Henry feels 'threatened' by Anonymous video

Internet supergroup releases statement Wednesday stating it will "quietly fade away" if justice is served in Limberios case
Alissa Widman Neese
May 2, 2013

The Internet group Anonymous is a "peaceful entity" and does not make violent threats, according to statements the group recently released.

But after watching a video attributed to the organization, Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry might feel a bit vulnerable.

The video — which appeared Tuesday, just a day before the second exhumation of shooting victim Jacob Limberios — warned officials involved in "massive public corruption" that "there will be consequences for your actions." It doesn't specifically mention Sandusky County officials, but it references the Limberios case.

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"I absolutely consider that threatening," Henry said Thursday. "I'm not losing sleep over it, but I don't think anyone should be victimized or threatened for doing their job. It doesn't matter if they're a public official or not."

Anonymous is a loosely organized group of unidentified Internet users who have hacked government websites and banded together for various causes. Most recently, the group leaked private information concerning a 2012 Steubenville rape case, in which two teenage boys were later found guilty.

Henry said he isn't familiar with Anonymous and he "isn't prepared to ascribe that video to any particular organization."

Nonetheless, he has a plan to address the problem, but he "certainly isn't discussing it with the media," he said.

Meanwhile, police are investigating the source of an allegedly menacing text message sent to Sean O'Connell, the lead detective in the Limberios case. They refuse to release information about the message but have subpoenaed phone records belonging to the person who uses the phone number that sent it. O'Connell's work cell phone number was posted on the Justice for Jake Facebook page Monday.

Any threats of violence should not be attributed to Anonymous, according to a press release the group posted early Thursday on pastebin.com. Pastebin is a popular website used to share large amounts of texts online.

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While Anonymous sometimes releases personal information, no member has yet in this case, according to the release.

"At this point in time, we are simply watching to see what officials are going to do," the release states. "We fully expect justice to be served. If this happens, as we expect, we will quietly fade away. If this does not happen, further investigations will commence. In any case, there will be no violence."

A link to another large Pastebin text document, titled "#JusticeForJake," recently surfaced on Twitter. The document details the entire Limberios investigation, providing links to a petition, audio clips of witness statements and several Register articles.

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"Our focus is on holding Sandusky County's feet to the fire," the document states.

Blogger Alexandria Goddard and Twitter user Michelle L. McKee created the document Tuesday "in support of a request for the public's assistance in seeking justice for the death of Jacob Limberios," it states. Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey made the request, they said. Both Goddard and McKee have recently used Twitter to communicate with Anonymous members to spread the word about the controversy surrounding Jacob's death.

Jacob was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Sandusky County officials ruled the death a suicide, but a forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family examined the body and determined it was a homicide.

The investigation has prompted a recent social media onslaught dubbed "#OpJusticeForJake" from several Twitter users claiming to be from Anonymous. On Twitter, hashtags are a way to categorize messages and indicate popular search phrases in a tweet. Hundreds of tweets have used the phrase in the past four days. 

At about 5 p.m. Thursday, the primary Anonymous Twitter account, which has more than 1 million followers, made its first reference to the Limberios case. As of 8 p.m., the same Twitter account had posted four additional messages about the case.  

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Sitting In The ...

Really? it's just a video, the only reason you would feel threatened is because you have something to hide plain and simple.

Señor Clown

"I don't think anyone should be victimized or threatened for doing their job. It doesn't matter if they're a public official or not."

Unless you aren't doing your job, in which case I think it's appropriate that you feel threatened, at least to the extent of being reminded that you must be accountable to the populace for the integrity of your work. If a private citizen makes a mistake, be it a violation of criminal code, a mistake in trying to understand the asinine and bewildering tax code, or filling out some nonsensical bureaucratic form improperly, they will be reminded by the government, likely in a potentially threatening manner. Any public official who does not perform their job competently and in earnest should be concerned about the public reaction, and the resultant consequences. If Henry feels threatened, I wonder how Wukie feels?


