DeWine asked to take over criminal probe

A $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction is being offered and more than 1,500 people have signed an online petition for the Ohio attorney general to "take authority" in Jacob Limberios criminal probe.
Mar 30, 2013


The petition posted at the Justice for JAKE Facebook page has garnered more than 1,500 signatures in just a few days, according to a report from the social media site. 

The page also includes a post offering a $5,000 reward "to anyone who provides new information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot Jake." 

"To report such information, please call (419) 502-7223. Be advised that all phone calls will be strictly confidential. Your express written approval will be required to divulge any information given."

Some signers left their own posts about why they signed the petition, which was first posted March 21. 

"I'm appalled at the way (Sandusky County officials) have handled this from the start. I don't understand why they are doing this," a Huron woman posted. 

Another poster said the only way to get a conclusion in the 13-month criminal investigation is for DeWine to step in.

"No family should have to bare the burden that the ineptitude of the Sandusky County authorities have put this family through. It could have been quelled and should, by now, be over. A full investigation by AG DeWine's office is not only needed, but by all that is humanly just demanded."

Jacob Limberios, 19, was killed March 2, 2012, inside a Clyde home. Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer and deputies finished a criminal investigation within just hours after he was killed, concluding Jake shot himself in the head. County coroner John Wukie ruled the death a suicide but also stated that it might have been accidental. The coroner never went to the crime scene, nor did he order an autopsy.

Want to see petition?
What: Petition asking Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to conduct an independent investigation
WhereJustice for JAKE

Overmyer and deputies finished up quickly and determined Jake was responsible for his own death, and advised Wukie of that in a telephone call. The lead detective in the current investigation has stated in an email that witness statements provided by three individuals who were also inside the home are "inconsistent" and  contain "lies." 

Some evidence was not collected during Overmyer's initial investigation and blood-spattered evidence and clothing worn by witnesses was discarded.

The Justice for JAKE Facebook page was created by Brady Gasser, a friend of Jacob's and the Limberios family. He and Kayleigh Bowers, Jacob's girlfriend and mother of Jacob's 4-year-old daughter, are driving the social media effort to put pressure on county officials. Jacob's parents, Mike and Shannon, also have repeatedly asked county officials for answers without response or follow through from investigators.  

Dean Henry, a private attorney, was appointed last year as defense counsel for the county after the Limberios family filed a lawsuit hoping to force county officials to conduct a competent investigation of Jacob's death. Henry also was appointed the special prosecutor in the criminal investigation that is currently underway. 

Henry has refused say what he's currently investigating, however, and has not answered questions about the appearance of a conflict of interest in performing the dual roles as defense counsel and criminal investigator.

Henry also has refused to provide any updates to the Limberios family, and Sandusky County officials have refused to ask for an independent investigation.

DeWine previously stated the attorney general's office is prohibited from stepping in and providing an independent investigation unless it is asked to do so by local law enforcement officials. 


Click here for demand viewing of a "Between the Lines" interview with Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer and Dean Henry. Those interviews start at about the 20-minute mark in the video.

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Kottage Kat

Sell. JUSTICE 4 JAKE. T-shirts to help with reward $$
Put this travisty of justice out on the street
Perhaps a local T-shirt company would help
Know I would buy one or more

Luke Eddy

We actually do have someone in the process of getting T-shirts made I will post more information on our page and how to order them when I find out.

Kottage Kat

Can't get Facebook on phone
Have no internet
perhaps the SR would post something


I'd like to give Luke Eddy the credit he deserves regarding the Justice for JAKE Facebook page. It is true that I technically created the page and the petition, but Luke had been very instrumental in the content if the page. He has uploaded all of the evidence onto the page. No one is really concerned with receiving recognition; this is for Jake, but I want to give credit where credit is dues.


I for one commend all of you that want to find out why this is being covered up. I have signed the petition with my real name and all info. We cannot let things like this slide away.

Chapter 313: CORONER
The coroner shall keep a complete record of and shall fill in the cause of death on the death certificate, in all cases coming under his jurisdiction.
313.10 Records to be public - certified copies as evidence.

Señor Clown
2923.21 Improperly furnishing firearms to minor
Of note: A(2), A(3), A(5), A(7), violation of which is a fifth degree felony.


I hope the AG DOES get involved in this, despite his "ties" to the Sheriff in drug dealing arrests. Perhaps his involvment will bring this tragedy to an end once and for all. If someone is lying about things, it is time to bring this to light and get it out in the open. No one should be shielded from possible murder charges, even if it was an accident. If it was an accidental suicide, then it is time to find out once and for all. To me, this has been a "close to the vest, closed mouthed, investigation" that smacks of wrong doing somewhere that indicates it wasn't suicide at all. So lets have the truth and get it over with, shall we?


DeWine shouldn't have to wait for an invitation. This case should have been turned over to him a long time ago. The people who have covered this up should be fired.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


As I wrote Sarurday, the results of this fiasco is in the hands -- and minds -- of the three witnesses. Mr. Register, are the witnesses "gagged" by the court somehow? Can "that" prosecutor possibly have had that much influence?

The M.E. at The Register has been the local, main force in agonizing the prosecutor with honest, responsible and accurate questions. He is doing a great service to the newspaper's subscribers and its advertisers .

So, Matt, are you allowed to talk to the witnesses? Where is your Cleveland attorney (Dave Marbuger? In the "old days" he would have walked to Sandusky to intervene and to build a huge civil action against these "elected politicians." who are all on the taxpayer's payroll.

I will write this for the third time. To The Register, set up a meeting with other area newspapers and with a representative of the Associated Press. Hell, try for the Chief of Bureau. I have her phone number, and email address.

Seriously, these bandits of justice will do some time.

So there!


I am sorry I personally (only MY opinion) find it kind of disturbing to use HIS child as a pawn in this "petition". She is an INNOCENT child and should not be "used". As a mother I would not have used my child in this kind of situation. I understand the need for information and the need for publicity, but never at the expense of a child.


HIS daughter is not being used as a pawn. SHE deserves answers regarding her fathers death! If she has been put in the situation where she has to ask for information in her fathers death it is because of the Sandusky County officials, not the family! Would it make you feel better if this was never posted and then when she is an adult she has unanswered questions?


I did NOT say that answers are not needed or deserved. I do not like seeing a child used to make a statement. The same sign could have been held by ANYONE. As a mother myself I would never have my child do this. I feel as if they used his daughter to get more "shock" value. I am sorry if MY opinion offends you. I would demand answers too. I would be doing all I could to get anyone's attention, but I would not use my baby. Can you honestly tell me this baby had the idea to do this? That this child knows what facebook is? That she knows WHO she is demanding answers from? MY PERSONAL opinion is MINE and mine alone.


So are you also offended when they use kids with cancer to get donations or awareness? When they use the suffering kids in poverty to get donations or awareness? When they use puppies to get donations or awareness?
You don't think she asks where her daddy is? You don't think she will want to know what happened to him?
If you don't like that the family used his daughter, that's your right, but YOUR opinion could have been kept of a public forum if YOU didn't want anyone to disagree ;) I don't think the family needs your criticism.


The register should just post a new article every day saying Dean Henry still hasn't completed the investigation and that mug shot picture of him. Clever titles and captions. I can only imagine how frustrated Dean would be. He is already completely on edge over this.




Dean Henry and many of the powers that be in Ohio have been put on notice. Finally an Ohio newspaper will begin to expose the powers that be.