Limberios may be exhumed again

Almost a year after a Castalia man’s death, authorities plan to dig up his body. Again.
Emil Whitis
Jan 26, 2013

“The only thing we don’t have right now is a date,” Sandusky County special prosecutor Dean Henry said. “It’ll be sometime in the next few weeks.”

Jacob Limberios’ parents, Mike and Shannon Limberios, signed off on the plan, Henry said.

But Henry’s in for a surprise.

Late Thursday night Mike told the Register he’s withdrawing his support, at least temporarily, for a second autopsy.

“We were never for this,” he said. “I want all these other tests done before they dig up my son again — before they cut him up again.”

Mike wants DNA results from the handle of the gun that fired the fatal bullet. He wants results from ballistics tests. In short, he wants investigators to complete every other possible test before they stick a shovel in Jacob’s grave again.

After fighting with Sandusky County officials for almost a year, Mike said he’s fresh out of faith.

Jacob, 19, died from a single gunshot wound to the head at about 9:30 p.m. March 2. Sandusky County deputies rushed to a house in the 100 block of County Road 294 where they found his body lying on the living room floor.

Also inside the house were three witnesses and a .357 magnum pistol. All three told deputies Jacob shot himself.

Before midnight, Sandusky County coroner John Wukie ruled it a suicide. On his coroner’s report, under cause of death, Wukie wrote: “suicide … deceased shot self in
head, may not have realized gun was loaded.”

Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht later called Wukie’s ruling an “oxymoron” — a contradiction in terms. It couldn’t be a suicide if Jacob didn’t mean to kill himself, Wecht said.

Regardless, Sandusky County deputies released Jacob’s body to a funeral home, where it was embalmed the day after the shooting.

For months, the Limberios family fought to get authorities to examine Jacob’s body.

In August they gave up and paid to have the body exhumed and sent to Pittsburgh for an autopsy. There, Wecht did a full autopsy, although his findings were inconclusive.

However, the examination did show the bullet entered Jacob’s head at a downward angle from behind the left ear. Somehow, the bullet ended up in the ceiling of the home.

Although it was an awkward angle, it’s still possible Jacob shot himself, said private investigator Greg Majoy, hired by the Limberios family.  

The case is still an open investigation at the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office.

Thursday afternoon, Henry said he’s still trying to pin down an exhumation date, although he may need cooperation from the Limberios family, the Lucas County coroner and

Margaretta Township officials, given that Jacob’s body is buried at a cemetery in the township.  

Henry is serving in the case as a specially appointed attorney for Wukie.

“I hope we can get to the bottom of this,” Henry said.

Watch a special edition of Between the Lines from Dec. 13 with the Limberios family HERE.




Hey bro the coroner never examined Jake that's what the problem is. The family had to hire the world renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht to examine Jake's body. The paper misprinted that information and on no document does Dr. Wecht say anything remotely close to that. I'm at the family's house right now and have been for the majority of the last 10 months of my life. I have seen every single paper, audio, and visual document in regards to this case and their are things that few people know that will be released to the Register very soon. You think you know about the facts of this case by reading the paper?

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I'm not going to dignify that with a response. Check back later for the real report..noob


I have read Dr. Wecht's findings and there is a staunch contradtition about the distance to what was stated in the paper. The Sandusky Register was mis-informed about the actual distance. They made a factual error as they due from time to time. No paper is perfect. Also I do not stand behind a surname as I write my comments. If you want to be taken seriously then put your name out there or at least pick a diffent one. Lolllllll lol is just pathetic.


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Lol- I don't know who you are and I don't care to know who you are but you acting like you know anything about this case is absurd. THE CORONER NEVER ONCE SEEN JACOB, bro. You can ask a witness who had seen dr. Wechts report this past monday and ask him how far away it was from Jacobs head, bro.

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Lol, I'm not sure why you're arguing with Jake's family and closest friends on this. You look like an idiot, BRO.


We have dr wechts FULL REPORT which states otherwise, I apologize for the papers misprint, lol.

Just Saying

Wow are there no lawyers for the people involved advising them NOT to be posting this type of information on a public forum? "Any thing you say can and will be held against you in a Court of Law" ring a bell?


To all of Jake's family and friends, I'm so sorry that in the midst of your grief and exhausting struggle for truth to finally come to light, that you have to deal with inconsiderate, ignorant, troublemakers like "lollll lol" who don't have all the facts, believe everything they read, have no business making comments, and cowardly hide behind anonymous usernames to spew worthless, spiteful garbage from their filthy mouths. You are all bigger, better people than those cowards. Don't let them push your buttons. Y'all still have our support and prayers. God bless you, and may the truth soon be known to all.


I truly believe that Sandusky County dropped the ball on this one. There are so many unanswered questions. I don't know if exhuming Jacob will answer these questions but I hope that the family will finally be able to get some closure.