Who is the person that is saying they heard KImmett saying "stick to your story"? An unbiased and reliable source?? This is culminating in to group mania that just believes EVERYTHING they read. Seriously...people have to quit jumping in this bandwagon and quit supporting rhetoric until you know the WHOLE truth. I don't know it, but definitely I would like a LOT more evidence before I decide what happened. Don't become what you loathe!


If these clowns are hacking into government web sites, what's to prevent them from hacking anyones' medical records or credit card info.... Their integrity??

Yeah, I thought so....Deep Throat and Watergate they ain't.

FYI: And about the Stuebenville rape case... remember, those criminal thugs posted their photos and vids on You tube, right after it happened.


Asitwasstated enough evidence has been out for awhile now that kimmett telling stick to your story is only part of it. how much more evidence do you need. just look at the way the sandusky county sheriffs office handeld the case from the get go plus i do not think justice for jake would post lies about evidence. plus if anybody is afraid of Anonymous then you must have something to hide. this group seems to be out to help protect the good people and put away the bad. plus this is not the first time the sandusky county sheriffs officers have screwed up or done wrong. we just hearing more now cause of the case.


I am not denying that the SCO botched this from the very beginning! Let me be clear, I am NOT on their side! Yes,I have read and re-read this from the very BEGINNING! Being afraid of "ANONYMOUS" would certainly be cowardly...and that I am not! I just want to believe that most of the "stories" and the witness to HEAR that remark made are credible! If you lose your cred..you lose. Is there any audio form that video? if not you are relying on a person standing there, listening...how are you sure? Point that I am trying to make is to be CREDIBLE! I have nothing to hide and I have no agenda. I truly have heartfelt sorrow for Mike and Shannon. Having gone through many tragic losses of family members in my life brings me just to a place that I hope that the outcome is worth the energy, not for friends....for Mike and Shannon. I am not against your drive to seek an overturn of officials that have hampered and destroyed this issue, I am only seeking more focus. End game.


asitwasstated then go do your research before you post.

tutorial: 3 individual sworn affidavits, under oath. filed in sandusky county court, april 22, 2013 public record.

I loathe ignorance


THen you loathe yourself..I have done allllll that! You are a perfect example!


SCSO recent track record shows they are collectively incompetent, out of control , even dangerous. the truth already exists. the truth will be revealed when the "witnesses" are vigorously investigated as suspects NOW by independent competent LE instead of being used as tools and coddled by dean henry, det oconnell and sc court officials (Kimmet- just stick to your story).

an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. mlk
justice4jake, and all the rest of us too.


“Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' But, conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because one's conscience tells one that it is right”

"A lie cannot live."
― Martin Luther King Jr.

Eda M. Handly



asitwasstated, i am nowhere near perfect


Political science might get you an A+, but brass tacks will take you to reality...NOT just popular quotes that makes a great a great thesis at the end of your semester! Don't use PEOPLE to meet an agenda!!


This is a spoof, it's not "Anonymous".


my concern is..at the end all..WHO CARES?? Unless you are under the age of 30?


I was trying to form a view of "sides", when you are on ONE you have to see the other CLEARLY, not just from their past performance but what truly implicates this particular case. You must desire everything to be worthy and able to stand on it's own credibility. It is never enough to go back to history to address that you are RIGHT. After all, history would erase itself. I do hope that Brady and Cody and the others are successful at myting the wrongs of the SC politics and what EXACTLY their errors are and those culpable. A very emotional and expressed tone is sometimes met with more battle than it is if decided on with a calm voice.


Where is Mike Dewine?


crawling down a rabbit hole! Amazingly enough Castalia isn't his only concern. Sandusky County will see their day! But expecting a miracle?


And all the other bloggers on other articles that want to "threaten' me with ANONYMOUS! Bring it on!I am not scared of people that wear masks...they are..mask provided!!


about those brass tacks of reality, where were you wednesday morning.....

beeks: mikedewine@ohioag on twitter. ask him!


