Limberios exhumation complete

After a protest this morning, a work crew completed the exhumation of the body of Jacob Limberios.
May 1, 2013


Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry finished up the task of exhuming Jacob Limberio's body, five months after he first suggested it and nearly 14 month since Limberios was killed.

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Henry did not seek the family's permission, or inform them directly of his decision to exhume the body, and he has refused to respond to questions why a second autopsy is necessary and whether he ever had a tissue sample from the first autopsy tested.  

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im sick to my stomach

There you go again

Yes, very upsetting! How did our world get to this (low) point?


To me I think that is so disrepectful by Dean Henry to not even inform the family this was going to happen. They obviously were aware but its the very idea to not let them know. How disrespectful. The continued focus on this case is just what Sandusky County does not want. I think continued pressure on the Ohio Attorney General is needed. Once all this is over and if mistakes were made then professional investigations by various regulatory licensing agencies in the state need to take place. Folks then need to lose elected office and their licenses to practice need to be pulled.

Texx Reloader

A fellow who lived in Port Clinton all of his life and moved to Fremont once told me, “The general perception of Fremont is that just a few people control the town/county and everyone else is afraid of them.” That few is the Country Club Republicans who keep get re-elected over and over, and put “their own kind” in their place when they have used the town/county as much as they can get away with. Let’s take a look at this Republican Party placement of the Sheriff. I am sure they were enamored with the “fresh Paul Ryan young people mentality,” but really do you put a man that young in such a position? I don’t care if a person has a Master’s Degree in Criminology; there are just some things that you don’t get in the classroom. So has saved the county some money feeding the prisoners himself. Very commendable. Hope it offsets the millions of dollars in lawsuits. We’re going to need every dime.
This O’Connell character has been known for a bad attitude for a good long time. He “retires” from the Fremont Police Department, and slides over to the Sheriff’s Office. Seems like somebody was a little smarter than the sheriff. Kyle may be a likeable guy and all, but I don’t think he is up for that job. He should take up chicken farming, or something. Seems to be his main interest.
And these people who put him in office should be looked a more closely. Most every person they appoint, or help elect gets involved in some kind of a scandal. Either though guile or incompetence. I have voted for Republicans my entire life, but I would vote Socialist Worker’s Party if that was what it takes to remove these people.
How many scandals will it take before the citizens of Fremont and Sandusky County Wake Up?


Republicans and democrats are just as bad as each other so get off your high horse there sir. Both parties views are unamerican and unconstitutional yet the masses keep them in. There are more than two parties, open your closed eyes and ears.


Good. They made a mistake not doing an autopsy the 1st time & now they are rectifying that mistake. You can't rely on autopsy results that were performed by someone paid for by the family. They have to do their own.


Are you kidding, brassman? There is no reason for another autopsy because there is nothing to see or test. The tissue from the entry wound is gone and half of Dr. Wecht's sample was given to Sandusky County, who FAILED to do anything with it. So, no "rectifying" will be done whatsoever.


Of course they have to do their own. If they can prove it wasn't suicide, there's no way they could take somebody to trial with the only autopsy paid for by the victims family. Defense attorneys would have a field day with that.


Thankyou brassman! Although tragic, they must let this investigation continue down this road. All of you are demanding answers well let them finish this and then you will get your answers.


What do you not understand about the tissue surrounding the wound was removed during the autopsy done by the family and sent to Sandusky county months ago? All they are going to see on the body is a cut around where the wound used to be. Sure they can check his organs, his weight, and other things irrelevant to the case by exhuming him but the evidence that matters has been in their possession for months and they never bothered to evaluate it.


What do you not understand about "paid for by the victim's family?" Whether or not you think it was necessary, the county clearly does. The family complains because they didn't do an autopsy and now they complain because they are. Either they want to know the truth or they don't. An autopsy performed by someone paid for by the family will always be suspect without an official one also being performed. Yes, they should have done it to begin with but they screwed up. Now they are rectifying it. It had to be done.


LOL what part of there is nothing there to autopsy and that the area around the wound has been in their possession for months.


LOL I love how you say there's "nothing" to autopsy. Obviously there is because they are doing one.


There is nothing to autopsy on the body. The wound and surrounding skin and tissue is gone. Of course they can still do an autopsy on the body, but the whole point was to examine the skin and tissue surrounding a gunshot wound... Which isn't there! So from this autopsy they are going to find out he was a perfectly healthy boy who died as a result of a gunshot wound. Fantastic, we already knew that!


