Limberios may be exhumed again

Almost a year after a Castalia man’s death, authorities plan to dig up his body. Again.
Emil Whitis
Jan 26, 2013

“The only thing we don’t have right now is a date,” Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry said. “It’ll be sometime in the next few weeks.”

Jacob Limberios’ parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, signed off on the plan, Henry said.

But Henry’s in for a surprise.

Late Thursday night Mike told the Register he’s withdrawing his support, at least temporarily, for a second autopsy.

“We were never for this,” he said. “I want all these other tests done before they dig up my son again — before they cut him up again.”

Mike wants DNA results from the handle of the gun that fired the fatal bullet. He wants results from ballistics tests. In short, he wants investigators to complete every other possible test before they stick a shovel in Jacob’s grave again.

After fighting with Sandusky County officials for almost a year, Mike said he’s fresh out of faith.

Jacob, 19, died from a single gunshot wound to the head at about 9:30 p.m. March 2. Sandusky County deputies rushed to a house in the 100 block of County Road 294 where they found his body lying on the living room floor.

Also inside the house were three witnesses and a .357 magnum pistol. All three told deputies Jacob shot himself.

Before midnight, Sandusky County coroner John Wukie ruled it a suicide. On his coroner’s report, under cause of death, Wukie wrote: “suicide … deceased shot self in
head, may not have realized gun was loaded.”

Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht later called Wukie’s ruling an “oxymoron” — a contradiction in terms. It couldn’t be a suicide if Jacob didn’t mean to kill himself, Wecht said.

Regardless, Sandusky County deputies released Jacob’s body to a funeral home, where it was embalmed the day after the shooting.

For months, the Limberios family fought to get authorities to examine Jacob’s body.

In August they gave up and paid to have the body exhumed and sent to Pittsburgh for an autopsy. There, Wecht did a full autopsy, although his findings were inconclusive.

However, the examination did show the bullet entered Jacob’s head at a downward angle from behind the left ear. Somehow, the bullet ended up in the ceiling of the home.

Although it was an awkward angle, it’s still possible Jacob shot himself, said private investigator Greg Majoy, hired by the Limberios family.  

The case is still an open investigation at the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday afternoon, Henry said he’s still trying to pin down an exhumation date, although he may need cooperation from the Limberios family, the Lucas County coroner and

Margaretta Township officials, given that Jacob’s body is buried at a cemetery in the township.  

Henry is serving in the case as a specially appointed attorney for Wukie.

“I hope we can get to the bottom of this,” Henry said.

Watch a special edition of Between the Lines from Dec. 13 with the Limberios family HERE.




This would prob go a lot smoother if the witnesses didn't lie to the ppl can you all be sitting there with him and all have different stories? Something fishy about that.. the people that will do another autopsy will find out that more than likely he didn't pull the trigger and you ppl that were there with him will get charged with murder. It sucks they didn't figure that out the first time and jus ended it without further investigation..hope the family and friends will get closure soon and the witnesses will stop lying and being scary and come clean..


*getting popcorn*


Thank you liveurlife! Perfectly said!


Ur welcome!! It jus doesnt make sense but it will cuz if none of them confess they will all three go down for it.. Three birds with one stone.


I think that the Sandusky Register has a responsibility to monitor these comments and uphold a standard of public decency.

I support the efforts of the family to find out the truth of the matter whatever it is. We would want the same. We are a community and we want the people who are sworn to uphold justice to be held accountable to do exactly that. Enough stonewalling.

For the Register to allow anonymous posters to libel the family in comments to this article now becomes as much the fault of the editor as the poster.


Oh, wait. I take extreme exception to this posting. I have no stake in this on either side, but what you just stated is truly unfair.

Family members made some pretty hard veiled accusations against people who were there themselves. What would you have the SR do to the FAMILY members? To say that the SR should take action against others for what they say to the FAMILY members is totally unfair.

You cannot have it both ways. What is fair for one, should be fair for all, do you not agree? The story is about the possible exhumation of the deceased young man. A supposed family member comes on here asking questions and making comments right off the bat. After several terse and heated comments later, you say the SR should "hold anonymous poster for libel" against the family? How do you figure that one?

