Wukie demands to dig up Jacob Limberios, again

Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry, who also is serving as county coroner John Wukie's defense counsel, wants a second exhumation of Jacob Limberios' body.
Emil Whitis
Apr 8, 2013

Henry sent notification of the intention to dig up the body 17 minutes after he was copied on an email to Dr. Cynthia Beisser of the Lucas County coroner's office. Henry had previously arranged for Beisser to examine a tissue sample from a previous autopsy conducted in September by Dr. Cyril Wecht.

The Limberios family contracted Wecht after Sandusky County officials refused to conduct an initial autopsy.

Limberios was killed March 2, 2012, and Wukie ruled the death a suicide that might have been accidental. It was a ruling he issued that same night, without ever visiting the crime scene or examining the body. Sheriff's deputies allegedly discarded evidence and informed Wukie of their findings in a telephone call.  

Wecht ruled the death a homicide based on the tissue sample due to the lack of "stippling," or gunpowder burn marks near the wound. Henry agreed to have that sample tested, but has not indicated if he followed through. Beisser was supposed to conduct that testing.

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This is getting old how many times are they going to dig him up? 10 ? 20?


Dean Henry is feeling the fire. I personally would have two M.E.s there that have no bias whatsoever.

When will the AG get involved in this? Dammit!

Kottage Kat

Should have done his job
Just wonder if family can intercede


I want to know.... on whose email was Mr. Henry copied onto that went
to Dr Beisser of Lucas County ? OBVIOUSLY, it triggered a quick and
immediate response from Mr. Henry !!! ( 17 minutes later. So, after
one figures in the time to read the email then compose a new email the
time frame is immediately after it was received and read by Mr Henry. )

Luke Eddy

I really have no words to describe how fed up I am with Sandusky County...They missed their opporitunity to conduct an autopsy when it should have been done back in March of 2012! Why is it that only when they are being pressured that they can go back and dig my friend back up. Good luck finding a Just Cause to exhume him because you guys dont have one.

mhs parent

Wow I have not words to describe how disgusted I am. This is completely unnecessary when they have been given a sample from the last autopsy. The lack of respect for Jacob and his Family through out this entire thing makes me SICK! Sandusky County Officials, I do not know how you sleep at night!


Sad for the family but now it's a matter of someone needs to lose their job over this nonsense!


Justice for Jake?? May he rest in peace. Nothing is going to change. The really cool kid is gone. I hope that he is peaceful...I just wish everyone else could find some level of peace...no knowledge of those days events will change the outcome..and I hope that the family and friends can put this to rest...along with Jake!


sorry for multi


again a multi


Our wonderful public servants.


Clearly, the coroner, Dr. Wukie, should have done a more thorough examination at the time the death was discovered. However, I hope no one, especially the family, relies on any information from Dr. Wecht. He has ZERO credibility in the medical community and has a history of being only out to get publicity for himself. Please rely on others. If anyone brings Dr. Wecht into this case, it will become even a bigger circus than it has already become. He will add nothing to the search for truth. And most importantly, please get the Attorney General involved at all costs. Filing the lawsuit against the Sandusky County Officials was a tactical mistake. There will be plenty of time to hold them legally accountable. The lawsuit just contributes to the delay.

Julie R.

@ jas: Where are you getting your information from that makes you think Dr. Cyril Wecht has zero credibility?


Jas is confusing Dr. Wecht's actual autopsy with Dr. Wukie's lack thereof obviously. Again Jas, Dr. Wecht is the ONLY one that has been involved in this case that has said anything that made sense. Obviously he has some credibility in the medical community because the Ohio State University referred the family to him and he continues to be called upon as an expert in high profile cases. This publicity you speak of is because people are asking him to look into cases. He's not knocking down doors asking to examine their dead relatives.


Julie R., google Dr. Wecht for yourself and read some of his history. He's too controversial and will be a distraction in searching for the truth. I have no idea whether what is said about him is true or not. It really doesn't matter. In either a criminal case or civil case, the opposing attorney will have a field day with Dr. Wecht. His history will become a side show and hurt the family's case. I'm not saying Wecht is wrong or doesn't know what he is talking about. From what I've read, his conclusions make sense but his personal history will become a distraction because it will definitely be an issue when he is cross-examined by any competent attorney. I'm just saying, get a better expert. Wecht could be a problem the familty doesn't need. They don't need him to be a distraction from the case. Wecht's side show might be interesting to you and me but it could distract the jury from deciding the case correctly.


Wecht was "controversial" because he fought against law enforcement for a family (sound familiar?) because of that the prosecutor had him indicted on charges of misusing funds which were all dropped but one that he was found not guilty of...


There were two seperate incidents involving Wecht. He was indicted by county officials in one case in 1981 and Federal officials in another in 2005. In the county case, he agreed to repay $200,000 to the county. That doesn't happen if you're completely innocent. Perhaps he didn't commit a crime but something wasn't right. It really doesn't matter if any of the accusations against Wecht are true or not. He's too controversial and his notoriety will be a distraction. If I were advising the family, I would tell them to get somebody else who doesn't have such a controversial history that could become a distraction in the case.