So says the person hired by the family. They still have to make sure. It amazes me that people can't accept that fact. What is the family so afraid of? I thought they wanted the truth? It seems very odd that they don't want an official finding. I don't even understand why anyone is arguing anyway because it's getting done. They'll make a ruling & it will either agree with the hired doctor's conclusions or it won't. Then they can fight it out.

Julie R.

How they ever did this without permission from the family is beyond me. The Limberios family should file a lawsuit for the emotional pain & suffering alone that Sandusky County has put them through ..... and make sure they request a trial by jury.


My concern with doing another autopsy at this stage is - and I know this is going to sound gross - but wouldn't it be compromised by deterioration of his body? I mean he's been gone for over a year now, he's had one autopsy done already and Dr. Wecht gave them a clean, viable sample to use and I believe that was a couple months ago but I could be wrong on that since I'm not sure what the timeline is on all of this, but again sorry for the ick factor, he's not staying fresh and clean. All of this has got to be effecting the results in some way - or at least I would think it would but again I could be totally off base on it. I don't know what Sandusky County's problem is and why they don't want to use the sample they were given. Do they think that the doctor tampered with it before he gave it to them to somehow make sure the results came out in their favor? That's kind of hard to do. The answers would be clearly black and white, there's no gray area and that - in my opinion anyway - is what they want the answers to be. A nice little gray colored answer and it can't happen.


Exactly. They already had a tissue sample. Really all they would have needed to do is inspect this tissue for stippling or searing to determine the range of fire. There was already some skin slippage in other areas mentioned in Wecht's original report.
The reason why the autopsy was important BEFORE Sandusky county released him to be buried was because any soot has been washed away. Any blood spatter has been washed away. No toxicology reports could be run because of embalming. Sandusky County ruined any chance of discovering any of this evidence. Now the only evidence that is left is whether there is stippling or searing. Trajectory and things like that may make a difference if they think it was a homicide but if they look at the tissue sample and still think its a suicide, then trajectory doesn't really matter. Most pathologists take pictures during an autopsy or videotape it.
Dr. Wecht performed this autopsy MONTHS ago. Jake has been dead over a year. If they disagreed with Wecht why wait continued months and allow further decomposition?

Besides, Dr. Wukie should have called it what it was from the beginning, an accidental death. It was not a suicide because there was no intent.


Julie R I Agree With You 100% sandusky County Needs To PaY Dearly For All This Mess, But What Comes Around Goes Around, And They Will See How This Feels, One Can't Do This And Not Have It Come Back To Them!!! Hugs To The Family That Cannot Allow Their Hearts To Heal Because Of This County!


Will this poor guy ever be left to rest in peace?

be for real

Another day of everybody knowing everything and fixing all the troibles hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Stop saying Sandusky county should pay. It's not a Sandusky county problem, it's a problem with the officials there. The residents of Sandusky county have nothing to with this. The elected officials are just that ELECTED. Until they are proven to have participated in some sort of cover up they will remain in office. They will not step down so stop wasting your breath on that issue. They will continue running that county the best way they see fit. If you don't like it go there and run for office and let's see what's in your past. These people on here are quick to place guilt and demand that these people be ousted. Get a grip and understand that the system doesn't work that way. It's a system that's in place, it may be flawed, but it still needs to be followed. Like it or not these guys are here to stay until they are found to have committed some sort of crime.


I'd say they likely committed a crime when they didn't examine the body of a young man who was shot in a house where he wasn't alone, nor did they take evidence from the crime scene. They were elected and are being paid to do a job, a job which they failed to do in a reasonable, professional, or timely manner.


Unfortunately law enforcement is not a perfect profession, they're not any different than any other profession. If mistakes were made then hopefully they will come to light.


There is a big difference between a mistake and simply neglecting to do your job. A young male ended up shot in the head in a house where he was not alone, and no one seemed to think an investigation was necessary? No one thought to remove evidence or to do an autopsy?


"Unfortunately law enforcement is not a perfect profession..."

That is unfortunate. Try and take them to court and battle it out with Joe Blow's resources compared to their's and see who wins.

Cop's word over avg. citizen? Cop wins EVERYTIME.


You know I'll agree with that. However if the average joe had a slam dunk case against the cops, there would be lawyers knocking down his door. I'm sure you know the type, the ones that don't require a retainer and only get paid if you win.