See, this is exactly why family members should NEVER post on a site about family. Someone always takes exception. They get too involved and do not remain objective.

This is a totally biased statement on your part EdO and you might want to think about this: The family gave as good as they got. No one got anywhere near libel and I don't think the SR should have to do anything about the postings any more than they did.

I feel sorry for this family, I really do, but not to the point of silencing every opinion but that of the family.


When a poster says "...All this so the family can cash in on the insurance policy and try to gather enough dirt so some scumbag lawyer can make a buck..."

it's incumbent on the editor to make a call in the interest of decent behavior.


I see your point but that would be censorship in which is suppose to be a free society. Those that hide behind a keyboard and say "whatever" are cowardly in my opinion. Sad but true!


I do not blame the family of this young man for trying to find out the truth of what happened. If it were my son I would do the same. I hope they find the answers they so desperately need.


there it is everyone. what do you think about that lolllllll lol? is that enough documentation for you?


Jake Limberios MURDERED, county road 294, March 2nd, 2012


Dr. Wecht was very upset to hear that special prosecutor Dean Henry is attempting to conduct a second autopsy in Lucas County. Dean Henry is trying to suggest that Dr. Wecht was paid off by the family for the results that they wanted. Shannon Limberios contacted The Ohio State University when the family first sought to have Jake examined by a forensic pathologist after Sandusky County Prosecutor Tom Stierwalt refused to conduct one. The representatives at OSU were appalled by the situation and referred Shannon to Dr. Wecht. They were unaware of who Dr. Wecht exactly was until after they hired him. The original distance published in the Sandusky Register of about one inch was misinformation that came from Dr. Wecht's assistant who is NOT a pathologist. Dr. Wecht was also unaware of this mistake until very recently and apologized for the tragic mistake.


JUSTICE FOR JAKE...look out for Emil's contribution in Tuesday's SR


Brady, I think Jake was very lucky to have you as a best friend. It's pretty rare to find someone that would fight for them the way you have along with the family, Kayleigh and Ella. I'm glad things are finally coming out. It's a shame this has had to go on so long and cause so much pain because people failed to do their job. I hope they all are held accountable. I laughed yesterday when i read somebodies post about "this isn't CSI Miami. Obviously because they would've done the job right the first time! I support the Limberios family 110% - I would do the same thing in heart beat for my child!


Concernedmom81, I can not thank you enough for your kind words. Many people have contributed to this cause in many different ways. Again, we all greatly appreciate your support.
-Brady M Gasser


Wiredmom our lawyer doesn't care if we state the truth. Someone has to. I will continue to post on what I believe in and defend Jacob until the truth comes out, not only for Jacob but for my daughter. I don't let the inconsiderate statements posted on here phase me I just simply reply with complete honesty to give you simple minded people details since you guys read an article and make false statements when you guys have no idea what's really going on. Judge me for it but no matter what you say I will not change what I do for you. I'm in this til the end! I'm sure if you were in our position you would do the same.


Friends like brady make the statement "family doesn't always have to be blood" true.
Love you b-rad-a-tat-tat.


That is true, family can be who you choose it to be. And looks like your little girl will have a very wonderful "uncle" in Bmgasser. I wish you and your * chosen FAMILY* (all that have supported and loved you through this terrible ordeal) the best of luck. I hope you all find truth, and I wish you the best of luck raising that baby girl of yours and Jake's.

I do not know anyone in this case, but my heart breaks for you. You have my deepest sympathies, condolences and utmost support.


We can not express how much that kind of public support keeps us going. Voices from members of the surrounding communities will help make sure that this does not happen to anyone other family. I appreciate your kindness.
-Brady M Gasser


You are very welcome! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.


And this family knows a hard rain's a-gonna fall! Love you too Bratty B*


Three teenagers, a revolver, and probably goofing around. Just a bad mix no matter what! If someone else pulled the trigger and the three were not a bunch of hardened criminals I am sure the real story would have slipped out if it were more than a tragic accident that all involved with must live with for the rest of their lives. Personally I do not like revolvers, because a round can be in front of the firing pin and I never have one in the chamber unless I am ready to fire the firearm.

rickross2 .40 always has 14 in the clip, 0 in the chamber. it only takes .45 seconds to make it hot!