Pathologist fires back at Sandusky Co. special prosecutor

Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist who conducted an autopsy on the body of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios, fired off an angry letter to special prosecutor Dean Henry on Monday, suggesting Henry is a "scoundrel" who "should not be ignored."
Sandusky Register Staff
Mar 5, 2013


"It will eventually be up to the citizens of Sandusky County to determine the validity of my findings in this matter," Wecht wrote. "And it will be up to me to determine how I intend to formally respond to your scurrilous remarks."

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Jacob's body was exhumed in September and Wecht conducted the autopsy after county officials refused to order an examination, immediately after he was killed by a gunshot to the head on March 2, 2012, and after that point, despite concerns raised by his family.

Sandusky County coroner John Wukie, who never went to the crime scene, ruled the death a suicide but stated it might have been accidental. The death certificate reflects the finding of Sheriff Kyle Overmyer's initial investigation, which wrapped up within hours of Jacob's death. Blood-spattered shoes and clothing worn by witnesses were discarded during that initial investigation.  

Wecht, in his autopsy, determined it was not possible for Jake to have been holding the gun when he was shot. Wecht provided tissue samples to county officials, but it is not clear whether the samples have since been re-examined. 

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Henry became agitated when asked by a reporter in late January about Wecht's autopsy. "They bought and paid for their expert ... (and) they got the results they paid for," he stated.

Henry called the reporter Jan. 29, the day a story containing the statement published and suggested it had been taken out of context because an ellipsis and parenthesis were used. The statement was not taken out of context, and Henry did not suggest what other contextual basis might have existed.

Henry has asked Sandusky County Court Judge Charles Wittenberg to seal the evidence and depositions in a civil case brought by the family. Wittenberg is expected to rule on the motion Thursday. The hearing is scheduled at 9:30 a.m. at the Sandusky County Courthouse. 

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Got and read the letter. Don't really know who is right or wrong, but Mr. Wecht
seems to stand by his findings.


Dr. Wecht is an extremely distinguished doctor. ( He is also a skilled lawyer.

Dean Henry may regret having a big mouth.


wikipedia is an unreliable source as it can easily be manipulated by individuals. not that i agree or disagree with your statement.


Here is a bio on Dr. Wecht.



What people don't seem to realize is that Dr. Wecht was recommended to the Limberios' by OSU - they did not go out seeking some high profile 'paid for' export to tell them what they wanted to hear. I think the county 'doth protest too much,' and their attacks on the family and those attempting to find the truth have been both unwarranted and a ridiculous attempt to shift the focus from their shortcomings and ineptitude in their handling of this case from the very beginning.


it's funny to read a "hired" gun slamming a lawyer and calling him a "scoundrel". both make their money by _______________ their clients. let's play fill in the blank. any takers?

The Hamburglar

I feaking LOVE mad libs!!!!!!

Julie R.

Does it begin with SCR?



The Hamburglar

I'd like to buy a vowel, U.


you guys never disappoint!

John Harville

Mikel... you're sooooooooooooooo right. You guys NEVER disappoint.
A young man is dead.
A family is grieving.
Reputations are on the line.
A Sheriff who already has a clouded reputation has not denied he destroyed evidence.

And you make a joke of it.
You never miss an opportunity to be negative.

John Harville

"zealously representing"


What you have a few loose of starts with "scr"

Julie R.

What this Sandusky County prosecutor and your Erie County courts have a "few loose of" starts with scr, too!


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It is not dragging that young man's name through the mud at all! It is clearing his name. The family may have been lied to about what REALLY happened and it appears an investigation was hurried through and the county coroner didn't even show up at the scene. Prayers of strength & courage to that boy's family. Hang in there. It appears someone is leading you in the right direction for closure. Whether it is for peace of mind, spiritual, or legally. The pain must be incredible. Prayers.


Dragging his name through the mud? How is not wanting your child's death labeled as suicide "dragging his name through the mud"? The family is not trying to punish the witnesses. They are trying to get the insurance money for the daughter who is now going to never really know her father. He would not blame his friends and neither does the family. They want the truth. They could have told the truth from the onset. If the county would have conducted a proper investigation, or even at worst labeled the death as accidental, rather than suicide, none of this would have occured.


Please refrain from calling the defendant witnesses Jacob's "friends"


My apologies Brady. Jake's acquaintances. Regardless, they are not seeking retribution for the events.


