Dean Henry billed $8.5K to Sandusky County in March

Special prosecutor declines comment in Limberios investigation; offers vague criticism of news coverage. Click here to review invoice.
Mar 29, 2013


Special prosecutor Dean Henry billed $8,456 in March for his services in defending a lawsuit against the county while also conducting the criminal investigation directly related to it.

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The prosecutor did offer his view of the news coverage regarding his dual role, which the Limberios family contends is a conflict of interest.  

"The reporting of this matter by the Sandusky Register has been inaccurate, misleading and unprofessional," Dean said Thursday in reply to an email requesting information about when the nearly 13-month investigation of the "accidental suicide" of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios in March 2012 would be finished up. 

"Until this investigation is complete and a final report is issued, I will not make any further comment to the Sandusky Register regarding the investigation into the death of Jacob Limberios," he stated.

Henry declined to elaborate on the statement.

He and Sandusky County Deputy Sean O'Connell have made vague statements in the past about inaccuracies in the reporting, but both men have been unable or unwilling to provide specific information and declined repeated invitations from the Register to discuss their concerns in greater depth.

Henry also has called the Limberios family attorney, Dan McGookey, "unprofessional." He has not provided the Limberios family with any updates on the investigation.

Henry also declined to address other issues raised by Limberios family members, who have sought a competent investigation and ruling on Jacob's death for more than a year.

* Henry declined to comment regarding the delay in completing the criminal investigation or offer a timetable or any reason why the final report hasn't been released. 

* Henry declined to offer any comment on the appearance of a conflict of interest he has as the defense counsel in a lawsuit against county officials while he is at the same time investigating the roles those same county officials played in the initial botched criminal investigation he also heads up. Evidence was discarded, no autopsy was ordered and other missteps occurred in the initial investigation, which was completed just hours after Jacob was killed March 2, 2012.  

* Henry declined to elaborate on why a report given to him a month ago has not been provided to the Limberios family. 

* Henry refused to clarify conflicting statements and conclusions he and lead detective Sean O'Connell have made regarding the investigation. 

* Henry declined to say whether DNA evidence provided to the county had been processed, held or discarded.

Click here for demand viewing of a "Between the Lines" interview with Sandusky County sheriff Kyle Overmyer and Dean Henry. Those interviews start at about the 20-minute mark in the video.

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What arrogance on the part of Dean Henry. This family deserve answers. They have been treated shamefully by Sandusky county officials.


I agree. Hey Henry, you want your payment in 30 days? The family has been waiting over 30 days for o'connell's report to be released that YOU are holding up!

Licorice Schtick

$175 / hour is pretty typical. Outrageous, but typical.

It's kind of amazing that he's only billed less than 50 hours on this fiasco.


I feel bad for Dean. Wait, no I don't. He was likely brought in on this case to do exactly what he has been doing. Nothing. The county doesn't want to see anything happen out of this, but the family and friends of Jacob won't let that happen. I know the family has said all along it isn't about the money, but i would go after everything I could, even if my intentions were to donate it to charity. Sandusky County is not looking to good in this one, and it's nice to see Dean squirm.


Murder has no statute of limitations.

indolent indiff...

sounds like the register has a personal problem here.

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the comment indolent indifference, but it seems taxpayers are the ones saddled with the real problem and Limberios family continues to be treated inappropriately by Sandusky County officials. 

Hoss McGee

Keep up the good work on this fiasco Matt.


Yes, please do. Keep the pressure on.

Kottage Kat

Thanks Matt for your tenacity
keep the pressure on


Instead of the OBCI focusing their intent on one hooker and seven males in a Portage TWP hotel, why not look into this homicide? Money for sex happens every day. I know that because I'm married.


Good comment.


THE THREE WITNESSES! If they all are telling the same story, I believe there is a common thread among them.....way above the norm.

Did any one of them make a phone call before the police arrived.
Wouldn' that make sense ---to call home quickly. what has each of them confided in their parents?

Based upon all that has been said about this bizarre and botched investigation, the witnesses are holding back critical information.
There is no doubt in my mind that the mothers know more than the alleged prosecutor.


The witnesses aren't telling the same story. One of the witnesses refused a polygraph and refuses to be interviewed since the original statement. What does that tell you? The "prosecutor" no doubt knows what happened. There is no possible way that Jake shot himself. How could you use your non dominant hand to shoot yourself in the cowlick area and have no stippling? The question is, is he going to continue covering it up?


Anyone notice the conference on 2/6/13 only involved Will's deposition and none of the other witnesses? Hmmm wonder why?

"Carry on, carry on..."


Look at his eyes. What does his eyes tell you?




Thanks Dean! Take your time and get it right.

Suitcase Simpson

If not for your dogged determination, this poor family would have been trampled and silenced. Please stay focused and get to the bottom of this. Although you're not thinking about accolades, a story of this magnitude could land you and your paper many awards and conceivably a Pulitzer. Keep going, as no matter what the truth turns out to be, this family needs to be given peace!


When Dean finishes with Sandusky County, let's hope the Huron School Board hires him. He works cheap.


He's pretty expensive if you ask me. All that money for not really doing anything. The only piece of paper he has shown is a bill for services. Whether said services were rendered or not, is anyone's call.


Don't you just love it when one attorney calls another attorney "unprofessional"?

I am not an attorney by any stretch of the imagination, but isn't there something called "discovery" in a lawsuit, where one side HAS to show the other the information they have???? It seems to me I read that somewhere!

Anyway, this Henry character, sooner or later, is going to have to show all his cards in front of a judge...what to do, what to do then? Sooner or later it will all come out won't it? They can't stall out of court forever. Then he has to give up all his documentation.

Oh, the pity of it all. Who does he blame then? He can't blame the SR, not their fault, nor McGookey, not his fault. When one is walking a tightrope, they don't wear combat boots, so he has to avoid Matt and company for fear of tripping on his own tongue, wouldn't you guess?

Guess he'll have to blame the people who ARE at fault...his clients.