VIDEO: 'Anonymous' sends message about Limberios protest

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May 1, 2013

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"We are 'Anonymous.' We have come together to demand the truth. We shall find justice," a computer enhanced voiceover in the video states with the image of the lead character from the movie "V For Vendetta" on the screen.

The voiceover script goes on to warn officials involved in "massive public corruption" that "there will be consequences for your actions."

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Julie R.


voice of fremont

The Sandusky Register should denounce the outrageous threats in this video and threats to Mr. O'Connell. This is outrageous!

sandtown born a...

Anyone wanting the truth stands behind this video. Exposure/voting are the only weapons needed against corrupt elected officials who took a oath to uphold the law not cover the butts of the incompetent


I'm all for supporting this cause (and if it IS Anonymous, so be it), but I question that Anonymous, themselves, sent this video. I have yet to have heard them claim to be "inside of you, eating at your soul", before, and think that was a stretch. There are plenty of tutorials on the web, regarding how to 'create an Anonymous video of your own' Doesn't mean a local isn't trying to be in Anonymous, or to throw some scare tactic, but I don't think it came from their 'collective'


I shoulda hit "reload page", before typing below, Hayabusa. We said the exact same thing, pretty much. I did not mean to step on your toes.


No worries. It happens. :-)


If someone is trying to pretend to be Anonymous, I would not want to be them. Anonymous seems to have their collective things together and would not appreciate a "generic" version. I also have doubts that, that message was from the collective. Too many words they would not use nor condone using.

Random Thoughts

Brady G. I have been one of your supporters and of your efforts to find the truth with the Justice for Jake website. But a couple of recent postings there (the above video and the $5,000 bounty) makes me wonder if you've crossed the line from seeking the truth to seeking revenge. I find it hard to believe that Jake's parents (or Jake himself) would want this.


If I'm not mistaken this video was originally put on you tube, not the JusticeforJake page. In fact, even the JusticeforJake page questioned its authenticity at one point in the thread and I guess they were contacted directly by someone from Anon verifying that it is real.

The 5000 reward post was deleted shortly after it was posted and O'Connell never said he was threatened, he said he felt as if the text could have been threatening...


and Brady G. is not the only administrator on the page.

Random Thoughts

I am certainly glad to hear this. I hope the Anonymous video is also removed because finding the truth, which is what we all seek, is not what motivates Anonymous. Given your statements, my faith in Brady has been restored.


It's quite obvious that "asitwasstated" and "voice of fremont" are on the side of the Sandusky County elected officials or the law enforcement officers who botched the investigation. It is also obvious that your knowledge of the group "Anonymous" is very limited; you may want to do some research before yoou make any more misinformed comments. Mr. Westerhold and the Sandusky Register have done a fine job of objectively covering and reporting on this case since it's inception and I believe without the coverage they have provided, this would have all been "swept under the rug" many months ago.


To all of you. This is not a fake video. I'm not the real Anonymous, but I am telling you that Anonymous will get to the bottom of this and find the "Corrupted Officials".


It was the wording that had me concerned.


The whole video was ridiculous


I think Anonymous is exactly what this case needs. Simply because Anonymous makes the nation take notice. They make the collective media bring a case that otherwise would have slipped through the cracks come to the forefront. Who among us really would have known anything about the Steubenville rape case? We all do though because the Anonymous video is what brought it to the collective media's attention. There was no violence threatened in this video, simply exposure. Which is what Anonymous does, they expose the truth. Anonymous is not one person. Anonymous is a collective and they are not overdone or past their prime or whatever it was that somebody said earlier. They are still very much relevant.

voice of fremont

This video is really scary and projects a violent nature. I hope the register takes it down.


you know what is scarier???? A corrupt government that believes that because of who they are they can push a family, that lost their son, around until they give up from frustration. and I like others, believe the two people here making all the negative comments about the coverage have something to lose in this...

Sitting In The ...

I applaud both the Register and Anonymous for demanding the truth and not relenting when it's clear to most of us that this department is clearly involved in a cover-up. To the ones who can't comprehend this I'm sure the Register can do a story in crayon if enough of you require it.


LOL What a stupid video!