Thanks, I was more concerned about tuff nuts though

John Harville

NUTTS!! Did you really say that? What if it wasn't an accident or suicide?


If any of you are actually interested in this case, please read the attached PDF on this article Sifting through the investigation materials will clearly prove to you how disastrously the county has handled this case. It is clear what needs to and should have been done, but it appears Mr. Henry and the rest of the officials will not swallow their pride and admit they have made a mistake. Any one care to argue that?

John Harville

the sheriff of Overmyer County doesn't need yet one more blotch on his record.


How exactly are we "dragging his name through the mud?" Tuffnuts you have obviously not read up on the past articles. We have been put through a county trying to cover up a death. We are trying to figure out how he died. That's not dragging his name through the mud asking a county to admit the mistakes they've made. This isnt the first case that those county officials have neglected. Sorry we care enough to do what is right. And as far as friends go those were not his friends. One was a relative to me (I by the way am Jacobs girlfriend and mother of his daughter) the other two were two people he had never met before. We are only asking for what is right. With all the neglect proven in this case I'd think you'd agree with what we are doing. I know I can't live my life until I find out what happened to the man I was supposed to marry. How would you feel trying to come up with an explanation to my daughter on how her dad died if you were in my situation? Before you talk badly about what we are doing to clear Jacobs name just think of what you would do in a situation like this. You say you would let that person rest but you never know what you would do until it happens to someone you love dearly. I will continue to fight for justice for jake and if you don't like it "tuff!"

Kottage Kat

Prayers for all


& wisemanoncesaid sorry to bash your comment but the life insurance Jacob had through his job at best buy had expired. & it was P.O.D'd to Ella (jacob & my daughter) so it's too late for his insurance. We are strictly doing this for answers!


I would like to apologize to you then as well. I was not trying to ensue that you were after the money, but it would have been deserved. I understand the need for answers and was just trying to point it out to those who think there are alterior motives(tuff) and that you are "dragging his name through the mud". Unfortunately I do not have to courage to disclose my name here, but i wish you the best. Brady and yourself have conducted this the right way and I hope that you get the truth that is long overdue. "perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim"


I thought I read in the comments before that you guys would like for this to go national. Has anyone wrote Dr.Phil and submitted all the articles. I bet he'd love to do a show and help get answers. I know not everyone likes him but I see him do tragedy crimes/mysteries like this often and he tries his hardest and has great help trying to get answers as well.
Lots of love and support! Hope this comes to an end soon and you get the answers you so desperately need and will be able to finally move on and heal. I can't believe how people question the motives. I'd never want to have to utter the words "suicide" to my daughter when in reality it was a homicide.
Praying for you all!


Thank you wisemanoncesaid! I appreciate it.

Kottage Kat

John Walsh


Read the entire PDF file. Pay attention to page 5.


What a great letter by Dr Wecht. "Scoundrel" is way to nice of a word to be used to describe Henry. I applaud Dr Wecht for his restraint.

John Harville

Dean Henry of SENECA County was defense attorney for convicted Clyde-Green Springs Supt. Todd Helms.


"former" Supt... :)


I just wonder if the Sandusky County officials actually thought they could get off with this? Did they think it would just go away and nobody would ask questions?


They were getting away with it. Nobody was asking questions until the family voiced their concerns.


Any parent would want the truth and know what happened to their kid! So Sandusky County should stop thinking they are above the law and just do their JOBS and follow the law! Thank you Sandusky Register for keeping the story going. I am sure Sandusky County would still be giving the family the run a round if not.They only get defensive and nasty because they know they screwed up and does not want the public to know it.. I just do NOT know how these people sleep at night knowing that they have did this to parents. If it was their child this wouldn't of been the way it would of went! No Doubt! Stay strong and continue the fight Shannon and Mike. God will see you through it all and justice will be done.


Something really smells here. Smells bad...

I feel for the families. Everyone involved.

Its really sad.


I really hope that this does go to civil court so somethings can be testified and looked at under OATH....


I do not see anything forthcoming from the side of Sandusky Co. Nothing. How long does it take for gov't entities to gather their "ducks" in a row?

This is off topic, but still deals with gov't entities not forthcoming: The girl shot in the foot in Willard?

This is supposed to be public record. Not in a board room in a private corp..