Limberios family appeals to trustees, Baxter

Sandusky County special prosecutor plans to exhumed Jacob Limberios next week; family appeals for help.
Apr 25, 2013


Mike and Shannon Limberios have turned to Margaretta Township trustees and Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter hoping to stop Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry from exhuming their son's body for a second time from a Castalia cemetery. 

They sent a letter to trustees, Baxter and the Ransom Funeral Home on Tuesday after a judge ruled that he could not stop Henry. 

"Dean Henry, the special prosecutor in the civil case, as well as the criminal case has stated that he has two medical experts who feel it is necessary for second autopsy. Yet he is unwilling to disclose who those experts are or why they feel it is necessary,"  Mike and Shannon Limberios wrote. "It seems as though Dean Henry is in charge of all decision, with no checks and balances. Who does Mr. Henry answer to?"

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The cemetery is owned by Margaretta Township and the Limberios family hopes local officials can stop Henry from digging up Jacob until he can show a second autopsy is necessary. 

The family contends Henry's role as both prosecutor and defense counsel is a conflict of interest that renders him unable to properly investigate Jacob Limberios' death on March 2, 2012.

Sandusky County officials also destroyed evidence, failed to retrieve evidence from the scene and refused previously to order an autopsy. They also have refused to test tissue samples from an autopsy the family contracted months after Jacob was killed.

Sandusky County sheriff's deputies also have conducted multiple interviews with multiple witnesses, in some instances commenting in great detail on the investigation but continuing to withhold public documents related to it.

Sandusky County judges Barbara Ansted and John Dewey appointed Henry as special prosecutor in February in an unusual ruling without a case number and with specific conflicts of their own. They have refused to clarify the appointment or take any action on the question of Henry's conflict, or their own.

Judges Ansted and Dewey also have declined to address an allegation that Sandusky County court administrator Brock Kimmet improperly met with a key witness during a break in a deposition of the witness in February. Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey contends the meeting was improper and Kimmet spoke with the witness about her testimony. 

Sandusky County officials have declined to ask for an independent investigation.


Random Thoughts

Register, are you or are you not going to post any or all of Dr. Wecht's autopsy report, which most people seem to agree is the single most important piece of evidence in this case so far? It's been almost three weeks since both Emil Whitis and Matt Westerhold said that it would be posted.

It's just more ...

I wouldn't count on Mr Westerhold following through on anything he says or even answering your simple question, but he's the first to trash anyone else for not answering HIS questions.

Julie R.

I feel deeply sorry for Mike and Sharon Limberios but why would they seek help from Kevin Baxter?


Julie- I believe the grave is in Erie County. Maybe hoping for an injunction to prevent opening the grave?


When you do dig up Jake, Sandusky Co., and we know you will, dig another hole for yourselves. You're gonna need it.

Joe Schmoe

I sure hope Kevin Baxter or the Margaretta Twp Trustees will grab the bull by its horns and take control of this saga. Makes me sick to my stomach to think Sandusky County does NOT have to answer to anyone. Someone needs to clip their wings, and take them down a few notches !! I hope Margaretta Township & Kevin Baxter can put a stop to this, and not get a name for themselves like Sandusky County officials have !

Julie R.

Baxter already has a name for himself.

(sorry, but I couldn't resist)


Yes, it's Kevin

Julie R.

Kevin Baxter already has a name for himself.

Is that better?

Castalia Gal

This is ridiculous that this family has to go through all of this. Maybe the Limberios family needs to contact a NATIONAL TELEVISION NEWS MEDIA to get more attention for this situation. It usually seems, once the national media gets a foothold things get attention real fast!


Mr. Dean Henry sir, you seem to be playing a "long game" in a short field with no backup nor a good front line. Punt while you can.




Caps lock.


They have already started to do this, right Brady?


I haven't personally reached out to any national news networks, but others have been very persistent in doing so for quite some time. I was however contacted by 48 Hours a few months ago and talked to them briefly; they've seemingly lost interest in the story since then. Unfortunately, I think these networks have difficulty understanding how badly this case needs there attention because it is so complicated and sometimes difficult to follow


Hey Brady, have you gotten off your tush and gotten a job yet, or are you still fleecing your parents. How about you stop spending time pretending you are an expert criminologist and go out and get a job. You are an adult now, and I'm sure your dad would appreciate it.


Yawwnn, I live in my own apartment, attend college full time at Cleveland State University, and have a part time job tutoring elementary students 4 days a week. Why are you pretending to know me?

mhs parent

Brady your continued support for the Limberios Family and Kayleigh is nothing short of commendable!!! I know your Dad and I am sure he is proud of the love and Compassion you have shown Mike, Shannon, Kayleigh and most importantly Ella. Not to mention your dedication to bringing forth Justice for Jake! Keep up the good work!


