Wukie demands to dig up Jacob Limberios, again

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry, who also is serving as county coroner John Wukie's defense counsel, wants a second exhumation of Jacob Limberios' body.
Emil Whitis
Apr 8, 2013

Henry sent notification of the intention to dig up the body 17 minutes after he was copied on an email to Dr. Cynthia Beisser of the Lucas County coroner's office. Henry had previously arranged for Beisser to examine a tissue sample from a previous autopsy conducted in September by Dr. Cyril Wecht.

The Limberios family contracted Wecht after Sandusky County officials refused to conduct an initial autopsy.

Limberios was killed March 2, 2012, and Wukie ruled the death a suicide that might have been accidental. It was a ruling he issued that same night, without ever visiting the crime scene or examining the body. Sheriff's deputies allegedly discarded evidence and informed Wukie of their findings in a telephone call.  

Wecht ruled the death a homicide based on the tissue sample due to the lack of "stippling," or gunpowder burn marks near the wound. Henry agreed to have that sample tested, but has not indicated if he followed through. Beisser was supposed to conduct that testing.

Click of the PDF below to read Wukie's exhumation order. 

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good point


He suggested that Sandusky county have an expert of their choice examine the tissue sample and stated they would find the same thing he did. He told sandusky county to do this because he knows as everyone else does that in a trial each side has their own expert witness and testimony. If he was such a crackpot and was lying about his findings he would not have sent the tissue sample to Sandusky county and he certainly would not have called Dean Henry out personally for saying he was paid to lie about his findings!


I think the state needs to take over this investigaton. I don't Sandusky County is capable of dong the job....they seem to have boched it up time after time. AND whats worse they don't admit mistakes they just change to story to get out of the most recent mess only to get in another mess down the road.

This is long overdue for the Ohio Attorney General to take over the case. It it warrants then legal action needs to be taken against those Sandusky County officials who are at fault.


Clearly Sandusky County is not capable. And the system is messed up if the Attorney General can't see the controversy and facts and step in himself.


Seems kinda fishy to me there is no date on the order to exhume by Sandusky County Coroner !!! How many times has the individual been exhumed ? Could the Register obtain the orders to exhume and compare them ???


I thought the same thing - No Date!


Unbelieviable . Thats all I can say .Someone screwed up this case from the beginning and now they want to dig up that poor kid again ? I just was thinking that the only reason he wants this is to cover up the screw up

Matt Westerhold


Thanks gene44870. It is difficult to understand the developments, and Dean Henry's dual role as prosecutor and defense counsel do seem to conflict. But Henry's not affording comment for the Register's ongoing news coverage. It seems also that missteps continue to occur. Detective O'Connell's taped "interview" with Brady Gasser is troubling in a variety of ways. He comments extensively on his findings, which Dean Henry has no record of, it seems, or will not release. 

Mike and Shannon Limberios are the guests at 2 p.m. today on "Between the Lines Live" reacting to Dean's decision to seek a second exhumation of Jake's body. The program will be available later on Tuesday for demand viewing.



If I was a resident of sandusky county , I would go the board of elections and get the forms needed to get everyone that is elected kicked out of office and hold a special election to elect all new
And I would like to know where the county commissioners are through all this , they are suppose to over see the office of the Sheriff and make sure that this office is help to a certain standerd .
and the state licends department should check out the so call coroner.
And maybe go after his licends and that will get him out and get him replace with someone that is going to to do the job the way its suppose to be done
From what I understand the ones that made the first contact at the seen should be taken off and place on suspension till these is resolved and this cause could be turned over to 1 THE STATE HIGHWAY PATROL 2 THE FBI OR THE AGs office
Digging this poor kid up again will serve nothin that couldnt have been done from the time of the shooting , plain and simple


what I don't understand is why someone from the state doesn't step in?

Truth or Dare

It's my understanding that the Ohio Attorney General must be invited in by your County Prosecutor. Do you think he's going to invite an investigation into his own possible malfesance, let alone any other County officials?! The way I see it, it's a protection clause/loophole for those holding office. They certainly had their opportunity to conduct an autopsy of which the family requested! They refused that request from the git-go!

Google Frontline's Documentary, "Post Mortum" and get the real skinny on what's going on throughout this country w/County (elected) Coroners. You will/should be shocked, and your eyes will hopefully be opened.

Question for Matt Westerhold or Emil: In Erie County when an autopsy needs performed or is requested, where is the body of the deceased sent, where is that autopsy performed and under what kind of conditions, and exactly what are the credentials, the amount of education the Coroner possesses? Anyone know?


The coroner is an elected position, he or she doesn't technically need any experience...a forensic pathologist like Dr. Wecht on the other hand is trained in exactly this; using forensic evidence in an autopsy to determine cause of death.


And I believe all the autopsies from this area are sent to Lucas County.

Julie R.

I think it's horrible what Sandusky County is pulling off here. Another exhumation? That poor kid can't even rest in peace.

Kottage Kat

Truth or dare
Who in that crew is going to invite the AG to look at this fiasco