Limberios investigation remains incomplete

Special prosecutor says report will be released when probe of March 2012 death is complete.
Mar 18, 2013


Dean Henry, the attorney appointed to defend county officials in a lawsuit seeking a ruling in the gun death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios, who is also heading up the investigation of the of the previous investigations into the death, said Monday the latest investigation is still not finished.

"The Limberios investigation is not completed," Henry wrote in an email responding to an inquiry from the Register. "When the investigation is completed, a final report will issue."

A copy of the report will be posted at when it becomes available.

Sheriff's detective Sean O'Connell about a month ago said the investigation was more than 90 percent complete. There was also an indication at the last court hearing the investigation had been completed.

Henry and O'Connell have disagreed in the past about the quality of witness statements, with O'Connell suggesting the statements were inconsistent and Henry telling a Cleveland news reporter the witnesses have since Day One provided consistent accounts of what occurred the night Limberios was killed. 

Henry gave no indication when the current investigation would be finished. 

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Seems like the investigator/defendant lawyer is stalling? Anyone else?.

Erie Sniper

Agreed. He needs more time to figure out how to cover up the cover up.

Kottage Kat



Do they think if they wait long enough we will forget? The longer they wait--the longer they drag this out, the worse they look and in the end, it is not going to change the facts. We won't forget. Justice for Jake!

joshua206's picture

Ol' Dean Henry doesnt inspire a lot of confidence does he.

The truth will be exposed.

Super Judge

This is starting to get good!


Playing the "out of sight, out of mind" game. It's easy to see. We won't stop looking Mr. Henry.


SR, Ride Dean Henry like a new pony.


thanks dean! when there is a situation like this one must, sometimes, step back and re-examine all aspects to make sure wrongs are righted. this does take time which many of these bozo's don't realize. no matter the time frame jake will not be brought back. let's get it right this time.

joshua206's picture


You said "this does take time which many of these bozo's don't realize".

Well how much friggin time do they need? They (the Sandusky County officials) have had more than adequate time to complete their investigation. The delay tactics they are employing now, are beyond ridiculous. In fact, this is criminal.

You also said "no matter the time frame jake will not be brought back"

Oh really? Thank you so much, I might not have known that. I am sure his parents, and the young family he left behind also appreciate your vast, and superior knowledge.

I can not imagine what you are "thanking" Dean for. A unsolved murder (or as the inept cororner called it an "accidental suicide" whatever that is. Maybe you are thanking him for dragging his feet, using county resources to delay this poor excuse of an investigation as long as possible.

Yes, "lets get it right this time". In a timely and proficient manner, it should not take years.

If the investigation had been properly conducted in the first place there would not be all these unanswered questions.


Thank you Joshua 206