Kayleigh and Brittany...I know you both are upset, I'm on your side. But you have to remember you have an "on going" investigation and posting on here can possibly hurt your case.


Let him rest in peace. It's not his fault that Sandusky County and the coroner didn't do there job correctly. I posted earlier Kayleigh, the S.R. must not have liked it. I am with you.


To all of the loved ones of this young man, you have my deepest condolences. I hope you find the answers you so desperately need and deserve. No one deserves the unknown of what truly happened to their loved one.

Do not let the simple minded, negative and ignorant people who comment, get to you. They do not understand what you really are going through. If the tables were turned, they probably would not be as strong and fight for what is right as you are doing. Good luck!

Simple Enough II

Who was the investigating detective? There was a detective called to the scene wasn't there?


There was no detective called to the scene that night. Sandusky County Sheriff Overmeyer left road cop Meggitt in charge. This is where the stupidity begins.


Futhermore Meggitt remained in charge, until Sandusky County closed the case with no answers the first time.

Simple Enough II

Huh, Didn't he have 2 detectives in the dept. at the time?


My sincerest sympathies to the family of this young man. Whoever stated that those closest to this investigation should not speak is exactly correct. It is fool-hearty at least for them to post anything at all, least of all their phone numbers, for someone to call them and give them information that probably has nothing to do with this case at all. Or to give them false information. By now, anything ligitamate would have been given to anyone connected with this case. Anything else is covered up well by now.

Yes, it appears this case was botched by the investigating police. And it is shameful that the coronor didn't do his job. It should never have been assumed that this young man took his own life. That was a false assumption from the start. The police should have been more skeptical right off the bat.

Undoing the wrong is being tried but you need cooperation and you would think the police, the coronor and the parents (who are asking with the attorney) would all be on the same page. I find it strange that the parents are the only ones asking anything and the others are fighting so hard to keep them from getting the answers they are looking for? When you act like this it makes everything seem more suspicious than it need be.

If those acting like this have nothing to hide, then pony up the evidence and let it go. Why all the mystery? If you have something to hide, then come clean, admit the errors and be done with it. All this treachery will only make it worse.

How is it that no one found it strange that the bullet became lodged in the ceiling? Has no one heard of "tragectory" on that police force? Or did it not occur to the cop that a bullet in the ceiling means the shot went upward or richoceted in that direction? If the kid pulled the trigger himself, how did he manage that? Try it yourself by holding the gun that way with a non-dominant hand. It cannot be done. So what does THAT tell you?

That leaves very few questions in ones mind, does it not? And I am no brain trust when it comes to police work. So what is going on?

Why the haste to an end? Why the fast track to the cemetary and no autopsy? Makes me wonder?

Now, they want to go through another autopsy. Why? What will that prove? You can't tell what happened. Even Ceril Wecht couldn't. So why be disrepectful to the dead again?

Seems to me they have what they need. The gun, the DNA on that gun and three witnesses to the incident: all with lie detector tests.

Please do not exume this young man again. He has been through enough. The authorities have had plenty of time and information for what they need. They blew their chance at an autopsy. They don't get a second chance to do the right things. Why should they? No....that isn't fair to HIM.

I am not a family member, just a person who doesn't believe that the law gets a second chance to make still another mistake when they blow it any more than a criminal gets a second chance at the law. It isn't fair.

Luke Eddy

lollll lol do you really have nothing better to than to cowardly sit behind your computer screen and insult Jakes family and friends.




Wiredmama, if we did not release new information how are would people like you ever know any of the facts regarding this case. Where do we ask people to give us information when posting information? The purpose of that goes along with using our real names. As far as what Dr. Wecht found make sure you see tomorrow's paper


Asking for info when posting phone numbers sorry.


I would think you would ask in the before, but not on here. I mean no disrepect and I can only GUESS at the frustration that you all feel over this mess. But please watch what you are posting, especially when using your phone number on these pages. When all is said and done, you will be bombarded with things you do not want. Then how will you stop it? By asking? It won't stop.

Just let this go to the hands of your attorney. I know him. Let him do what he needs to do. Let the courts handle this one. I understand you haven't had your day there yet, but eventually you will. Give it a chance. Ever "dog" has his day. (I am not trying to be funny...there is nothing funny about this).

But for yourselves and your family...try and be patient and wait. Patience will get you through it and patience will find the truth.


I don't know any of these people , but, I hope these comments are monitered by the authorities.


Everything we posted is public information


Perhaps, but all the personal issues and phone numbers aren't.


yeah, 'sis', you should not be posting and everyone else should just let it be too. this is a private issue between your family and the authorities and there is no need to debate it here. also, using the term bro' is passe (which means no longer popular or regularly used)