VIDEO: 'Anonymous' gets involved

Video message from Internet group aims to take Limberios protest viral on Twitter with #OpJusticeForJake
Alissa Widman Neese
May 1, 2013

Amidst the emotional turmoil of Jacob Limberios' second exhumation, Twitter users claiming to be part of the Internet group Anonymous have initiated a social media onslaught, demanding truth and justice.

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Less than 24 hours before the Wednesday unearthing, a YouTube video surfaced featuring the group's trademark persona: the lead character from the movie "V For Vendetta" speaking with a computer-enhanced voiceover. 

"We are Anonymous. We have come together to demand the truth," the voice states. "We shall find justice." 

The voiceover script goes on to warn officials involved in "massive public corruption" that "there will be consequences for your actions."

A 2 p.m. tweet from popular Twitter user @Anon_WV dubbed the movement #OpJusticeForJake. On Twitter, hashtags are a way to categorize messages and indicate popular search phrases in a tweet.

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Many other Twitter users, some claiming to be part of Anonymous, repeated the message in hundreds of separate tweets, likely in an attempt to attract nationwide attention to Jacob's death.

Anonymous is a loosely organized group of undisclosed Internet users that strongly opposes censorship and surveillance. Its members — often dubbed a "hacktivist" group — have hacked several government websites and banded together for various causes. 

Most recently, the group leaked private information concerning a 2012 Steubenville rape case. 

After demanding an apology from school officials and local authorities — who allegedly covered up the incident to protect athletes involved in the rape — an offshoot of Anonymous posted a video of the perpetrators making jokes about the incident. They were soon found guilty.

Given the nature of the group, it's hard to tell how far-reaching its efforts can go or who all is involved. The "official" Anonymous news Twitter account, with more than 1 million followers, has not yet tweeted about Jacob. Some skeptics have claimed the recent video and its following tweets aren't legitimate, but those who have experience working with Anonymous say that's hardly the case.

"From what I am told, it is legit," said Alexandria Goddard, a blogger who helped uncover the Steubenville case. "From my experience, there are no 'fake' Anon video responses."

Anyone can be "Anonymous" if they choose to do so because the group has no hierarchy or structure, Goddard said. The users spread information exponentially using social media to gather support for social issues.

"Anons follow other Anons and will re-tweet information that appears on their timelines," she said. "Anytime you tweet to someone with many followers and they re-tweet, you are widening your audience."

Brady Gasser, a close friend of Jacob's, refused to talk in-depth about the video and social media movement. He answered simply with two words: "It's legit."

The Register contacted Twitter user @Anon_WV Wednesday through a direct message on Twitter. The user explained Anonymous members are not necessarily trying to attract anyone's attention, but "simply want the justice system to do its job."

"My original goal was simply to ensure that Mike (Limberios, father to Jacob) was not alone in protecting Jake's grave," the user explained. "On further study some inconsistencies in the investigation were noted. Our Anonymous members joined in and created a video. At that point it became an operation, #OpJusticeForJake."

The user cited Anonymous' role in kickstarting protests that improved the investigation of the Steubenville rape case. It continued, "We threaten nobody. We are completely peaceful. We seek a better world, the one we were all promised."

Its final warning: "We are watching. We expect justice or you Expect Us."

Jacob was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Sandusky County officials ruled the death a suicide, but a forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family examined the body and determined it was a homicide.

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dont blame me

How ironic. Now the newsmessenger decides to start reporting. After years of hiding things. Subscriptions must have really started to drop.


"@Anon_WV: @sanduskyregistr Please make it clear to your readers that any threats, towards any person, are not coming from or endorsed by Anonymous."


Mike and Shannon...I truly wish for you PEACE. I wish for a legacy of the absolute love and graciousness that Jake left for Ella and Kayleigh. I believe that truth prevails and finds it's own time to do so. The end all is that Jacob ...peace. I think vigilance is only due to a process of having a sound mind and body. Then maybe when things are clearer can you move ahead to a prosperous and successful culmination of what you would like to see with the lack of due process that Sandusky County has been able to afford the family. I only pray that this little girl can not say that her last 14 months were reckoned by decisions to change her future. I know that Kayleigh and her family will take care of her forever, but she will still grow up reading and trying to decipher a matter that she can never change. Sometimes it is better to remove a vigilantism to another venue than to decide for her that is in her best interest....after all it is up to her Dad's family and friends only to tell her how wonderful he is and how much he loved her. Why he is gone will not make a difference in her life...he is just that gone..but protecting her and looking over her FOREVER!! Don't forget that won't you put in to print STAYS! I hope that Limberios' know my pure grievance is in their court, but I want so for them to find a way to PEACE!! Yes, I do know them!




