VIDEO: 'Anonymous' sends message about Limberios protest

Click here to watch video from group threatening action against public officials
May 1, 2013

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"We are 'Anonymous.' We have come together to demand the truth. We shall find justice," a computer enhanced voiceover in the video states with the image of the lead character from the movie "V For Vendetta" on the screen.

The voiceover script goes on to warn officials involved in "massive public corruption" that "there will be consequences for your actions."

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First of all, Register, the movie is "V For Vendetta", not "V is for Victory". Teach your reporters how to use Google. Second of all, if I'm the bumbling Sandusky County officials, I'm crapping my pants right now. Look at what Anonymous did in the Steubenville rape case.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the heads up. The movie title has been fixed.  


it's actually a comic book written by alan moore. i know people know the movie, but give credit where credit is due


ok where is the link so I can hear it as well as where to link to see the protest .
Sandusky Register , if you are going to say you are going live , then make it live , and if not live dont say its going to be live

Matt Westerhold

Lighten up, Gene. 




I CANNOT believe you published this idiocy!!

Matt Westerhold

What exactly are you finding unbelievable? 


Certainly NOT that YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!


I actually think the video is well done, other than the threats I agree with what he's saying, I don't find it unbelievable, most governments are corrupt look at our own city manager....

Kottage Kat

Thank you SR for your relentless quest in
PLEASE do not be deterred



Agree ^^


First of all it's not "anonymous", most people know who it is, and the novelty has well worn off after the movie and Steubenville. I believe that their efforts would be more effective if they just continue to use their own countenances and their own voices....this is just a ridiculous stunt in a VERY serious matter that paints it all in a shameful hue.


It got you to listen to the video, didn't it?


Just listening doesn't mean it has a gainful impact. In fact it has EXACTLY the opposite with many. I think that the Justice for Jake has an appropriate agenda, I just would like them continue in THAT direction.


it is the real deal. i along with 2 others, run the justice for jake facebook page, and they personally contacted us. 100% real.


Good. I agree with the first comment--all involved should be pretty nervous right now. Anonymous does not fool around.


And Steubenville was NOT a very serious matter? That case would still be floundering if not for Anon's involvement.

Rusty of Sandusky

Anonymous contributed NOTHING positive or beneficial to the case in Steubenville. Zero. Steubenville was a VERY serious matter, but Anonymous did absolutely nothing to further justice in that circumstance.


Anon is the one who found the video of Nodianos laughing about the rape... Among other things.

The Big Dog's back

Anonymous did nothing? Really? You might want to ask the officials involved.

Rusty of Sandusky

Anonymous did not "find" the Nodianos video, nor did they do anything to further the case/investigation. Sure they got involved, but they did not uncover the evidence used to prosecute the defendants and they did not cause justice to be served. I cannot wait to see how they "affect" the Limberios matter.


Wow and anon didn't do anything useful for Steubenville Rusty? Then why is the coach being investigated? Why was Nodionos let go from OSU? Why is this case all over the news???

Rusty of Sandusky

No Krissy3, Anonymous DID NOTHING useful for Steubenville. They jeopardized the investigation and trial, they antagonized local law enforcement and attempted to hack into their computers pulling resources away from other legitimate needs, bomb threats were called in to local schools putting many young children and parents (none of whom had anything to do with the rape) under unnecessary stress and worry -- the threats were no doubt caused by the increased firestorm created by Anonymous and their agenda to paint the entire community of Steubenville as one huge pit of corruption.

The rapists were arrested, charged, convicted, and face punishment. The Attorney General of Ohio is pursuing a full investigation to determine if any other criminal charges are warranted. ALL of that would have happened WITHOUT Anonymous.

They did not release the Nodianos video to authorities (who already had it). They released it to the public and fed the fire of hatred and calls for vigilante justice. That put hundreds of people in more danger and failed to help in any way to convict the rapists of that girl.

I stand by my comment. Anonymous did absolutely nothing positive in the Steubenville case. Justice prevailed IN SPITE OF (not because of) Anonymous.


Is the Register behind this to drum up readers?


The Register is a business, yes, but if it weren't for the Register, this story would be long gone. I seriously doubt they would go through the trouble of making a fake Anon. video to gain a couple more readers. They've helped keep pressure on Sandusky Co. officials so that Jake's family can get some sort of justice. Thanks to the SR for keeping this in the spotlight!

Justice for JAKE


It may sound a bit James bondish with the terms splinter sleeper cells that seem to be used with this group anonymous, it these guys don't play around. This group may be a small part of all of what is anonymous, but once their attention is grabbed, even by the smallest of its cells, if nothing is done to appease them, they pull out the bigger guns, and public officials get shammed... this has been happening a over the world.

This is a very large group of people and they are very organized... to get a case has to be put up for a vote on their site, so its obvious that this has gotten a bunch of attention. The longer anonymous goes ignored the worse off it gets for those that ignore them. It may seem scary that people have the power to put public officials to their knees... but theyed done nothing but good things for citizens since they came out.

The Bizness

This is exactly what I was going to say in response to asitwasstated.

The group rarely does anything violent, but they are an extremely organized group, that has many very talented hackers associated with them. Think Occupy Wallstreet with engineers, coders, hackers, and organization.


"Rarely" does anything violent? I have never heard of them doing anything violent. I agree with you that they are extremely organized and have many talented hackers. However, let's not forget that law enforcement, especially Sandusky County has some talented hackers as well. :/