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May 2, 2013


Dr. Cynthia Beisser is scheduled to conduct an autospy today on the remains of Jacob Limberios, whose body was removed from its grave at the Castalia Cemetery on Wednesday for a second time.

Beisser is a deputy county coroner with the Lucas County Coroner's office. 

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry, who ordered the autopsy after previously indicating he no longer needed one, did not seek permission from the family or inform them directly of the decision to exhume their son. Henry has refused to comment on a timeline for when the autopsy would be complete or whether the body would be returned to the family for re-burial. He also refuses to comment on the apparent conflict that exists with a public official serving as both prosecutor and defense counsel for the county in the same matter. 

Henry also refuses to discuss the disposition of a tissue sample the family previously provided to county investigators and whether that sample was tested, or retained. He also refuses to say specifically what information is being sought from a second autopsy. 

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Not Dean Henry really?He never has anything to comment on! Pretty SIcKening Dean or anybody from Sandusky County inform the family about exhuming Jake. Just glad that there is some HONEST people (Erie county) left to let the family no what was taking place! Pretty crappy the autopsy is being done today and then they are keeping Jake there until Sometime Next week WHY? Did not even contact the family to see if there were new cloths they wanted Jake buried in! Now that is just inhumane Dean & Wukie & sandusky county!


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My heart goes out to this family.


on and on and on

sandtown born a...

Move on then, quit reading the story then complaining about it


Is it really that hard to add "elected officials" after Sandusky county. I keep reading comments on here saying shame on Sandusky county. Which implies the whole county and not specific people. It's NOT a Sandusky county issue, it's an issue with ELECTED officials from Sandusky county. Oh don't forget the special prosecutor from Seneca county.

Julie R.

The reason people probably say "Sandusky County" instead of saying "the elected officials in Sandusky County" is because ~ like it or not ~ the elected public officials in a county are a REFLECTION on the said county.

(that holds true for all counties --- not just Sandusky County)


I agree whole-heartedly with Julie's comment...it IS a reflection on the entire county. And the longer this goes on and the officials directly involved refuse to comment and/or release information, the more convinced I become that they're hiding something - probably their own ineptitude. First of all, to call a cause of death without benefit of examining the body and viewing the scene is wrong. But for officials involved to repeatedly slink around behind the family and refuse to speak to the public stinks of something underhanded. What are they hiding? I'm sure their RE-election is very much in question, as it should be. If it were one of their own family, they wouldn't tolerate this kind of action and treatment as should nobody.


The comment that its a reflection of the entire county is, and in my opinion, just plain ignorance and a closed minded opinion. None the less, it's just that, an opinion. How can you condemn an entire community based in the actions of a few? Doesn't make sense but I guess it doesn't need to.


I would think if somebody killed him the family would want to know. But thats just me..


I really am getting sick of the way the Register is blasting this about. I agree about reporting it and what's going on, but this is just too much. It's using people's misfortune to sell newspapers. I have talked to many who are changing their minds about supporting the family because it just feels like the Register and the family are going overboard.
Seriously... another time to dig him up? He's not there, he's in Heaven. I would welcome ANY opportunity to get to the bottom of it. Sorry, just my opinion.


Would you welcome you child or parent being disinterred for a second time without just cause? If people are rescinding their support for Mike and Shannon because of a newspaper, then I am almost positive that they really don't need their support.

sandtown born a...

Most will agree with this comment


I would say that is not my child. It's a shell. My child is in Heaven. Do whatever, and I mean whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it.
The Register is using all of it for it's gain which is making this whole fiasco even worse. That is what I was talking about. Instead of doing things in a respectful manner, they choose to print everything and anything they can to sell papers. That is turning people off that might have had more sympathy. From what I hear, people are tired of it already.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment Sandra Dee. Generally a newspaper reports all the information it has on an important story. Some readers likely are growing weary with the thoroughness, but that might be more a reflection of the what the information reveals as to how this has been handled by Sandusky County. There seem to be obvious and serios shortcomings there. Other readers are following developments every day and appreciate the coverage the Register is providing. 

There doesn't seem to be any right path that would logically provide a reason to withhold information from readers. Those who have grown weary can simply choose not to review the coverage. 

And generally, newspapers are in the business of selling newspapers. The Register's coverage has been broad and distributed across different channels with much of the information being provided at no charge. But selling newspapers is an honorable endeavor and creates jobs in our community. 


Now I have read and reread this and I am confused . Dean says he no longer needs one and they are still doing it . WHY FOR GODS SAKE?


Why do people still think a second autopsy could potentially reveal anything of evidentiary value. I'll try to make it clear. Jake was shot in the head. Therefore, the only important thing to observe on Jake's body is the entry wound of said gun shot and the surrounding tissue. Dr. Wecht physically removed the tissue previously described, cut it in half, and gave half of it to Detective O'Connel. Sandusky County officials have already been supplied with the ONLY part of Jacob's body that needs examined.

sandtown born a...

