Limberios tissue sample never tested

Sandusky County officials offer no explanation why they didn't follow through after retrieving the sample from Pittsburgh medical office.
Apr 9, 2013


But the Register has confirmed they never sent the tissue sample to the Lucas County coroner's office after picking it up from Dr. Cyril Wecht, who performed an autopsy in September under contract with the Limberios family. County officials had steadfastly refused to order an autopsy previous to that. 

"As of this date, my office has not received a request to do a second autopsy on Mr Limberios, nor have we received any tissue samples," Lucas County deputy coroner Cynthia S. Beisser said. "Our office policy is to refer questions about out-of-county cases to the Coroner who has requested the autopsy.  If and when we receive a request for an autopsy on Mr. Limberios, we will follow that policy.

Special prosecutor Dean Henry, who is also serving as the defense counsel for county officials, indicated previously the sample would be tested, but he has declined to answer questions about the status of the sample for several weeks. Wecht contends that stippling evident in the sample represents "incontrovertible evidence" that Jacob Limberios was not holding the gun when he was shot and killed March 2, 2012. Wecht, who has been a county coroner in Pennsylvania for decades, ruled Jacob's death a homicide. 
County officials are maintaining that Limberios committed suicide, although it might have been an accident, a ruling Wecht has called "oxymoronic."

Despite the previous refusal to order an autopsy, on Monday Dean sent notice that county coroner John Wukie is ordering a second exhumation of Jacob Limberios' body so that a second autopsy could be conducted.  

The Limberios family is opposing the order awaiting more information why a second autopsy is necessary. Dean previously suggested the value of a second autopsy was questionable. He has declined to offer an explanation for the change in his thinking, or say whether the tissue sample has been held or destroyed. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios will be the guests at 2 p.m. today on "Between the Lines Live" at reacting to Dean's decision to seek a second exhumation. The program will be available for demand viewing later today.    

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Shame on Sandusky county officials and Mr. Henry for allowing this nonsense to continue! If you didn't use the sample provided to you then you do not deserve the right to exhume that poor boy again! The way I feel, is that Henry is doing this out of spite towards Jake's family. Again, shame on him! I hope he can step back and think how he'd feel if this was his child he was fighting for!!!!!


here we go again!!!!


When is the AG going to step in and take over the investigation?


Have you signed our online petition that seeks to accomplish that?

Colonel Angus

Could you please post the link again to sign the online petition? I'm sure with each new story new people will see it and sign it. Jake and his family are blessed to have friends like you. Keep fighting, the community is behind you 100%!

BULLISDEEP's picture

yes, looks like you are close!


It sounds like they are wanting to dig that kid back up so they can find a way to distort the finding of the only autopsy that was preformed
The sandusky county had their bite at the apple and now cause they didnt like it they are wanting a second one that in my book they should not get , I am not sure what the law reads in refrence to this matter , but if it is granted then the law should be review and maybe even change in the best intrest of the family as well as to ensure that the victim as well as the family can get the justice they deserve
And the truth can finally come out . Its been a long road and everyone involved should be able to put this to bed and let the truth be known


When is someone with authority over Sandusky County going to take this over? I do not understand!!!


Have you signed our online petition that seeks to accomplish that?

Kottage Kat

Hope you have saved and will send all articles and reports with the petition
That SR has done a great job covering and reporting.
The AG needs all the information
Five on your side
The media should be covering this also
Pressure them still they squeal

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Colonel Angus

Thanks Bull. I signed it. It only takes a minute to do. I urge everyone to give 60 seconds of their time to Jake and his loved ones and sign the petition.


I did sign.


I would like everyone to return to the room after lunch....."someone WILL be FIRED!"

Kottage Kat

My Bio mother killed my Bio father when I was 14weeks old
Have lived with questions for 64 years
Do not want that for Jake's daughter


Sorry for your loss Kat

Kottage Kat

Thank you
Want them to have answers for Jake's daughter
she deserves to know the truth
As does all members and friends of this family
To let this travisty of justice go unpunished is so wrong
To those who say they do not want to involved
If you live in sandusky county you are
I do not, however I want this little girl to have answers.
The ones I am still. Looking for
God bless the Limberios family


This is getting ridiculous. Nothing is getting answered, only more questions. Why do they NOW want an autopsy? They should have done that when this happened. It didn't seem important to them at the time, did it? Why now? It seems like they sure waited long enough to say they needed one. I thought they were so sure it was an accidental suicide they closed this before it even began. So why now is an autopsy so important to the very people making the decision that it wasn't murder?

You can't unring a bell, folks. They goofed. Why not admit it and be done with it? Otherwise, don't dig this man back up and submit him to still another autopsy that will serve no reason but to create more questions than answers. It seems pointless to disturb him for their own curiosity.


things just aren't adding up here ! some type of cover-up , perhaps !!!!


I know Dean Henry does not like to answer questions, but I think the family needs to meet with him since he said he would. I think the question they should ask is, "What is your focus when representing the county officials in defense of this case?" The obvious answer is protecting the best interests of his clients. They should then ask how he could also be serving the best interests of the family and victim, when he is also aiming to protect the county officials. We all know it is a ridiculous dual role, but if he is up to a meeting they need to say it to him and record it...


Very very true!


The county got caught doing sloppy work and now they are back tracking trying to correct things. Because this is such a botch investigation, the attorney general shouldn't wait to be asked to take over the case. The case is so botched that they may never know what really happened. The elected officials need be held accountable