UPDATE: Judge will let exhumation go forward

A judge on Tuesday dropped a temporary injucntion preventing Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry from having a second exhumation of Jacob Limberios.
Apr 23, 2013


The Limberios family hoped to stop a second exhumation, autopsy and also wanted to remove Sandusky County judges from the criminal investigation and Henry as special prosecutor. 

A hearing before visiting judge Charles Wittenberg happened Tuesday afternoon.

Limberios was killed March 2, 2012. 

Limberios attorney Dan McGookey also wants to remove Dean Henry as special prosecutor in the criminal investigation and also force Sandusky County judges Barbara Ansted and John Dewey to remove themselves from the case and allow an independent prosecutor to be named. 

Reporter Jessica Cuffman is at the hearing. Check back here for updates as they are available and get Wednesday's Register for more on this developing story. Click here for the ePaper, for home delivery or buy the Register daily at a newsstand near you. 

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Good Luck to the family and friends who have shown non-stop support. Also, waiting on jas and mikel to comment on how the SR is profiting by writing news stories (i.e. their agenda). Especially relevant situations in the area, about a family getting the answers it deserves.


The Sandusky Register has never been "on the side of angels" in any case and they aren't in this one but Westerhold is acting as if they are. They are using this tragedy to sell more newspapers. Almost every article written ends with referring us to their epaper or home delivery to get the "complete" story instead of providing a public service as well as maximizing help to the family by sharing all the details in every way, shape or form they can. If the Register simply has good intentions to help the familty, they wouldn't hold back anything on the internet by telling us all to buy their epaper or get home delivery. They're trying to make a buck off this family's tragedy.

It's just like the tabloids who put outrageous headlines or photos on the front page so we're tempted to buy them and look inside. When the Register doesn't give all the details on the internet and tells its readers they can get the complete story if they buy the epaper or get home delivery, they are doing the exact same thing as the tabloids. I don't begrudge the Register in trying to make a buck. Just don't pretend you're "holier than thou" when you're doing it.

Finally, I have great sympathy for the tragedy the Limberios family has had to endure. Sandusky County has acted with complete incompetence. The people should remember that at election time and when they are tempted to blindly accept anything law enforcement does. The mistakes made in this case happen more often than the public knows. Perhaps the Register can do some real journalism and provide a real public service by investigating other cases of law enforcement screw ups and see if there is some sort of pattern. Of course, if it is being done as a real public service, such an expose should be available to everyone and not just those who subscribe to the epaper or home delivery. That would just be business as usual for the Register and not real journalism.


I would normally agree, but in this case I do not. If it weren't for the Sandusky Register, this case would not have received the attention it did, Sandusky County officials would not be held accountable and the case would have closed without the Limberios' getting the answers they deserve. Keep up the good work SR! And JAS, if you want the whole story, buy the newspaper like the rest of us. Don't expect any handouts.


Praying for a favorable outcome for the Limberios family and Justice for Jake! Thank you, SR for keeping this story in the public eye!!

Kottage Kat

All are in my thoughts and prayers





I don't know who is being protected or who the county thinks they are fooling, but to disinter him a second time when they've never even reviewed the tissue samples provided from the first autopsy (after REFUSING to conduct their own), is abhorrent. This makes me physically ill. How much more is the family going to have to endure at the price of Sandusky County attempting to save face?


WHAT THE $#&*??!! What is being covered up and why?! This is BS!

Kottage Kat

I would hope they send the body to Lucas
Co. And let their expert observe the autopsy


Sandusky Co.is building a house of cards IMHO. I can't wait to see what plays out when it all falls down.


Didn't they get it all the first time?? let a pro handle this...poor kid...let him rest in peace!


its so sad the family and friends of this young man have to endure all this pain. These people who investigated etc this case are suppose to be professionals. They certainly have not acted like people who know what they are doing.

Its long overdue for this case to be taken over by the State of Ohio and out of the hands of the local authorities.


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ABSURD, Im sorry but someone needs to smack the $hit out of these judges, what the heII is the matter with people. The laws are awful anymore and they are only allowing this to happen because they know they are about to get the $hit sued out of them so now they need to back track and cover up their screw ups. I hope like heII this family takes Sandusky County down, I hope they have to pay every penny the county gets for the next 20 years to this family and I hope those teenagers that were present for this incident end up getting caught up as well. Their families will have to pay damages as well, look at the pain and suffering this family is enduring because their child cannot just rest in peace. This obviously has me fired up but good thing its not my family member....! Sandusky County Officials YOU SUCK and YOU SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!

Julie R.


Now The Rest of...

Sandusky County-3, The Register's favorite lawyer-0

Now The Rest of...

Story Line- Register keeps it going, circulation must be down....


Good to see that someone else sees beyond the headlines.


oh my god , these Judges need to be thrown in jail and through away the key .They arent any better then the ones that are placed in that jail over their and they must think they are above the law


Julie R.



I'm sure if the family did not want SR to cover this story to this extent, they would respond with a "no comment". I also hope the attention drawn to how incompetent and corrupt Sandusky County officials are will be reflected at election time. I pray this family eventually gets closure, peace, and justice.


Sense we have a may 5th election to bad the residents in Sandusky County could have gotten enough people to sign a pitition to remove all the people that are involved in this case voted out . or why cant someone file a complain with the sate bar , and get there right to pratice law removed , and that will remove them from this case and new people will take over and maybe put this thing to rest once and for all
if enough people get envolve by signing a pitition and send it along with the complaint , the state bar will have no other direction but to investigate this matter to find out of the Judges in this case and lawyers are doing the things needed to uphold the law as well as make sure that justice no matter what that maybe , will prevail
And hopifully the sate appeals court can over turn the ruling of the lawer court and order an complete investigation into this matter
I an not a lawyer , but just a person that thinks that county as well as sate have been doing an end run and not doing the job that they are elected to do
And as far as digging that boy up again , well the families lawyer needs to appeal that ruling , if it means going all the way to the U.s courts
As well as ask the sixth district court of appeals to place an emergancy stay on this rulling till the families lawyer can argue the families case


gene44870, your typing skills give me a freaking headache.