Its called CYA and they will go to the ends of the earth to cover it. Mistakes were made so they need to just admit it and move the investigation along in the correct direction rather than reflect the truth. Typical Of people in power


Brady, I don't think it's because people are hoping they will find anything "new" but that they will have done their due diligence in examining the body to ensure that there is no bias if/when this becomes a criminal case. While I don't agree with the second exhumation or the second autopsy, I think it's a legal necessity to prevent any further obstruction. This is based in part on the article that ran in the Fremont paper that stated, "Issue with cross examination: If the case is ruled a homicide and goes to trial, having Wecht as the only expert could create an issue when Wecht would be cross examined by the defense, McMunigal said.

Because he was hired by the family, a defense attorney could use that to impeach his testimony, McMunigal said.
“It raises a bias issue,” he said. “I would be reluctant if I were a prosecutor to rely on an expert hired by the family.
“It opens the expert to a line of cross examination that the state expert would not have.”
He stresses that doesn’t mean Wecht is biased, and it does not disqualify his evidence."


Foz, that would be ok had a sample not been given to Sandusky Co prior to Wecht doing his/her (sorry but I can't remember) own autopsy so they had a clean sample at that time and they could do whatever testing they needed to. Their results would be separate from Dr. Wecht's so there was no need for the second exhumation and autopsy because Sandusky Co could do everything they needed to do to come to their own conclusion - even in the case of a legal necessity. These test that are being done today could be seriously compromised because of the deterioration of his body since the last autopsy. So there was no reason to do any of this - in my opinion anyway - other than to further antagonize the family and shove in the Limberios' faces who they feel are in charge. Sandusky Co officials are like a bully on a school yard here.


Nicely said. Although this is tough on the family, it is so necessary. A simple phone call to inform them would have been nice. These kids know the truth and it will come out. I believe in science, it doesn't lie...


What teenager is coming up with these article titles. That makes this sounds like an R.L. Stine Goosebumps book.


The Sandusky County people involved with this bs should put their credibility on the line. If and when they are proven they were wrong, they resign so no other family has to go through anything like this again!


I wish for this to settle, so all involved can start to move on..One way or another

Kottage Kat


loved the signs that were carried


Kottage Kat

Where are the T-shirts??


when the truth is revealed there will be no doubt this is a cruel charade, orchestrated by those in power. Det. O Connell and the witnesses are Overmyers tools and prosecutor Henry is their master in the obfuscation of the truth.

“You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say”
― Martin Luther King Jr.


Look, Im Going to give a logical not parti standpoint.

When the family sought to have the whole case reexamined they had to of known that this was going g to be a possibility. You don't get answers out of thin air, so complaining about the gathering of evidence that they themselves asked for is like having their cake and eating it too.

The longer this goes on the more things will come out of the wood work to complain about, just like the fox trial.

They wanted the case reevaluated and that's exactly what's happening. A compete examination of the evidence cannot be done with the key piece lying 6ft under. The fact that the examiners have to dig the body back up for a compete and thourough examination is only happening because of the hype of the case. Its being done to make sure that evey single possible detail is looked because of the scrutiny that this family has put on the matter.

I'm all for finding the answer to this case, but you can't stomp you feet when things aren't done in the ways you would like them in pursuit of the truth.

If they truly wanted the answers they seek, they had to of known that this was going to happen, so throwing a fuss about it is a bit resiculous at this point.

mhs parent

To those who are tired of the media coverage, if it bothers you that bad don't read it. One must wonder tho if this is not the voice of some who really do not want the truth to come out so you come on here, hide behind a false name making attempts to discount the pain this family has endured over the past 14 months. Say what you will, anyone with a ounce of compassion can't possibly look at the picture of Mike kneeling on his son's grave and not feel his pain. Its not the family who has caused this "hype" it is Sandusky County, by not doing their JOB's starting 3/2/12 and ignoring the family's plea's and attempting to sweep it all under the rug with hopes that this will all go away. Yep Sandusky County deserves the Scrutiny that has been put on them. Good Job Sandusky Register, keep it up!!!


go read bmgassers post. Dr Wecht did not become an expert lawyer and pathologist by whoring himself out to grieving families as mr henry would like us to believe and there is likely no evidence that will trump Wecht's findings even though some in power in SC think they are smarter than he. the best they can do is a feeble attempt to discredit him.

SCSO has a track record that proves they are collectively incompetent, even dangerous. the truth already exists. the witnesses should be treated and vigorously investigated as suspects NOW by competent LE instead of being coddled by dean henry, det oconnell and sc court officials (Kimmet- just stick to your story).

(SC)wont even answer for their one half of the tissue sample they were GIVEN. these are the reasons why the truth is not revealed. this whole thing is a diversion.

to those attacking the sandusky register or any other media outlet, don't read it/ dont watch if it upsets you. the Fourth Estate is the watchdog of government and the protector of free speech and first amendment rights for all in a democracy. if you or someone you know or love found yourself in similar circumstances as Jake Limberios' family or Brian Jones' family and friends, you would thank God for the media.

an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. mlk
justice4jake, and all the rest of us too.

Mom of 2 boys

Miss Sandra Dee - you DO NOT know what you would do unless you walk in Mike and Shannon's shoes!!!! God have mercy that you never have to, either.