Hey YAWWNN--Your Hiding behind a FAKE name! So, Your pretending to be someone with kahunas and really don't!


The same internet site that helped expose the Steubenville rape truth.


Luv Again If You Don't Like It Don't Read It, But You Are Sure Showing Your A$$ By Constantly Nitpicking About Nothing Pertaining To The Stories, And Yes I Cap Locked On That Comment Because I Feel Strongly About It, Again Have A Wonderful Day Child


As much as I hate what his parents are going through, this may be needed. I never gave a thought to what happens down the road. What happens if it does end up ruled a homocide and someone is charged? I read another news article where a prosecutor pointed out that one autopsy, paid for by the parents, could be viewed as biased and completely disgarded! It would be awful, after all this, to risk someone walking away scott-free in the end because they toss the only available autopsy! I would hate to be in their shoes and face these choices.


Sash, the thing is Dr. Wecht removed the entry wound from Jacob's body and gave half of it to Sean O'Connel from the Sandusky County Sherrif's department. Therefore, there is nothing on Jacob's body that can be discovered in a second autopsy that would have any sort of evidentiary value. So if they want an expert opinion to cross examine Dr. Wecht's findings, they need to have a pathologist view that tissue sample. Dean Henry claims that a medical expert did examine the tissue and suggested that a second autopsy be conducted. However, we know that the "expert" Dean Henry was referring to was NOT the pathologist from Lucas County that is contracted to perform autopsies for Sandudky County. That is why the family and friends strongly oppose a second internment of Jacob's body.


It's seems like whatever is done it's going to be a lose/lose situation. I don't believe for a second he commited suicide, but they've so completely muddied the waters trying to cover up their ineptitude that I'm not sure his family will ever be confidant they have the truth. It just makes me sick that this all started because of a coroner to lazy to do his job, and then LE and county officials scrambling to protect each other. Why didn't even one of them have the decency to stop and ask themselves, "What if this was my son?" I have to wonder how they can look themselves in the mirror each day.


well said, Sash!


well said, Sash!


Sash, you said it very well. I don't know how they can sleep at night or face their reflection in the mirror every day!

Kottage Kat

Perhaps start with Cleveland and Toledo news it may go national from there.
Just a thought


Jake's story has been on Cleveland's news at least once and Toledo's multiple times.


It's my understanding that Attorney McGookey on behalf of the Limberios family requested the two Sandusky Judges be removed and that was done. After a hearing lasting nearly two hours, visiting Judge Charles Wittenberg ruled that the exhumation could go forward. What makes anyone think that the Margeretta Township Trustees or Erie County Prosecutor Kevin Baxter have any authority to stand in the way of a Court Order? What is the legal basis for such thinking? Why not simply appeal Judge Wittenberg's ruling to the Court of Appeals in Toledo? Finally, when are we going to see a Register article explaining the removal of the Sandusky County Judges and the appointment of Judge Wittenberg? Seems to be an important part of the story being overlooked by the Register. Of course, sloppy reporting is nothing new.

sandtown born a...

Sounds like some info that needs to be reported


Appeals cost a lot of money. How about you "jas" who claims to be an attorney help the Sandusky Register find the truth pro bono? It is your civic duty to do so.


@ Jas

Possibly try looking at this through the eyes of this mother and father who only want to know what really happen to their son?? I know that may be hard for such an "informed" person as yourself, but it seems to me that the family is begging for someone who matters to lend them a hand, because for now all they have is a bunch of us "nobodys" supporting them on here and on I said in my post, youre right about one thing, these "people" they are appealing to, wont do a thing, it may not be because they CANT, but that they WONT.....Instead of just admitting they messed this whole thing up, they choose to stick it to this poor family....class act they are...


While I applaud this families effort to appeal to the trustees and/or judges or prosecutors......fact is once you become one of these people, you have to check your soul at the door. They are people with their own agenda and the last thing they care about, is human compassion. If in fact there is a cover up here, then there is nothing anyone can say to stop this, especially when the "law" is on their side. Of course this is the laws THEY created, so how can it ever go against them. I cant say I have been following every second of this sad story, but I have heard and read enough to know that the Sheriff's Dept botched the investigation, this tissue that was taken from this poor child was not sent out to anyone and no one seems to know now just to show the family exactly how much power they have they decide to make them re-live their own personal Hell and exhume this child again. So, while I will continue to pray for this family and applaud their efforts, as well as, that of the Sandusky Register for keeping this story at the forefront, their appeals are falling on the hearts of those, who basically have no hearts...good luck to you!!