Sorry that happened to you!




if you look on Twitter there is a bunch of anonymous they are part of one big group with one common goal. Do I believe this video is real it sure sounds like far CBS and CNN have been sent copies of the Jake lumberios case. But have not heard back from them. I heard hln is checking into this but with anonymous now helping im a break it wide open two the major news media.


Centauri then you'd enjoy listening to : "The Shield/Deep Purple." From the book of Taliesyn. You'll know.

Anon Press release


Anonymous is not one person. They are not a group but they are MANY. They are an idea. They are truth and information. Not all voices will be the same because they are not all the same person, they are not all American, and they are not all of one gender. They step in when we are being deceived. Trust Anonymous.


OK, now that the Anonymous thing is secondary (got too much attention, and if they're involved, they'll do what they do, without the need for everyone to bicker over them, nor to interfere with the family's mourning.) Again, if they ARE involved, I support the underlying reasons, even if their methods aren't always legal.


I've been listening to the recordings of the witness reports (right after, as well as the ones that came months later), every one of the witnesses said Jacob was on the phone, when he supposedly did this. Why is it that everyone has these folks' statements, etc, posted, but there is no data in any of the reports I'm seeing on a brief look, as far as what THAT other person has to say, about said phone call, when Jacob 'supposedly' shot himself?

What did phone records indicate? Surely the investigators spoke to that 5th person, right? (4 people being Jacob and the 3 people in the house, the 5th being the person on the other end of Jacob's phone call) Where is any data resulting from THAT call? (Or is it in older newspaper articles, etc, that I've not read / found yet? Or has it not yet been 'disclosed')


The phone was found in his front pocket. The person who was on the other line is one of the people who started the JusticeforJAKE page. He wasn't on the phone when it happened.


He wasn't on the phone. That's one of the things in their stories that changes in the subsequent interviews.


So, based on that (I'm assuming that is true), all three onsite witnesses lied in their interviews. What more is there to be said...?


I believe the county is stating that the witnesses statements have been "consistent". It has been more than apparent that rather than investigate that the county has only been paying attention to details that fit their narrative. To me it seems like Dean Henry is trying to slowly let the case work itself out so in the end he can say he has been investigating the whole time and the conclusions they eventually come to will resolve the issue. While this isn't much of an investigation one must remember he is also serving to take care of the officials and if the case works itself out while it is still under investigation then the civil suit against the county might not pan out and Dean Henry will have successfully defended the county.


Consistent or not, In the audio of the interviews, they openly and clearly said he was on the phone.

Consistent? Yes
Truthful? Only if the report of finding it in his pocket was fabricated.

Either way, someone's not being accurate.


They said he was on the phone in their first interview. In later interviews they say he wasn't. Their statements may have been consistent with each other at that time but they are inconsistent with their later interviews. The phone had no blood on it and was found in his pocket.


SCSO recent track record shows they are collectively incompetent, out of control , even dangerous. the truth already exists. the truth will be revealed when the witnesses are vigorously investigated as suspects NOW by independent competent LE instead of being used as tools and coddled by dean henry, det oconnell and sc court officials (Kimmet- just stick to your story).

an injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. mlk
justice4jake, and all the rest of us too.


Who is the person that is saying they heard KImmett saying "stick to your story"? An unbiased and reliable source?? This is culminating in to group mania that just believes EVERYTHING they read. Seriously...people have to quit jumping in this bandwagon and quit supporting rhetoric until you know the WHOLE truth. I don't know it, but definitely I would like a LOT more evidence before I decide what happened. Don't become what you loathe!


asitwasstated then go do your research before you post.

tutorial: 3 individual sworn affidavits, under oath. filed in sandusky county court, april 22, 2013 public record.

I loathe ignorance


and dishonesty

Video reviewing the forensic evidence in Jacob's shooting. Created by Krista Patten and a few of her classmates. Must watch; extremely accurate and thorough