded to the family's inquiries. 

The Anonymous statement — released Monday evening by the official @OpJustice4Jake Twitter account — peppers county officials with additional questions, many of which the family have asked previously without any satisfactory response, family attorney Dan McGookey said. 

The inquiries include:

•Why were witness statements taken as fact without investigation?

•Why was no proper forensic investigation or autopsy conducted immediately after the incident?

•Why did the family have to pay an expert to do the county's job?

•Why did it take a lawsuit to move county officials to act?

•Why are clear conflicts of interest being ignored?

Anonymous members continue to investigate and are prepared to take action.

"When we have the answer, and we will have it, it will be publicly released," the release states. "We continue to hope that Sandusky County will step up to the plate and complete this investigation in a proper, if belated, manner."

Also in the release, Anonymous members involved in the official "#OpJusticeForJake" social media movement said they did not create or release the April 30 video related to the Limberios case. Because Anonymous has no hierarchy or official structure, however, it is incorrect to say the video isn't from Anonymous.

"While it is possible that this video was created by an Anonymous member, it was not created or released by this operation, OpJusticeForJake," the release states. "All official releases will be announced by the @OpJustice4Jake Twitter account. We will have nothing further to say on this topic."

Anonymous is a loosely organized group of unidentified Internet users who have hacked government websites and banded together for various causes. Most recently, the group leaked private information concerning a 2012 Steubenville rape case, in which two teenage boys were later found guilty.

Limberios was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Sandusky County officials ruled the death a suicide, but a forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family examined the body and determined it was a homicide.

The investigation has prompted a week-long social media onslaught dubbed "#OpJusticeForJake" from several Twitter users claiming to be from Anonymous. On Twitter, hashtags are a way to categorize messages and indicate popular search phrases in a tweet. 

Thousands of tweets have used the phrase in the past week. As of Thursday, the primary Anonymous Twitter account, which has more than 1 million followers, has made at least five references to the Limberios case.

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The guy with the mask in the picture is smirking like Matt Westerhold in his editorial pic.


By the way, I like these guys!


He's happy to answer questions to anyone who will identify themselves? Give me a break. He hasn't answered questions from the register or the family and he knows who they are!


@bobs yeh I am kinda like them as interesting to see where this goes with them ...

@ krissy3 agreed...he has had many opportunities to answer questions to those he knows and refuses too...does he really think he is going to bate anonymous into identifying themselves????

Now The Rest of...

No matter how you personally feel about this tragedy isn't the Register overdoing it? How many rehashes of the same story line can we have, and now this group of wackos who hide behind the tag "anonymous" is getting coverage. What is the agenda of the Register, increased circulation while using this poor family, or to help their favorite attorney who is handling the case and has a free weekly advertisement in this newspaper under the guise of an article where no comments are allowed to promote his practice. Nothing new has been written in many of these article just a constant repeat of the same storyline. What is the agenda and or bias?

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment Now the Rest. Perhaps you didn't see the coverage of the exhumation, the protest, the filing with the Ohio Supreme Court, or the input the group Anonymous has offered. These are all articles with new information, and the continuing inability to finish this investigation, the failure to test the tissue sample prior to the latest exhumation is all new information. In addition, this story has been at the top, or near the top, of the most read stories for months now, so there is a keen interest among readers like yourself.  Like the one commenter suggested, "No family should have to bury their son three times." 

Mom of 2 boys

The majority of us want this kept in the forefront of the news. I feel this is the only way we will ever get answers. Thank you Matt and The Sandusky Register. The people that complain obviously haven't put themselves in Mike and Shannon's shoes. In this case, there is no "too much" coverage.


Well said mom of two boys

bored reader

Matt, I don't agree with you much and have often thought you have it in for law enforcement. However, do not let up on this story. Sandusky County is trying to get this past the public. Keep the fire to their feet.
Those who have nothing to hide....hide nothing. There's a lot being hidden here. Keep it up.

mhs parent

Matt, thank you for your continued coverage. What is happening to the Limberios Family is outrageous to say the least. I know some are saying they are tired of hearing about it, makes me wonder who they really are. Mike and Shannon are good people, they as any parent deserves to know the truth, Little Ella deserves to know the truth. Sandusky County cannot be allowed to sweep this under the rug, they need to do their job, tell the truth, and face the consequences for the mistakes that were made starting back on 3/2/12. And I agree No Family should ever have to bury their son three times.........once is devastating enough.


Actually no this is a confirmation that the group is actually involved now, not a rehash of whether or not it was from the group originally...which I think they kind of addressed in their release...While I understand your concerns about their favorite lawyer, which i have heard negative things about before as well, I can't argue that. But, I do support them in finding out what happened that night and if it takes keeping it in the public eye with updates, I dont mind reading them. Like has been said before, if you dont want to read them, dont...nobody forces you...And I can safely say it in no way is increasing circulation from this household, no matter how many times they call and ask, because I will continue to read what i need for free here

Now The Rest of...

