VIDEO: 'Anonymous' gets involved

Video message from Internet group aims to take Limberios protest viral on Twitter with #OpJusticeForJake
Alissa Widman Neese
May 1, 2013

Amidst the emotional turmoil of Jacob Limberios' second exhumation, Twitter users claiming to be part of the Internet group Anonymous have initiated a social media onslaught, demanding truth and justice.

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Less than 24 hours before the Wednesday unearthing, a YouTube video surfaced featuring the group's trademark persona: the lead character from the movie "V For Vendetta" speaking with a computer-enhanced voiceover. 

"We are Anonymous. We have come together to demand the truth," the voice states. "We shall find justice." 

The voiceover script goes on to warn officials involved in "massive public corruption" that "there will be consequences for your actions."

A 2 p.m. tweet from popular Twitter user @Anon_WV dubbed the movement #OpJusticeForJake. On Twitter, hashtags are a way to categorize messages and indicate popular search phrases in a tweet.

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Many other Twitter users, some claiming to be part of Anonymous, repeated the message in hundreds of separate tweets, likely in an attempt to attract nationwide attention to Jacob's death.

Anonymous is a loosely organized group of undisclosed Internet users that strongly opposes censorship and surveillance. Its members — often dubbed a "hacktivist" group — have hacked several government websites and banded together for various causes. 

Most recently, the group leaked private information concerning a 2012 Steubenville rape case. 

After demanding an apology from school officials and local authorities — who allegedly covered up the incident to protect athletes involved in the rape — an offshoot of Anonymous posted a video of the perpetrators making jokes about the incident. They were soon found guilty.

Given the nature of the group, it's hard to tell how far-reaching its efforts can go or who all is involved. The "official" Anonymous news Twitter account, with more than 1 million followers, has not yet tweeted about Jacob. Some skeptics have claimed the recent video and its following tweets aren't legitimate, but those who have experience working with Anonymous say that's hardly the case.

"From what I am told, it is legit," said Alexandria Goddard, a blogger who helped uncover the Steubenville case. "From my experience, there are no 'fake' Anon video responses."

Anyone can be "Anonymous" if they choose to do so because the group has no hierarchy or structure, Goddard said. The users spread information exponentially using social media to gather support for social issues.

"Anons follow other Anons and will re-tweet information that appears on their timelines," she said. "Anytime you tweet to someone with many followers and they re-tweet, you are widening your audience."

Brady Gasser, a close friend of Jacob's, refused to talk in-depth about the video and social media movement. He answered simply with two words: "It's legit."

The Register contacted Twitter user @Anon_WV Wednesday through a direct message on Twitter. The user explained Anonymous members are not necessarily trying to attract anyone's attention, but "simply want the justice system to do its job."

"My original goal was simply to ensure that Mike (Limberios, father to Jacob) was not alone in protecting Jake's grave," the user explained. "On further study some inconsistencies in the investigation were noted. Our Anonymous members joined in and created a video. At that point it became an operation, #OpJusticeForJake."

The user cited Anonymous' role in kickstarting protests that improved the investigation of the Steubenville rape case. It continued, "We threaten nobody. We are completely peaceful. We seek a better world, the one we were all promised."

Its final warning: "We are watching. We expect justice or you Expect Us."

Jacob was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Sandusky County officials ruled the death a suicide, but a forensic pathologist hired by the Limberios family examined the body and determined it was a homicide.

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Go "anonymous" fight the fight the family deserves, God no one else who CAN do anything is willing to.....


Please Sign and show support the Limberios Family.


When has Anonymous ever talked about god in a video before? Also don't their videos tend to show up everywhere? Google it and its only on here and one YouTube account...strange


My hope is that Anonymous would get involved but I am with you. I have seen many videos from this group and even the sound is not correct.


And I agree with you. I do wish they would get more coverage than just the Register but I'm not sure this is it.


The video is fake...and stupid


They haven't, that's why this is a hoax. Historically, Anonymous has been very anti-religion.




LOL What a stupid video!


I am satisfied that they are Anonymous. brassman, I hope you have brass balls. You may need them.


Bahaha, that comment made me giggle luvblues2! :)


Why? It doesn't even make sense.


I wouldn't want a huge group of hacktavists mad at me that's for sure!


bwahahaha That video is nothing more than a pitiful, poorly done copycat attempt. Oooh be afraid brassman :)




I hear they have a sale on tin foil at Bassett's this week


hahaha pretty sure he owns stock in Reynolds by now


I'm not going to drive to Port Clinton for foil when I use shrink wrap.


You don't get out much, huh brassman?


lol Why? It was a ridiculous video.


Recall the Steubenville rape case.

Alexandria of brought attention to the Steubenville rape case and "Anonymous" came after with their hacking. has called attention to the Justice 4 Jake case.

The Sandusky Register readers and powers that be in Sandusky County, Ohio can figure out the rest.


Anon also had a huge impact on the case involving Fullerton police and the beating death of Kelly Thomas.

Justice for Jake!


It's kind of ignorant The Register refereed to the Anonymous persona as "The character from V for Vendetta." Everyone should know who Guy Fawkes is. There's a bigger historic message.

"Alexandria Goddard, a crime blogger who first exposed crucial evidence in the case by taking screen shots of incriminating social media posts, photographs and videos, before they could be deleted. The hacker group Anonymous picked up on Goddard’s posts and released shocking video from the night of the assault."


Yes, they uncovered the video of Nodionas, one taken in the backseat of a car with the victim being sexually assaulted, and uncovered emails to the coach, I believe.


For those of you that are saying that "it's not them" you do realize, since your all experts on the matter, that anonymous isn't just one group of people. Its many groups of people working together under one banner. So what may or may not be said by one video is just what one groups holds as value. Although most videos don't mention god, this group or "set", "cell" or "sect" no matter what word you choose to use may just believe. Anonymous is an idea comprise of people from many nationalities from many countries with many different beliefs. Most cells operate independently on small tasks and group together for the ones that are more complicated... like shutting down government websites.

So to base merit or credit based on what one video says verses all of the others simply won't work. There is no single group of anonymous. No head of the snake. They all might follow the same set of rules and methodologies, but again, anonymous is a group of groups, so to see minor differences doesn't discredit the validity, but only proves the diversity of anonymous.

Sitting In The ...

Very well put VA...Sadly even after your comment some in our community can still not comprehend it...


Agreed, vA.


There's really no point in arguing with the people that want to believe it's either not Anonymous or that this is not the right thing this case needs. Those people either have a concerned interest and they don't want it to be Anonymous. Or they just simply have no grasp of understanding what and who Anonymous is which is fine. Either they will or they wont figure it out when Anonymous comes in and does what it is that they do and they get this family the justice that they deserve.


I'll say it here, like I did in the other thread. Yes, Anonymous is a 'collective' I do NOT believe that this video came from the main groups of Anonymous, but rather, is being used as a way to garner their attention, so that they WILL get involved. I DO understand, VERY WELL, who and what they are. I live, eat and breathe security and hacking (I'm an ethical hacker, helping companies find and fix the same types of holes Anonymous uses to gain access to many of their targets.)

Do I believe they get involved? Absolutely!

Do I think they would get involved here? Absolutely!

But do I think they posted this video, to begin with? No. I think it's being used as a tool to get them involved, and if it does, so be it.