How about sharing two internet links about Dr. Wecht showing he is a "crackpot" as you stated, jas? I do know that the powers that be in Pennsylvania went after Dr. Wecht which was politically motivated.

The problem is not Dr. Wecht but with the Sandusky County (Ohio) coroner. What kind of coroner does not go to the scene of a murder or examine the body?

"Wukie ruled the death a suicide based on what Sandusky County Sheriff’s deputies told him about the scene and their interviews with the three witnesses, Henry has said. Wukie did not examine the body or go to the death scene."

I ask again, what kind of coroner does not go to the scene of the murder and never examines the body? Instead he takes the word of some deputies and three young people?

I would love to be there in court when the opposing attorney will have a field day with Wukie. I do know of three questions that will be asked of Wukie.

Did you examine the body? (Wukie)NO

Did you go to the crime scene? (Wukie)NO

Why not? (Wukie)I got all the information that I needed from three teens and Sandusky County (Ohio) Sheriff deputies.


It doesn't matter whether the charges against Wecht were true or not. It is always better to have an expert with a "clean" record. If there is any question about his history, it takes away from the strength of your case. Clearly, Wukie screwed up. I'm not questioning that. But why make Wecht's history a possible issue in the case when there are plenty of other less controversial experts that could just as easily testfy for you? Any competent attorney would love to cross-examine Wecht and make his past an issue when it clearly is not. You want the focus of the case to be on how Sandusky County Officials screwed up and not on Wecht's controversial past. You just weaken your case by bringing Wecht into it. Even though Wecht's conclusions seem sound, why let a side issue like his history distract from the search for the truth?


Somebody advised the family to use Wecht. I read that in one of the articles about this.

Luke Eddy

Yes the family contacted OSU and they referred the family to Dr. Wecht


EXACTLY! What kind of coroner does NOT go to a crime scene?


And again Jas, the lawsuit against Sandusky County was filed to get them to reopen the investigation. Do you really think it would have been done otherwise? What happened to the tissue sample Dr. Wecht sent them to examine? It would have been very simple for them to have their own expert examine this tissue and agree or disagree with Wecht's findings but they couldn't even do that right.


I'm not questioning the fact that Sandusky County Officials screwed up. Clearly, they did. I believe immediately filing a lawsuit was not a good strategy to get to the truth and hold people accountable. It created more delay and allows Sandusky County Officials to legitimately have "no comment" on the case since they're being sued. It also eliminates the chance to get some information through a request for public records under the Public Records law since a lawsuit has been filed. There was plenty of time to file a lawsuit later if necessary.

The family could have mounted its campaign to get the Attorney General involved without filing a lawsuit first. They didn't need a lawsuit to have the body exhumed and examined by an expert. With or without a lawsuit, the Sandusky County Officials can't be legally forced to reopen an investigation. In my opinion, the pressure of adverse publicity most likely caused them to reopen the investigation. Again, public pressure could have been applied without a lawsuit. They gained nothing from filing the lawsuit that could not have been gained without filing it and they have suffered adverse consequences that they wouldn't have had to bear by filing it as well.


The family did not immediately file a law suit. They tried to get Sandusky County to do their jobs for MONTHS before filing a lawsuit. If the county had any intentions of doing an investigation related to Jakes death they would have done it in the months prior to the lawsuit being filed!


Say what you will about Wecht, but I would say that a coroner that chooses not to respond to the scene of the shooting death of a 19 year old has some deep rooted issues. I mean come on! Law enforcement was on scene for nearly 2.5 hours and the witness statements were not matching up. Further, there was clearly underage drinking yet Wukie doesn't show up or order an autopsy prior to allowing the body to be prepped for burial!!! That is absolutely ridiculous and shows a complete lack of professionalism and concern for getting the facts straight. Then, Detective O'Connell comments that it wasn't necessary to get an autopsy out of concern for tax payer dollars!!! Again, a 19 year old shooting victim with conflicting witness statements. I would say tax payers stood to save LOTS of money had this case been handled appropriately from the start.


Slacker, all you say about the case may very well be true but why interject a controversial figure like Dr. Wecht into the case to distract away from the truth and get justice for the family? Why not use a less controversial expert who won't distract away from the fact of how badly Sandusky County Officials screwed up? If you leave Wecht out, his past history doesn't become an issue.


Any indiscretions Wecht may have are trumped by his extensive experience and the many indiscretions of Sandusky County in my opinion.


If it wasn't for Wecht and Westerhold, this case would have been closed by the inept Sandusky County officials long ago. Their actions have forced Overmyer, Henry, Wukie, O'Connell, and others in Sandusky County to be held accountable.


Slacker, perhaps you're right but I think the publicity was a much bigger factor than Wecht. The family needs a different expert. Even Wecht himself suggested another expert examine the case. Getting someone else certainly doesn't weaken the case. It makes it stronger because it eliminates Wecht's past history as an issue.