We will agree to disagree, I will not purchase this newspaper, I refrain from advertising with them in my business and recently have decided to limit my comments because blogg activity assits them in circulation numbers. I have a great detail of compassion for the family and this tragedy but feel this newspaper are using them for an agenda.


The paper is not using them for an agenda. How dare you think that. They want the truth like we all do and they are reporting the truth. Just like voice of fremont if you do not like what they are posting do not read it. You have your opion I will agree on that but do you guys do not have to keep complaining every time somebody post a story a video about this.just don't read it

Kottage Kat

NO parents should have to bury their child 3 times
Hope this group and continued pressure from the SR will give this family the answers they seek and in the process expose the corruption in sandusky Co.
They have their own Jimmy demora, and he wears a badge.


@ Now The Rest of..., I totally agree, and also refrain from posting


now the rest and 24productions... Thank you for not posting anymore. Your bilk won't be missed !!!! ;o)


Remember the sqeaky wheel gets the grease. Sooner or later someone is going to have 1 to many and chirp to the wrong person. I hope the truth comes out for this family.

voice of fremont

Shameful, why is the register posting these hate videos?


LOL, you know what I hate~tax dollars wasted on worthless corrupt officials. If they had done their job to begin with, none of this would be happening. The only thing that they "threaten" is the truth to come out, and yes, the Sandusky County officials involved in that cover up of the truth should be afraid, afraid that the very law that they are paid to uphold is going to be used against them. They do not promote violence, they have CLEARLY stated that fact, and neither does the Limberios family. Thank you Sandusky Register for everything that you have done and continue to do for Mike and Shannon and for keeping us all informed of what is going on this case. Thank you ANON for helping to seek the justice that this family and Jake's friends deserve!


I think the SR is one of the strongest voices the Limberious family can have pushing for the truth. Its pretty hard to fight any county entrenched officials. The feet of Sandusky County has to be held to the fire. This continuing saga is all over the state and that is just not what Sandusky Couinty wants. I believe there will be enough pressure and attention brought to this that the State of Ohio will finaly step in. It's long past time the Ohio Attorney General needs to take over. It's beyond the capability of Sandusky County to do the job.


This is not a hate video. You say you feel for the family but you dog the register trying to tell the truth you think anonymous videos are hate videos voice of fremont who's side are You really on. We are tired of your negative comnents.


take your own advice and stop reading them, then.


@Detrain, he is someone that has something to lose from this..we kind of established that already...just ignore him..he will do whatever he can to get this all to stop...

Joe Schmoe

Matt, Keep the PRESSURE ON !!!! YOU and the Sandusky Register MUST keep the fire fueled with this corrupt Sandusky County. YOU are the voice of the citizens who seek justice in what has happened. I commend you and your staff for keeping this in the spotlight. We WILL seek JUSTICE FOR JAKE and put those responsible for this corrupt behavior behind bars.... Be worried Dean Henry, your days are numbered. You screwed the pooch, now its time to pay the fiddler !!


Plan of attack. Check out Sun Tzu's "Art of War". It basically says, to do re-con, evaluate, infiltrate, separate, sublimate then consummate. No violence needed.

That is what Anonymous does and it seems they do it for good instead of coverup. The other side is what a corrupt gov't does. I reckon they are playing by the same set of rules?


Wow!! It's about time!! The "good ole boys club" could finally come to an end! Thank God Anonymous is finally involved! Thank you Matt Westerhold for exposing this corruption and continuing to update us.


Only problem I have with Dean Henry is that , well, how can you be a defense attorney and the prosecutor at the same time? Take one side or the other. I don't believe constitutional law backs up what you are trying to do. Also, if it does, things need to change. The only way you get to play offense and defense at the same time is if there is a fumble or interception. That only lasts ONE FREAKING PLAY. Not months.



"I hear the train a comin'
It's rollin' 'round the bend,...."

Julie R.

I look for more and more of these groups like Anonymous to spring up in the future. People are sick and tired of corruption --- it's out of control and nobody is doing anything about it. According to The Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Judges, Attorneys & Public Officials, OHIO is the most corrupt state in the country. I also think it's going to be the younger generation that's going to do something.


We can hope Jules...



Julie R.

Hey Kelly, you know that Lorain County law firm that the whistleblower Elsebeth Baumgartner made allegations about --- something about falsifying grants for a certain ferry boat business? There's another record that they falsified, too. It's on file in the Erie County Recorder's office. For some odd reason the recorder won't put it online. Would you like the number?



I can only hope that they resolve this issue. Watch the You Tube video on the forensic science. Its almost impossible that he shot himself and I am sure those involved have convinced themselves they are correct (meaning Wukie et al.)


:) agree!


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