Mike Limberios kneels at son's grave

Protesters disperse as backhoes enter cemetery
Emil Whitis
May 1, 2013


As the gravedigger arrived, Mike Limberios knelt at his son Jacob's grave this morning, hoping to stop the scheduled exhumation from the Castalia Cemetery. With his wife Shannon and their other son Michael Limberios, and about 40 supporters, they prayed silently at the grave for about 15 minutes. 

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth spoke briefly to Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey, and then knelt down and helped Mike Limberios to his feet, hugging him. 

"Justice will be served in a more broad sense than we ever could have imagined. Let that be Jake's lasting legacy," McGookey said, telling the group it was time to disperse.

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The family and its supports walked to the bottom of a hill at an entrance to the cemetery, out of view as the backhoe began digging the dirt over Jacob's grave.

Earlier this morning they walked silently from Lions Park to the cemetery. Erie County sheriff's deputies and Castalia police officers assisted with traffic as the march progressed.

The exhumation is currently underway.

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry has insisted on a second exhumation and a second autopsy, but he hasn't explained to the Limberios family's satisfaction why it's necessary, or said whether tissue samples provided to county officials from a previous autopsy were ever sent for testing. Henry did not seek the family's permission to exhume Jacob's body and did not directly inform them of his intention.



This is just wrong, plain and simple!!! How anyone can allow this family to have to deal with is a disgrace. To the family, you have a lot of people on your side, I know that doesn't help now, but someday when these corrupt officials allow your son to rest, it will. God bless!!

Kottage Kat

My heart is breaking for what this family is going through. Just to satisfy the egos of the narcissistic politicians of sandusky county.


How anyone could be this cold and careless is something that I will never understand .
Its cruel ,unforgiving and cold to allow this to go on as long as it has , the elected officals in Sandusky County should be ashamed and should step down from their elected posts and let what they were sworn to Uphold the law and assist in the process of Justice .
Its not only this family , friends , but its a black eye to all the voters that intrusted you to your elected posts .
You all are no better then the ones involved in the watergate scandle of the 70s .
If you have any self respect at all , you will bow out and turn this over to the state AGS OFFICE .And let justice be done and put this to rest once and for all


And the Register continues the saga.

When this is over what will the Register do?????


Well this is Ohio and they throw out the laws and make up laws to suiet them , So who knows what the register will do


I do not read every single article the Register prints, so I am wondering why, if you are tired of 'this saga', do you choose to keep reading and posting on it?!


Because it's America and I can do what I want.


Don't grumble and stay, grumble but be on your merry effin way. Try that!


With your hostile attitude i wonder if you are the viral video person.

sandtown born a...

I wonder who this really is? Sandusky county official maybe???? Defending your own how fitting


Yepppppp, got me......not.


The Sandusky Register is also in America....

And they can do what they want. But what they're doing is doing what the people want. The people that care about this family want this kept in the spotlight. You can do what you want, and obviously you don't want to read these articles....so... don't..?

mhs parent

Actually Sandusky County continues the Saga.......... The Sandusky Register continues to support Mike and Shannon.


Is that Dean Henry behind Mike Limberios in the photo?

mhs parent

No that is Dan McGookey.


This is such BS. Sounds like our law enforcement is agreeing it's BS too. Keep strong Limberious family!


I wonder if the making of this video - and I haven't watched it so I have no idea what's on it, I don't care to, I feel sorry for all the family is having to go thru - is the reason Margaretta school was on lockdown yesterday. I was taught that if you don't have anything to hide you don't worry about people looking into things. Well obviously Sandusky Co's people are squirming in their seats on this one. If they would just tell what they know and answer some of the family's questions maybe all this wouldn't have been necessary. If the question "if it was your son, would you want to keep doing this to him" was ask of them and make them look at their own children while they were answering it if they would come up with the same answer.


Margaretta was locked down for an annual drug check.

mhs parent

My Heart Breaks for Mike and Shannon.... I pray they get answers soon. So sad

Random Thoughts

I fully support the family in their search for the truth, but I am extremely disturbed by recent postings here and on the Justice for Jake website, especially what is essentially a $5,000 bounty for Detective O'Connell. I ask any of you who are trashing or believing the trash about Detective O'Connell to talk to Michael or Shannon Limberios (NOT their attorney) about their dealings with him. If they tell you that he has been anything other that professional, courteous, and forthcoming with them (prior to him being instructed by Dean Henry to stop communications without his permission), I will eat my words and every Register article about this case. From what I've seen and heard about Mr. and Mrs. Limberios, they are extremely nice Christian people who would not approve of the attacks on Detective O'Connell.

Seen it All

I support this family 100% in their quest to find the truth. I also agree with many that the Sandusky County officials involved in this, should just step down from their positions. Furthermore, when the truth finally comes out, said officials should be charged with gross abuse of a corpse, as that is exactly what is going on here by them not doing their jobs in the first place!!!

Julie R.

The insensitive and cruel disregard for the emotional suffering of these parents goes beyond despicable.


If anyone does not like what is printed in the paper(s) THEN DO NOT READ THEM... plain and simple... geesh... this is not an article that one should be bickering about... it is the death of a boy... someone killed him.. he didnt kill himself and altho I do not agree on digging him up AGAIN.. they have to find who killed him,.,.. geesh!!


mrite...... i am from florida and i keep up with this "saga" and want to know what is going on in my home town, with my friends and the situation if you dont like it then scroll past this the family doesnt need any negitavity from you so keep your comments to yourself!

be for real

as sandusky and norwalk turns the people solving all the problems