Taking care of my grandson, while his parents worked. I was on the SR and FOX 8 watching as it went, I would have been there, had I been able to,I would have been more than happy to be there, but didn't believe it would be appropriate for a three year old! I expressed my feelings and I was very troubled about that exhumation..many family is nearby...personal thoughts were in my heart about how I would vision and I still couldn't tell Mike and Shannon how regretful and sorry I felt for their anguish.


I don't necessarily take this personally, but when I was watching coverage, it brought some personal feelings to core. I cried, I wept, for Shannon and Mike.....let me be clear..Shannon and Mike are the concern that I have overall about overcoming this level of grief. They are such wonderful people and my heart bleeds for them....believe me when I say...TRUTH, no agenda..they are my concern!


How are your brass tacks now? Agenda?


Please sign if you haven't so Mike DeWine will take over this investigation. Mike,Shannon,Kayleigh & Ella most of all need this kind of support from the community.If it were any of us they would all be here to help us. So take the few steps and sign please. #JakeLimberios #JusticeforJake


Justice for Jake! Peace for Mike and Shannon! God Bless You! I hope you find that!

Truth or Dare

Regarding the Stuebenville rape case and DeWine, if I recall correctly he didn't step in until his office was warned by this Anonymous org.. That says alot in and of itself! You know what I find ironic, is that Henry has the audacity to make the statement that he doesn't feel anyone should be victimized or threatened for doing their job. He's right, but with all that's taken place, and an evident conflict of interest that is as clear as the day is long....such a self absorbed statement makes me want to puke!

You don't think the Limberios family, or Jake for that matter were and have been victimized? You don't think this family has felt threatened throughout this ordeal? They have publically shown grace and humility while walking through this fire that someone else started. They could have put that fire out for them but they didn't, and those entrusted to do their job from the beginning, wouldn't. For whatever that reason is!

Again, if anyone cares to learn more, have your eyes opened to the dilemma throughout this country regarding elected Coroners and the fact the majority aren't properly trained/educated to fulfill their job description and just exactley what that can mean, please take an hour to watch Frontline's Documentary; Post Mortum. This situation is a prime example!

When you're done with that, watch Frontline's Documentary: Top Secret America. It too will open your eyes, and one might better understand the motive behind such an org. as Anonymous claims to be. We all have free will to choose. Will we choose Truth and Justice, or the opposite? Also, most people don't roll all our politicians, govt./civil LE up into one big ball, but shame to all willing to turn a blind eye to what's been done rather than what should have been done, seek the truth, provide justice.

To the Limberios family and friends, thoughts and prayers go out for strength, courage, perserverance and JUSTICE FOR JAKE.


Really bad information....here you go...creating group mentality. The issue of Mike Dewine being involved had NOTHING to do with Anonymousey..do your research, and quit taking things away...you are leading to more dissolve than you are to raising people UP!


If the government has suspicions about us they can hack into our emails, get our bank and phone records, etc without our knowledge if we have nothing to hide it is not threatening. Anon has the means to do the same and again, if there is nothing to hide, it shouldn't be threatening. To perceive something as a threat you must feel like you are in danger. They have stated they are NOT violent and in other cases have only used technology for exposure, so again, if there is nothing to hide why does he feel threatened?


If the government has suspicions, it can get a warrant. Outside of that, it doesn't matter whether I have anything to hide or not. It's a violation of my Fourth Amendment rights WHATEVER the pretense. And for you to say, "If you have nothing to hide, there's nothing to fear," leads me to believe you don't really care a whole lot about such a violation! And we wonder how it is we got where we are...!

I do agree, however, that to think you're being threatened requires that you feel endangered. The problem is that I'd quite frankly feel VERY threatened if ANYbody said they'd hack my computer or surveil my home or monitor my whereabouts, and I don't have a dam*ed THING to hide! Wouldn't that bother YOU?


Our/Your gov't does it every single day, Samantha. Does that bother you?