VIDEO: Court staffer meets with witness

FREMONT — The Justice for Jake Facebook group posted video they say shows a court official having an improper meeting with a key witness.
Apr 27, 2013


The video purportedly shows Sandusky County court administrator Brock Kimmet meeting with the witness. It is posted at the Facebook page. 

Click here to watch the video. 

The Limberios family contends Kimmet met with the witness for about 13 minutes. Attorney Dan McGookey provided affidavits from people who were at the courthouse who stated in the sworn statements they heard Kimmet tell the witness to "stick to her story" after the two emerged from a private office during a break in a deposition of the witness Feb. 11. 

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry expressed no concern about the purported meeting or what might have been discussed by Kimmet and the witness.

"Unless he/she is represented by counsel, there is no prohibition on anyone speaking with an individual in the courthouse during a break in a deposition," Henry responded to an inquiry from the Register.   

McGookey said Henry is flat-out wrong in that assessment.

"Under the rules of professional conduct, which apply to the court and court staff, it's prohibited for the court or staff member to meet with a witness and discuss a matter without all parties being notified and given the opportunity to be present," McGookey said. "That's an ex parte communication, which is directly prohibited."

Kimmet has said no meeting took place, but referred to a court security issue without providing any details as to how that might relate to the purported meeting. He has not responded to calls and inquiries seeking further comment or clarification.

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Meanwhile, Henry refuses to say whether the tissue sample the family provided has been processed, held or discarded. The family has asked Henry to test the sample, which Dr. Cyril Wecht has called incontrovertible evidence that Jacob was not holding the gun when it was fired and killed him. Wecht performed an autopsy last fall at the famly's request after the county repeatedly refused to order one. 

Henry wants to exhume the body next week and have a second autopsy conducted. 

"I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone about why a second autopsy is needed and/or why it was ordered by Dr. Wukie," Henry wrote in an email response to an inquiry from the Register. "That battle has been fought and I’m moving on with the investigation."

Jacob is buried in Castalia Cemetery, a property owned by Margaretta Township in Erie County. Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter sent Henry notice last week that township trustees would not oppose a second exhumation if Henry can show why a second autopsy is needed.  

Click here to listen to recordings of witness interviews and Sandusky County detective Sean O'Connell provide details about his findings.



More lies from yet another Sandusky County Official regarding the Jake Limberios case? How can Kimmet say No meeting took place but Video shows different.. Did they forget cameras are in the courthouse??? WOW! And Mike DeWine can't step in unless these same "Officials" ask him to? Really? Anyone think Sandusky County will Ever ask for that? NOPE! But, we as people can.. Please go to

And Sign.. Share with friends and family. This family NEEDS HELP!


maybe Kimmet was doing a Bill clinton and monica leweinski ?????????????


Is there an opportunity on the application to work for Sandusky County to check a square that says DBAG? Don't be hard on Brittany, be hard on these people that are paid to do their jobs appropriately! This is only a travesty...well published...I just hope peace comes soon to those who dearly need it!!


asitwasstated, "stick to your story"


Been following the story. Very confused. Was there a young relation of the Sandusky County officials present when this death happened? This County cant be that messed up. Dr. Wukie? Doesnt this guy own his own hospital. I thought I read years ago he did.

Really are you ...

The kids were drinking alcohol(fact). The kids all fired the pistol at a bucket outside (fact). They went inside (fact). Jacob probably said something about Brittany. The kid on the ottoman probably liked Brittany also. The kid on the ottoman probably drunkenly pointed the pistol at Jacob and accidentally shot Jacob. Now it is all a cover up.

Sorry if I offended anybody. But I think it is a tragedy in itself that there are no certain answers, the exhuming, and now the court administrator is breaking the rules. Really? Why were these two meeting, when nobody directly involved is not suppose to be talking about what happened. There was a gag order, right?


You come by this information how, "Really are you ..."? Why haven't you been talking before this?

Really are you ...

