Sandusky County deputy knows who killed Jacob Limberios

Lead detective says investigation of March 2012 death is finished and "we do know what happened for sure."
Mar 24, 2013

That's what Sandusky County sheriff's detective Sean O'Connell told Limberios' father Feb. 25. 

Mike Limberios said O'Connell also told him there was "nothing left for (investigators) to do" in the investigation. 

But a month later, the Limberios family still has no answers.

Special Prosecutor Dean Henry insists the probe is ongoing, and he refuses to disclose why O'Connell's findings are being withheld from the Limberios family or say when any extraneous details might be wrapped up.

"If I haven’t been clear before, please let me be clear now. No one from Sandusky County law enforcement, Dr. Wukie’s office or my office is going to comment to the Sandusky Register regarding the Limberios investigation," Henry replied Saturday to inquiries about the nearly 13-month probe. "When the investigation is complete, a report will issue."

It's not the first time Dean and his lead investigator have disagreed.

O'Connell, one of four or five Sandusky County investigators who reviewed evidence in the gunshot death, stated in a Nov. 8 email that the eyewitness accounts in statements gathered by deputies immediately after the death were "inconsistent."

But Henry told a Cleveland news reporter the three witnesses had been "absolutely consistent in their material statements."

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When asked Saturday, Henry declined to address or attempt to reconcile the countering statements from county officials. O'Connell did not respond to an inquiry.

Henry is a private attorney appointed by Sandusky County prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt to defend the county in a lawsuit filed by the Limberios family seeking a competent cause of death ruling in their son's death. Henry also has been heading up the latest criminal investigation of the death, which initially and continues to involve sheriff Kyle Overmyer and deputies, coroner John Wukie and others, many of who are named in the lawsuit as defendants.

Wukie has never been to the house where Jake Limberios was killed. He declared the death a suicide that might have been accidental after talking to Overmyer and deputies by phone immediately after Jake was killed. The initial investigation by Overmyer was finished within hours, and Wukie did not order an autopsy.

Deputies and witnesses also discarded blood-spattered evidence, did not recover the bullet from the home and compromised evidence in other ways in the hours immediately after the 19-year-old father of one was killed.

Tissue samples from an autopsy conducted months after county officials continued to refuse to order one showed Limberios could not have been holding the gun that killed him, according to Dr. Cyril Wecht, the private forensic pathologist who performed the autopsy. Wecht stated the cause of death as homicide. 

The autopsy samples were provided to county officials weeks ago, but Henry has refused to say what the county did with that evidence. 

Henry has accused both the Register and Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey of "unprofessionalism" and also suggested Wecht provided pre-determined conclusions in his report on the autopsy.

Wecht countered by describing Henry's remarks as "scurrilous' and calling Henry a "scoundrel" in a March 4 letter to Henry.

Family members and friends have started a Justice for Jake Facebook page hoping to garner community support to pressure Henry to take action. 

"There will be a petition available starting today that will call for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to step in and take authority over Jacob's investigation," a post left today at the page states. "Please check back, stay informed, and invite your friends."

The Register has requested copies of invoices from Henry for his services to the county. 

The Register will post the report of the criminal investigation here at should a report be released by Henry.



Public outrage is what will happen if the conclusion is the same as originally founded. The thousand plus people who have seen the Justice for Jake page and all of the evidence know that Dean Henry is lying when he says that the witness statements are consistant because we have heard them for ourselves. Sure the story has changed since the first night, not because they don't remember, because they give MORE details in the later interviews and it is not just minor things that are different. At first they all said that he didn't know the gun was loaded... in the later interviews they specifically said that he said, "be careful that's loaded". They can't decide whether they were looking at him when he supposedly pulled the trigger or not either, sometimes they were, yet sometimes they just heard the gunshot. Will can't remember where he was sitting since it changes every interview, whether he went out to eat that night, how many drinks he had, or anything else, but he sure can go into detail about the kind of combos he had that night... Besides, no stippling, no lacerations at the entrance wound, no residue inside of the wound means it was not a contact or near contact wound, Dean Henry can say experts can say that means different things, but look at some autopsies from suicide by gunshot; they will mention these types of wounds. Additionally, most suicides have upward trajectories. This one had a slightly downward, most suicides are done with the dominant hand, this was done on the left side of a right handed person. Not to mention, the location of the entrance wound was listed as the posterior superior temporal region which is the far back upper part of the left side of the head (even the officer asks in one of the interviews how the shot was done "way back there"). You would have to pull your elbow pretty far back to shoot yourself at that angle, even if you tilted your head down and to the right. It would not be a very comfortable angle, especially with your non-dominant hand and it's not possible to do it from a distance of over 24 inches...

Really are you ...

Why weren't the kids present when Jacob was shot charged with a weapons charge when the accident happened? In the lastest article on the Refector, a man was just charged with use of a weapon while intoxicated. They all said that they were driking, acknowledging that some were under age, and also stated that they all had fired the pistol at a white bucket. That IMO stains alot of their credability.
Just saying. RIP JL.

Texx Reloader

It is truly sad what goes on over there in Sandusky County and the County Seat of Fremont. One can never be sure if it is intentional or just plain incompetence from apathy and ignorance. One can only hope that the "higher powers that be," will finally get enough of it all, and put and end to it. The State can take over the Schools, but what about Law Enforcement? Why not federal investigations into civil rights? I have heard rumors for years about this, but so far nothing of substance has come out of it. Now, with the budget cuts to state and federal investigators reducing their ranks, they are stretched thin in larger jurisdictions, and these "small fry," feel even more emboldened to do whatever they want. Most telling about that area is the total lack of any serious investigation by their "Newspaper." It is truly disgusting.