If Anonymous wasn't involved with the video, to begin with, I'm certain they'll be 'in the know', now. I can almost guarantee the person who posted the video intended it to draw their attention, while not necessarily being a real 'member'. So I'd assume Anonymous will either take credit for it and continue, or at the least, acknowledge it wasn't them, but that they'll be involved, now.

I'd like to think the latter, because I still don't think the main group would've worded things the way they did, in this video.

'Logistics' posted that folks here don't know much about Anonymous. That's probably accurate. However I'd be willing to bet, truthfully, that Logistics doesn't know much more (no offense, just fact). I speak as someone who does (and no, I am NOT a member of Anonymous, but I work in IT security / penetration testing, etc, and monitor the news in this area, VERY closely.)


Also, I DO agree with 'asitwasstated' in that the original cause is justified, and I'd like to see the JusticeForJake site continue in its cause.

While yes, Anonymous does bring attention to items that necessarily require it, in some cases, unless there's actual proof to be found, relative to the case itself, they tend to bring out information that, while yes, it may be valid, has nothing at all to do with the actual cause, and only serves to cause further disruption. Yes, Anonymous has a place, and they DO get many things out that need to be out. But unless it's cold, hard, RELATED facts, specific to this case, I'd prefer they leave well-enough alone.


'sarcasm on' Yeah. And NOBODY would suddenly start posting anything where it would appear to be from them, within a short time of legitimacy being questioned. Right... 'sarcasm off'

I'll say it again, and again, and again... Someone wanted them involved. Best way is to draw their attention. How better to get it, than to create an Anonymous thread.

Anyone can 'be' Anonymous. That's not being disputed. Anon_WV likely is (or wants to be, or whatever) All it takes is a desire to be, and to think like them, and in reality, whether or not you're an 'acknowledged' member or not, in a sense, you are one. Just that everything that began this, including the original video, didn't add up to their 'norm'. The wording was off. The 'eat your soul' or whatever it was, was off. That sounded more like a kid, quoting from the 'Tenacious D' song, "Best song in the world"

If Anonymous is involved, NOW, that's a different story. But simply jumping in, all day yesterday, with both feet, saying Anonymous was involved, was a stretch. If it's gathered support of the rest of them, and information starts coming out that actually helps this family in their cause, that's great.

I just see tons of folks who 'want' to be Anonymous, and make a name for themselves, pop out of the woodwork, daily. How better to try to be noticed, than to suddenly get involved like this one did? It's NOT hard to create a video, and 'be' them. I could create one in 15 minutes, and it would be equally 'real'

I really hope Anonymous becomes a background 'figure' in all of this, and that this family gets their justice, regardless of Anonymous' involvement. But if Anonymous does turn up info that helps, it's just more for the family, so while I disapprove of some of their methods, I still support their root cause (bringing forward the truth)


Anyone who takes that ridiculous video seriously needs a new hat. I suggest tin foil.


OpJusticeForJake. For Immediate Release


It has come to our attention that threats have either been made or are perceived to have been made against one or more public officials. The purpose of this release is to denounce any and all threats of violence. Anonymous is a peaceful entity. We do not make threats of violence and we do not participate in or condone acts of violence.

We have seen instances in the past where threats were made by local individuals for whatever purposes and these threats were attributed to us. We are trying to ensure that this does not happen here by denouncing any and all threats of violence early on.

To be clear, Anonymous has not made threats of violence. Anonymous will not make threats of violence.

Recently a police officer's personal phone number was apparently released by persons unknown. We regret this. While we do sometimes release personal information, a procedure known as D0xing, we have not reached that point in this case. We hope and fully expect not to.

At this point in time we are simply watching to see what officials are going to do with the results of the current inquiry. We fully expect justice to be served. If this happens, as we expect, we will quietly fade away. If this does not happen, further investigations will commence. In any case, there will be no violence nor threats of violence towards any persons or property from Anonymous.

That is all

We Are Anonymous.
The Corrupt Fear Us.
The Honest Support Us.
The Heroic Join Us.
Expect Justice.




WHAT A JOKE!! YOU are so aggregious!! I CALL BULLS^T!! Come on with your bad a$$ masks...that is always a tell....cowards!!


Heroic people Won't WEAR masks!


What does this word mean, asitwasstated?



Must watch!Video reviewing the forensic evidence in Jacob's shooting. Created by Krista Patten and a few of her classmates. Must watch; extremely accurate and thorough.