Limberios protest spreads

Resident posts big sign along Ohio 269
Apr 22, 2013


The sign demands Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine take over the criminal investigation into the death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios on March 2, 2012.

"Justice for Jake Limberios! DeWine please step in. Shame on you Sandusky County," the sign states. 

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money maker


Agree. Another money maker for the Register. However - Thou shalt not question the motives of the holier than thou Sandusky Register, lest you will be banned.

indolent indiff...

these are the same goofy people that put up the signs hating Margaretta schools. HOPE we get some answers for their family but don't act like these individuals are anything more than the most negative citizens


That sign is in Mike and Shannon's yard. You mean the Limberioses are the "goofy people that put up the signs hating Margaretta"? I think they have better things to fight for.


YOU have NOT a clue what you are talking about!!! NO sign was EVER in that yard hating Margaretta yard schools!So Please get your facts straight! You look goofy saying this! And as far as being "most negative citizens" WRONG!! Supporting a family is NOT negative! Gee-sh!!!


I was just going to say that...

indolent indiff...

my mistake. I thought it was in another yard. I apologize.

Kottage Kat

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indolent indiff...

i need it, i really thought i knew what i was talking about..... nope. I agree that they need an answer. I hope the real answer gives closure not just more questions and arguments.

Truth or Dare

Curious as to whether or not the SR's public records request from the BCI and OAG's office for copies of their reports regarding this matter have been fullfilled or denied? If not, why not? Any excuses given, or are the requests just being ignored? If that's the case, it says alot in and of itself!

Mailed off SR copies of this story to the Cleveland ACLU. I know most here hate them, but they and other Civil Rights orgs. exist for reasons such as this.


Isn't it odd that the ACLU is the villain until either you or someone you know is having their rights violated? If there is pending litigation, a government entity can deny a public records request. That's one of many reasons why Attorney McGookey's strategy of filing a lawsuit first before mounting a public relations campaign was a bad idea. Once the lawsuit is filed, McGookey is limited to the Discovery process to legally gain information. He tied his own hands. Definitely bad legal strategy.