Limberios proceedings get heated, physical

Things got a little physical Monday in the bowels of the Sandusky County Courthouse, where the most recent round of the Limberios proceedings played out.
Emil Whitis
Feb 12, 2013


Following yet another halt in depositions in this long-running case, Limberios family attorney Dan McGookey partially blocked special prosecutor Dean Henry’s way.

McGookey was demanding answers from Henry about a quote published in the Register.

“Did you say that, did you say that?” McGookey said. “Did you defame me in the paper?”

“I said ‘get out of my way’ and I’m not going to tell you one more time,” Henry answered.

“Did you say that?” McGookey persisted.

“Get out of my way,” said Henry, who then proceeded to shoulder McGookey before heading to the stairs.

For more on the heated and ongoing Limberios proceedings pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register and check back Wednesday for another update on the case.

Watch last week's Between the Lines featuring McGookey, Henry, and Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer HERE.


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Dan acting unprofessianl isn't going to make this mess any better... and, confronting another atty just over what may, or may not have been said, is selfish..... he, Dan, needs to remember, this whole thing is about the TRUTH, and JUSTICE, so.... stop the ego stuff... Remember, no matter what these officials discover at the county level, CAN BE ELEVATED TO FEDERAL LEVELS LATER, IF the family doesn't acept findings.

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Our PRAYERS are with the family, and THE LORD WILL DELIVER TRUTH. Justice will then follow. God Bless those who know, it is The Lord who controls ALL... Not lawyers

sandtown born a...

I would hope after all is done ANY OFFICIAL who retarded/blocked the investigation along with the original investigators/coroner who botched the original investigation are terminated as well as charged with obstruction of justice at the very least. Of course this is if all the facts prove other than accidental/suicide (which is rediculous to begin with)

indolent indiff...

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Swamp Fox

Typical Dan McGookey


The object here is for this family to learn the truth about their son's tragic death. I believe that anyone who has done any listening or reading on this issue has to see Jacob didn't "accidentally commit suicide". My heart aches for Jacob's life cut short and for his family who, not only has to grieve his loss, which is heartbreaking enough, but has to fight for what should be an automatic "right" to have the system find the truth and carry out justice. Please know, Limberios family, you have alot of people praying for your strength, and also for the authorities to come together to investigate and have the ultimate outcome be nothing more than what should have been done starting March 2 and that is what really happened to Jacob.

indolent indiff...

and you have a lot of people wishing you the best at learning what happened without all that praying idiocy


I really don't see the difference between wishing and praying, indolent indifference.

Kottage Kat

Put the egos away.
it is ALL about


Everyone needs to remember that this is all about getting to the truth. The lawyers are not witnesses to what happened at the scene of this young man's death so anything they say or think about it is absolutely irrelevant. MxGookey knows this. Just playing the Diva card once again. Too bad the family didn't hire someone who cares more about their case than he does himself.

Julie R.

"Too bad the family didn't hire someone who cares more about their case than he does himself."

I agree.


I like McGookey. His actions speak a thousand words. Henry on the other far as I'm concerned, he may as well pulled the trigger in this whole, stupid mess.

Julie R.

I don't know McGookey but for some reason he reminds me of the attorneys from Erie County's favorite Lorain County law firm. Come to think of it, he also reminds me of those two courts on the 2nd floor of the Erie County courthouse.


Very in unprofessional on both sides . Save it for the court guys . Besides , you know the only kind of throw down that would happen between two lawyers would be a lot of hair pulling and slapping ; )


this is exactly why this wonderful family has waited almost a year for answers! Just think if Sandusky County would of done their jobs right the FIRST time around NONE of this would be happening! Now ego's,covering up etc. are taking place. If Dean Hearny or any Sandusky county Officals have NOTHING to hide why fight and stone wall this poor family for answers to what happened to their son??? God knows if it was one of their kids they be screaming at anyone and everyone for doing this to them!You can look and watch how the parents have acted and showed everyone how they are respectable to Sandusky County on the last between the lines. How a father sat there and said nothing NOT once raised his voice to how Dean Henery or reacted to the way that "professional" was talking or acting spoke VOLUMES to me! The ones that scream the loudest has so much to hide! Sickening this family only wants Honest facts that happened to their son! Anyone would want that! COME ON Sandusky County get off your butts and try working for once instead of worrying about your ego's! this innocent family and his daughter he left behind deserve the answers! UGH! Justice for Jake

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Everytime I read about this case, Sandusky County seems more and more inept.


Both sides need to check their egos at the door. This isn't about them. It is about finding out the truth. That is what the court is for and what the law is. Any court action and especially one with a jury or with a GOOD judge is a finder of fact and truth. These attorneys should KNOW that. The Limberois (sp) family deserves to know what happened to their son. THE TRUTH about what happened that night. As a mother, if my child had died, I would not rest until I knew EXACTLY every detail of what happened.

I still cannot understand why no autopsy was not ordered by the coronor and why they never did a complete and thorough investigation. I will always feel that something is terribly wrong and without the principles talking freely, we may never know the truth.

I wish, for the sake of this mother and father, that someone or something would happen to make them speak. I just don't think the lawyers are going to make that happen. I think it will take something much more shocking. I only wish I knew what that was.

God Bless the parents in their search for that truth.

Julie R.

"A GOOD judge is a finder of fact and truth."

They should inscribe that on a plaque and hang it in the Eeerie County courthouse!