When the story came out I read it. Then Mr.O'Connell had his questioning sessions played. The other examiner guy told how bad the first coroner dropped the ball. How Mr. O'Connells theory didn't fit, and the constant bringing Jacob back to be examined again. But the thing that really puzzles me is when Mr. O'Connell interviewed the guy who was sitting on the ottoman. The way guy was tip toeing on all of the questions, then acting like it was all kosher. When Mr. O'Connell said no one was going to get in trouble for what happened. The guy was on the verge of saying he fired the weapon at him, but he hit the brakes really fast. How can you explain the verse Mr. O'Connell said was on his face book page? Queens Bohemian Rhapsody, after Jacob had past away. The lyrics, he has to be hiding some type of guilt.

I haven't said anything before, because I thought that other people could see what is really going on here. I thought that Mr. O'Connell had this case solved. But this semi secret meeting is really for the birds. Piecing the puzzle together from what has been let out by the press.

Hoss McGee

And I do believe I heard the kid on the ottoman is now Brittany's boyfriend!


The kid on the ottoman is Brittany's boyfriend. He was at the time as well. Brittany is Jakes girlfriends sister.


Although I agree with the rest of the posters theory... They were passing the gun around because one of the witnesses were interested in buying it. Brittany admitted that jake knew the gun was loaded and he had said, "be careful that's loaded". All of their interviews are on the justiceforjake Facebook page.


If you have said info, "Really are you ..." you'd better get to the cops before they come to you. I don't think your SUN, 04/28/2013-12:20AM comment will be taken lightly.

Really are you ...

It is my unbiased opinion. This is a blog your thoughts portion of the online newspaper. Anyone could paint this same picture with the information let out by the press. I feel bad for Jacobs family having to be constantly reminded about their loss.


The cops already know luvblues2. The witnesses have already told police in their depositions that they were drinking and that they had all shot the gun at a bucket. When they came inside they passed the gun around again. The story changes after that... The police also know a witness posted the lyrics to the queen song taking about killing a man, putting a gun up to his head after he was asked to take a lie detector test (I think that's when it was).

Julie R.

McGookey says that under the rules of professional conduct, which apply to the court and court staff, it's prohibited for the court or staff member to meet with a witness and discuss a matter without all parties being notified and being given an opportunity to be present. McGookey says that's an ex parte communication, which is directly prohibited.

I don't know if that rule applies to a court staff member but I know for a fact that OHIO LAW flatly prohibits a judge to discuss a matter with only one party present. In fact, that's what the FEDS got those two judges in Cuyahoga County for. I also know for a fact that judges at the Erie County courthouse do it.


What kimmet did was wrong he knows it. He is trying to cover it up. Really are you might be on to something cause if you read all the facts it points to v things he said. Either way the good old boys club in sandusky county needs to be stopped. I know 48 hours has been contacted on this for there help. If you guys want to help more look up the news media and call them and see if we can get them to do a story. Once this hits the major news watch sandusky county do sn about facevin this case.


For a year now the news media has been contacted through various channels. DeWine has been contacted. Various Tv shows have been contacted also. I for one do Not know what how they (media) pick their stories. But,numerous friends & family have tried to reach out for help. This is just sickening!From what I understand is the only way DeWine could step in is for the petition to be signed by hundreds of thousands of people.Why this community and people not signing is my question? Any mother,father,daughter,son,grandparent etc. should because you never know when it might be them seeking help.

indolent indiff...

I have a question. What is the finish line in this case. I understand that everyone wants the determination that he didnt kill himself. I understand that the officials did not do much correctly but is the family looking for a murder conviction?


No, they wanted the death certificate changed to accidental death, which it really should have been in the first place since even if he would have shot himself he didn't do it with suicidal intent.., And the truth!

Random Thoughts

I think changing it to "Accidental Death" is a no brainer, the problem is that the family's attorney wants it changed to "Homicide".


we want mr kimmit to state" I did not have in appropriate relations with this women" although she may have the evidence on her dress;-))


My-my sandusky2012. Such an immature and inappropriate comment.
And you even have a smiley face at the end to show how you so admire your witless comment.


You can't run and hide forever. I think this will all come to light soon. This is just to obvious to be a mistake!


Photos/video,recordings don't lie. Cheap, shallow human beings fearing the truth do.

Julie R.

The story in today's paper is heartbreaking. Bad enough to lose a son and now those poor parents have to go through this? I hope the Register continues to keep on those narcissistic clowns in Sandusky County because nobody else sure is.


I'd like to hear what the Sandusky County Sheriff says about this.


what ya mean the sheriff is just as bad